6 Basic Jumps in Figure Skating

The 6 Basic jumps in Figure Skating

The Edge Jumps(You use one foot with no assistance of the other foot to spring off to the air) : 

The Salchow Jump(pronounced "sal-kow"), named after its originator Ulrich Salchow, is an edge jump.Salchows are most often preceded by a forward outside 3 turn, but a mohawk entrance is not unusual.

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The Loop Jump is another edge jump, launched from the back outside edge and landing on the same back outside edge. It is also known in Europe as the Rittberger after its inventor, Werner Rittberger. Also a jump that takes off from the back outside edge.
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The Axel Jump, named after its originator Axel Paulsen, The only jump that is counted as a jump element that starts from skating forward. An Axel jump has an extra half rotation (180 degrees). As with all the other jumps, it is landed with the skater gliding backwards.

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The only difference in these jumps(Edge and Toe jumps) is the take off, how the skaters will get up into the air



  • The Toe Jumps(You use the toe pick to toe in to the ice and to volt you up on the take off of the jump): 

The Flip Jump A toe-assisted figure skating jump that takes off from the back inside edge .A flip is usually preceded by a forward outside 3 turn or forward inside mohawk.

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The Lutz Jump, named after its originator Alois Lutz, is a toe jump that takes off from a back outside edge and lands on the back outside edge of the opposite foot. 

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The Toe Loop jump is a toe jump that takes off from a back outside edge and lands on the same back outside edge .This is sometimes known in Europe as a cherry flip
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