How Did My First Few Months In College Went ?

It's been a while since I posted a blog here , I'm really sorry about that. I am really happy that I also gained back my confidence to make YouTube videos once again.
(you can search it : MOLLYcules) that's why I'm also very busy making short skits , filming , importing and exporting and also video editing and all that kind of stuffs that I really love doing , sometimes I wonder , Why did I didn't take filming ? But it's Okay , Psychology Course for me is doing great. Well for all of you guys know that's just all the reasons why I can't really post blogs every month , College is so difficult than I've ever expected.

If someone would ask me "How's College Life ?" I'll just smile and will say it's Okay , It really is okay and I experienced things that I never thought I would be able to do alone "Like What ?" 

Commuting - riding on a Jeepney , riding on LRT and be squished totally and the intense smell , yes I have to go through all of that , It's part of Life and you know I have so much things to tell you with my life as a commuter in the Philippines but let's leave that topic alone first and I'll probably post a blog about it soon. 

"What Else ?" I learned to "Speak for Myself" you can call it as "fighting back" or whatever but it really isn't all that violent by means of Fighting back and Speaking for myself I experienced a Professor who's prejudice to me ,  I know I'm not doing anything wrong but whenever she sees me she has a lot to say and when she looks at me in the eyes it's like I'm gonna be eaten wholly alive. I really don't get it because "I tried My Best" and if you think it's not good enough , I am not sorry for not being able to meet your standards, because you have to accept that not everyone is the same, some people excel in other things. Grades doesn't measure Intelligence and your mistakes don't define you.

You can't "YOLO" everything , unlike High School if you failed your exam your teachers will pity you and eventually will make your 74 mark to 75 but that's not the case in College , they are preparing you for your future and to become professional someday. If you didn't studied or even read your book , Well Good Luck to you in this Subject , First Impression Lasts, If you weren't able to answer at your First Recitation , show them you can do it , and make them realize that they're wrong. College is STUDY STUDY STUDY , if you don't it's either you'll fail and would end up taking that subject again (which we dont want to happen) , your teacher will always have his/her attention to you(your actions)(and your paper) , you'll get laughed at , some people will make you feel like you don't know anything making them superior , you will end up hating that subject and the result would be failing the subject. You really need to study , College is a big battlefield and everyone is competing against you , Just Be yourself and Do your Best Shot !

That it's hard to find true friends , there are many factors you should consider before you call someone a friend like you guys should not bring each other down (You are VERY Lucky if you have a friend like this) no spark of insecurity , if you guys like the same things , if you guys almost have the same thinking (or perspective). If you can't find one it's okay , there lots of people out there who's looking for a friend like you and if your friend doesn't wanna be friends with you anymore or BRINGS YOU DOWN and compete with you , they are not worth your time. It is rare to find someone with a mind that's just as beautiful as their face. You'll also encounter "friends" that wanna see you do good but NEVER better than them. If you encounter this kind of situation , Please.. Please stay away from that person. Help yourself. ("If the Shoe Fits , Wear it")

You'll be Sleep Deprived because of so much procrastination you did on your free day , so Don't procrastinate or you'll end up cramming in the middle of the night doing a Power point presentation , doing a book review , watching a very old movie til 12 am for a movie review that's due tomorrow , reviewing a 45 pages hand out for your exam the next day that's your first subject , leaves you no choice but to let go of your cozy sleep with your bear.

Your Project that's given to you a month before the deadline in High School is to be done is College within 2 Days and they call it as an Assignment or better yet a 10 points recitation. 

You'll be broke if you'll waste your money on non sense things , like buying things you don't need at the book store or buying a cute wallet that you saw outside your school , be practical.

It'll be hard to make a decision on what will you eat , how much will it cost you and if it's already what you eat for the whole month and you start feeling nauseous.

People don't care on how they look , if they wear so much make up , if they have dyed hair but there will always , ALWAYS be people out there who are still ignorant and will say "What the f ? really ?" "Too much make up" " where does she get all that confidence ?" some people may hate you for being different and not living by society's standards, but deep down they wish they had the courage to do the same. 

All in All , I really have lots of things to tell you guys , but let's leave it all to my next blog post. College is really a great place to make mistakes and learn from them , I can't really wait to learn more things this second semester not only in academics but also in Life.

 Surround yourself with Positive people and Live an Optimistic Life

Y O U     C A N      D O    I T

Thanks for reading My Blog !

Kaya natin to !

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