Sunflower in Black (Exploring Japan)

Hey ! , Wasn't able to update my blog for a few weeks .. Good thing I got a chance to share with you guys what I've been up to these past few days.. I have a competition at Boston USA so I have to arrange my stuffs and everything that I will be
needing for the competition like my Costumes, Hair Accessories, Music, Trading pins and more. I traveled 25 hrs. ? or maybe 30 or 20 , 5hrs. going to Japan and we did "lay-over" there for 15 hrs. ! So Here's My First Outfit ! (I might post a travel diaries soon to keep you guys updated , whatcha think about that ? (how I wish I can find a time again to blog))

such a manang here hehe 

Dress and Beanie - Surplus , Shoes- Auztralian from Landmark , Bracelet - Genevieve Gozum , Wink Earrings - Terranova

Ever wonder what I bought at 7-Eleven or should I say "7-e~Reven" 

Shoot.Their Foods are absolutely amazing and just very cheap !! Their chips tastes so different and their chocolates as well !! I bought an Ice Cream too (popsicle ice creams) just 250+yen which is just a very great deal !! cause if that's existing in my country it would be so expensive cause its legit, The flavor of it btw is Mint ! but then we put it inside our refrigerator then when we woke up the next day IT MELTED , LIKE IT MELTED but anyways my mom ate it so its not sayang or its not wasted :) , then some random noodles for our breakfast then Chocolates then after that 15hrs. Lay Over we went to the Airport and headed to Boston.


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