Boot Covers ?

 Have you used boot covers when you're still basic but then realizes that it annoys you when your already in a higher level why ? well i feel the same way too !

I actually use boot covers also when i was in basic like in alpha, pre-alpha and ++ because i think they are cool but i think higher level skaters don't think that way that's way i stopped using them well that's not the only reason.. i also feel stucked in basic when I'm using them so instead i just bought a stockings with an over the boot so that whenever i practice my skates will not have scratches or everything.

actually i used a boot cover once in a competition but i just realized its a big FAT NO NO in skating i don't know why but i think its a rule that they don't put in a manual or in a handbook because almost all the people compete don't use boot covers already but you can still use them for like spotlight events and other things like the "COOL" ones like these picture below :

Boot covers can be cool that way.. not by this way:

 in a competition.. ,it's like the cool boot covers are just customized so if you have one you totally can't stop to brag about it ! cause they are only few not like these assorted colored boot covers ^^^^.

But i think these boot covers can be also mistaken as a tights ! like these are the ones I'm talking about ! you can use the brown one so that people might think that you're wearing a tights and guys don't but the BLACK one cause it will ruin your skates ! and the white one umm i really don't suggest that one also cause it will turn black soon !

anyways here are my fetus pictures of me with a boot cover on a competition:

Well i only had 2 boot covers in my entire life (LOL)
 A Green One and a Light Pink One which turned white already...

My Worn-Out Light Pink Boot covers which turned to white..

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