38 Summer Bucket List

This Summer I want to accomplish the things that I wasn't able to do last year and to make my Summer 2015 memorable in some of the most simple ways , that you don't need to spend a lot. 

Can ya'll feel the Summer Heat ? Cause I do. I've beeninactive lately due to our preparation for our graduation , which is kind of stressful , hot , but full of fun because I was able to hang-out with my friends for the last few weeks in our high school life. That's why I wasn't able to post blogs for March , but I promise to be active this Summer !

Here are My 38 Summer Bucket List this Year ! Share me yours too !!

1. Do Hair Flips in Water
© Imgarcade.com
-Probably a sure "Instagram-Worthy"Shot

2. Read Books
-Maze Runner !! Here I Come !! How about you ? What book/s are you planning to read over summer ?

3. Go to a Music Festival
© paulunderhill.com

-Looking forward on attending one of the coolest music festival this year with my friends !

4. Go to a FREE Concert
© thekellygroup.net

-Be Aware about Free Concerts just around the corner ! You shouldn't miss !

5. Get Fit , Start Working out Everyday
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-I guess work your Squats ! Start doing 5 for the first day then add 5 day by day.

6. Get a Summer Job
© moneymindedlearning.com

- I would want to apply for a Summer Job !! Very Interesting , Plus you'll gain experience somehow.

7. Have a Tech Free (Day Go on a Day without any gadgets)

8. Learn a New Language (Just the Basics)
© lifehacker.com

-Starting to learn Japanese slowly.. haha I downloaded an application on my phone and I memorize some words whenever I have a free time.

9. Learn 5 Songs on any musical instrument/s that you play
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- I like playing keyboard when I'm bored and also play recorder flute , Hopefully I can play 5 full songs on my keyboard by the end of summer ! I think  It'll be such a great achievement.

10. Do an Infinity sign with a friend
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11. Go to Bed earlier and wake up earlier
© worldsfittest.net

12. Play Laser Tag
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13. Try New Foods like "Croughnuts"
© amoderngirl.wordpress.com

-I would like to try Cronuts this summer || Must try : Mochi Ice Cream its very cute and very delicious

14. Do a Sibling Tag video or a Lip Sync video with your Sibling/s
© caylinbritt on youtube

15. Create a Music Video
© macworld.com

- All about your summer video !

16 Sell Old Things
© m-i-s-o.tumblr.com

17. Paint Nails Different Colors Every week & Try Nail Art
© www.feminiya.com
18. Smile at 50 Strangers a week
- Always S M I L E || Now try smiling to 50 Strangers a week , you can try first by 10.
19. Give someone a Hug
© to whoever the owner is
20. Learn Something new
© indianhillmusic.org

-You'll never learn if you don't try , even though you failed at first at least you tried and you are step by step closer to your goal than those who don't even try.

21. Scream
© hellomynameissam.deviantart.com

- Scream for Joy because its finally Summer !
22. Get a Sunscreen/Tan Tattoo
© www.pinterest.com

23. Carve something into a Tree
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24. Board Game Night
© vrumc.com
-Examples are : Monopoly , Scrabble , Uno , Chess and more ! Spin the Bottle night is a good idea as well !

25. Go Bowling
© nashgrierlel.tumblr.com
26. Go to Sandbox
© lakbayani.blogspot.com
-The Place is full of Obstacle Courses that you can enjoy ! It's located at Porac , Pampanga

27. Go Bungee Trampoline
© evansfest.org
-I would love to try this for so long , but I feel shy to try it because I don't know if there's a quad trampoline here in my place for bungee jumping , it's always single. Haven't got a chance to try it but I would love to try it this summer hopefully !

28. Say "Yes" to everything for a day
© zoella.tumblr.com

29. Visit a Museum
© phoenixperience.blogspot.com

-Check out this post "Top 10 Museums to visit in Manila" :

30. Go to Beach and Find/Collect Shells
© tumblr.com
31. Go to a Drive-Inn Theater
(Mendon Drive-Inn at Boston , Massachusetts)
-Sadly we don't have any Drive-Inn Theaters in my country or maybe we have but I just don't know it ? But if you're living abroad I think they only open when its summer time.

32. Join a Fun Run
© neisnegapatan.blogspot.com

- I've always wanted to join a color fun run but I don't think/ I'm not sure if there'll be a color fun run this summer but there'll be a fun run for sure.

33. Get a Pedicure
© burkewilliamsspa.com

34. Eat a Sno-Cone
© rebloggy.com
- Colorful Crushed Ice … Well I have tried it before but from a friend and just a scoop only , because I don't wanna use my money just for the "colorful crushed ice" but we'll see though.

35. Get a New Hairstyle

- Dye your Hair a New Color or Get a New Haircut

36. Play with Face paint
© designswan.com
37. Swim at Night
© favim.com
-Fill the pool with glow sticks 

38. Make a Summer Scrapbook
© tumblr.com

"Enjoy the moment while it last"

Have a Fun and Safe Summer Everybody ! Hope you enjoyed this post !
Suggest Me What to post on My next blog post 

Love Lots

Molly Martinez


  1. Hiya! Really nice post! I love that picture with those two girls making the infinity sign! Check out my blog and post a comment on it? Thanks for reading!


    1. Thank You Rukiya !! You should grab a friend and have a picture with that infinity sign !! Sure I would love to ! x

  2. This is a great bucket list! I may have to add some of your ideas to my own list.
    Also, where do you find free concerts?!?!?! I wish there were some of those where I live!
    - July, http://julyaemmance.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you July !! Woah that's really awesome !! Hahaha I really don't know they just 'sometimes' pop out here in my place but the line is crazy !!! xo

  3. I definitely need to say yes a bit more too! Great bucket list! x


  4. i'd like to do some of these as well, good luck!

    danielle | avec danielle

  5. I want to try getting a summer job too! nice blog sis pls do check out mine


    1. GoodLuck !! Hope you get one !! Thank You !! Sure !

  6. Yes! I'm learning Japanese right now. It's easy actually. Goodluck!


    Ganbare! ( Hang in there! )

    1. It is !! and very easy to learn !! Thank You !!

  7. Hello from Spain:great and fabulous proposals. I just discovered your blog and I love the variety of themes. Fashion and beauty are some of my hobbies together with the collection of Barbies. I have a blog dedicated to those dolls that invite you to visit: all4barbie.blogspot.com If you want to keep in touch. I became a follower of your blog.

    1. Hello !! Thank you so much Marta !! I'll follow your Blog as well xx

  8. This is an overwhelmingly fun list! Hope you complete each and every one of these things :)



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