Monday, April 1, 2013


YAY !! IM ALREADY 14  !!! , yeep my 2nd year of being a teen ,, and i bet there are more challenges to face now that im 14 and im ready to face them all,
 I don't have anything much to say but to Thank my parents for a wonderful birthday and for this yummy cake (it's from Red Ribbon , if you wanna buy also ^_^) and I also Thank those people who texted , tweet , post on ,my wall , on instagram for greeting me on my special day Thankiees and also to all the admins of My page and the fans there Thank You and some of the Enhancers . i'll be posting some pictures BELOW.
I know its kind of embarrassing to post a picture of me being so haggard (i hate flashes , it makes me look haggard) and i don't have a choice i think this picture is the most highly qualified to be putted on my blog because most of the picture on my cam are supercalifragelistic haggard so yeah , so anyways in this picture im with my Grandma (mother's side okay ? ) i celebrated my birthday in her house with my relatives and cousins. P.S. Thank You Lola for the Gift so pretty <3

Top : Cassie Jeans (from SM)
Necklace : HongKong

Shoes : Solemate
 sorry if some pictures are Blurred , I'm sure next time that photos will be more clearer :)
Okay , that picture is so blurred , peacee its my Grandma's fridge IKR it's so awkward XD.

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