Spooky Halloween Ideas ( Part 2 : Party Time )

              Since you are already in your fabulous costume for the Halloween *Check out the Part 1* (http://corinnemolly.blogspot.com/2013/10/spooky-halloween-ideas-part-1-halloween.html  ) you can Start the Parteeeyyy !!! but before that let's see what should we prepare for our Spooky Halloween Party ! .

  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Trick or Treats
=Decoration Theme =
            First of all you should check your guests ages ,  So that they'll enjoy the party more . For Kids you can just put it a little fun , not too dark and scary cause you might freak out those little kiddos. If your guests are teens you can put it on a little thrill like add some creepy things since teens love that and they'll be bored if you'll make your party just like the kids party.
              These cute Halloween Inspired Foods and treats will make your party more fun because of how creative people design it , some foods just need simple ingredients that you can buy at hypermarkets and stores like Kisses Chocolates, Apple , Caramel , Sprinkles and many more so i suggest you should try experimenting sooner so when the party begins you'll have a blast and people can enjoy your cute sweet foods. 
What its like to experience Trick or Treating ?
      I haven't experienced Trick or Treating but i think its a ton of Fun ! , anyways back then when i was 7 or 8 me and my brother tried at a mall but we ended up not having any candies because they all say they already ran out of candies and we are late we should've trick or treat before that day they said.. but of course we are not the only two who thought they still have candies in the store there are also kids there who got disappointed and just run and play in the mall..
        In other countries they trick or treat at their neighbors houses but here in my country sadly.. we don't do it.. you can get candies and chocolates in Malls or your parent's offices..

How about you ? What's your experience in Trick or Treating ?

Will there be a Part 3 of Spooky Halloween Ideas ? watch think
Vine : Corinne Molly Martinez - btw i already posted so many crazy vines there so better check it out ;)


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