Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University

After I performed my Artistic Event which is My Last Event , We went to Boston City and went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology to take some pictures.
(Fact : MIT is ranked as #5 in the World University Rankings 2013-2014 !) and after that we dropped by at Harvard University, but weren't able to take pictures because its very dark already... (Fact : Harvard is ranked as #2 in the World University Rankings 2013-2014). Both of these Universities are really big and has the Best quality of Education in the World. After that we got inside the car and explored some parts of Boston City ! , I saw House of Blues where famous people perform. TD Garden ! last August 1 , 2014 Katy Perry Was there ! , then I also saw the place where Boston Red Sox trains and the place where they play ! . Then We went to Chinatown and took some pictures then we went home ! because its such a long Ride from Boston City to Southborough !.
(Artistic Event at New England Sports Center Rink 2)
Met a Filipina at Worlds ! , I'll be posting another blog about my Skating competition after I finish posting all about my boston travel ! 
Here's the video to My Artistic Performance:):

30 minutes left !! :o 

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology !

 Their Campus is so Damn Huge !
 I'm taking pictures for my blog !
Here are they : 

 Selfie !

Top - F21
Leggings - Genevieve Gozum
Bag - Parisian
Shoes - Auztralian
Jacket - Landmark
 H A R V A R D
 House Of Blues !
 Berklee College of Music
 OHH OHH Asian B)

 Hey Chatime !
 Selfie at Chinatown !

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  1. You are so pretty!<3 and your outfit is just perfect!
    Good job on your performance, I bet it was perfection:)
    Woww..Harvard is big, i wonder how the students find their way around it...haha but no need to worry, they all have the brains!
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

    1. Thank you so much ! It really is !! more like one city in my country Haha !! , TRUE that LOL their smart to figure out where in their campus they are haha

  2. Omigosh you went to Harvard and the Institute of Technology!! AND I see you're an ice skater! AND you went to chatime. People are just so lucky these days haha. Love your blog! xx

    The Life of Little Me

    1. Haha yes i went to MIT and Harvard , I wish you guys get a chance to visit that very beautiful place as well ! haha yes i'm an ice skater :) I went there to compete and after that we toured around massachusetts ! haha but no biggie with the chatime haha we also have chatime here in the Ph ! , Thank you so much !! Love yours too !!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun Molly!! :)


  4. You made me proud. Naligo ka ba sa ulan nung nagpaulan ng talent ang Diyos? Hihi! Ang galing mo!
    I wish I have those talents that you have and make our country proud.

    Ate Monique

    1. Grabe Thank you so much Ate Monique !!! I know you also have hidden talents that you still need to discover ! :) <3

  5. Nice leggings! Let's follow each other!


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