New Year's Resolutions Suggestions for Teens

  • No Soda , Drink More Water
-It's really refreshing if you drink more water than sodas and besides its not healthy for you and to your teeth. And Teens these days prefer to drink coca cola , pepsi and other drinks than water ; even me.. so I really need to try hard to drink more water. 

  • No Chips , Eat more fruits , Eat healthier
- Fruits are awesome , no matter what they tastes the same (OMG LOLOL) , No really.. they are very nutritious and very delicious too !! you can either make an Ice cream , Shakes , yogurt , Slurpies and others !

  • Drink Vitamins and Milk Everyday
- Drink your vitamins ! it'll make you healthy and keep you away from sickness , and also drink Milk (though i drink Milo i mean Okay nvm)

  • Stretch and Exercise Everyday
-Stretch your muscles everyday , rather than sitting in front of your computer for many hours. (you'll benefit more in exercising and stretching)

  • Dress more like my style
- Don't be a copycat and be with your style , and always check the outfit if it fits you or not , some people just copy and copy but then it doesn't suit their personality and their style.

  • Stop Judging people
- I myself Judge too.. , admit it everybody judge and i'm so sorry about that but you can change it ! and start looking the positives among people :)

  • Get Famous
- Woah There , HOHO ,LOL , Just kidding , try acting workshops or something that you're really good at ! who knows someone might be on TV someday !

  • Stop hating yourself , Start Loving
- Love yourself more and you'll be able to Live life to the fullest :)

  • Get more sleep
- Whoops.. recently i've been sleeping at 2 am and waking up at 11am (#WOAHDERMOLLY) so i really want to change that bad habit of mine and start by sleeping at 9 or 10 pm i guess..

  • Stop Procrastinating
- No more Excuses , do what you need to do , STOP CHILLIN BUDDY just treat yourself after you've finished your work

  • Complete a 90 Day Challenge
- Complete a squat challenge , leg workouts or whatever , that would be so fun and you'll see the result on the 90th day !

  • Spend less time on Facebook/Twitter
-Techie People Hey there ;) , Socialize more guys 

  • Stop Worrying what people think of you
-If you worry of what others think of you , you'll be their slave

  • Watch less TV
- A Silent time would be so much better than watching Television all day long

  • Explore : Go to more concerts or other Events
- Atleast once a year go to Concert with your friends or family Like what you call "bonding" , cause I've been seeing people these days are so busy..

  • Stop getting mad so easily , control your temper
-For Me and My Fellow Sensitive people

  • Start Believing in Myself
-If you don't believe in yourself , what will you become ?

  • Stop being so Negative
-And start seeing positive things in negative 

  • Go to Church more
-Thank God for the blessings you always receive each week

  • Donate more time or Money
- Donate more time to your family or some kids that need your time ; Donate Money if you want :) , like for the earthquake and yolanda victims 

  • Get better in School
-Study Hard and you'll achieve more

I just wished i can also do all of these things next year ! and I also want you guys to try the list of my 2014 New year's Resolutions Suggestions for Teens !!

Corinne Molly <3


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