Why is Failure Good ?

Why is Failure Good ? Because it is the only real way to learn  and grow. I attribute almost everything I am to failing and working through failure. A day without failure is a wasted day to me. It means I haven't changed myself.

 Failing from failure is bad.The point of failure is you learn from your mistakes and grow to be a better person.
Many of us imagine that success is the experience of getting what we want, and landing exactly where we intend. And we think of failure as the inability to do what we’re attempting and what we're trying to achieve. And so we believe that failure and success have clearly defined borders, that it’s possible to be in the success box or the failure box. This is an illusion, in reality failure and success are two sides of the same coin. 

Are you successful if you feel successful? And have you failed if you feel as though you have? The answer to these questions is obvious. But what are feelings if not the interpretations of thoughts? Are we trapped in rigid interpretations of our conscious experience? Or can we see that all experience is simply a product of a malleable mindset? 
Knowing that we can decide to view any experience through a lens of our own choosing doesn’t negate the importance of striving to achieve something. But it allows us to enjoy the striving as part of a journey to a mysterious destination. Nobody gets what they want all of the time, in fact few of us get what we want most of the time. Does this mean our happiness is bound up and dependent on the exceptional times that we 'win', when we hit the bullseye? 

This is how many people live, I used to live this way. Always searching for that next ‘hit’ of success is ultimately a path to misery. Being focused in this way is to blur out what really matters in life, which is this moment right now

Life is going to turn out differently than we plan. And for this we should be immensely grateful because the mystery of life is fundamental to it’s value - the wins and the losses, the highs and the lows are all different parts of the same experience, and they depend on one another. The only true FAILURE is the inability to notice this.

Firstly, why does Failure taunt you? 

Why does it push you down? 

Why does it make you feel the way you do? 

This period of failure is only a temporary which will pass too. 
Life WILL get better. 

Are you afraid of people judging you?  Well, flush that fear down the toilet. 

People talk. Yes. But, should you let that affect your life in any way ?

Luckily, people also come with un-retentive memories , and it's only a matter of time till they forget about it or simply grow tired of babbling about it.

Also remember, you have your whole life to change the way people perceive you, if that really matters to you. 

Take some time off to reflect on your failure. Tell yourself that, It's nothing to be ashamed of. 

Figure out where you went wrong. Re-plan, re-strategize. Bounce-back.
Enjoy it, smile. Failure is no reason for you to be unhappy. It's no reason for you to punish yourself.


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