Why Red ?

As all of you may know,  My Hair is Red but ever wonder Why ? To Be REALLY Honest...
ever since 2014 I really wanna dye my hair red but due to school policies well...I'm not allowed to do that. Anyways , with College I was able to dye my hair the color that I want. 

Before we get into that topic I just wanna clear some things out if you asked, Why not create a video about it ? Actually I already did but the main concern of that video is the pros and cons of having a dyed hair and you can't really say all the things you wanna say about what people are saying about you , you cannot rant there the whole time but with writing a Blog, its Okay. There are some things you can put on YouTube , there are some things that are just meant for the blog.

At First, you will feel the fulfillment after you've done something you really want for yourself and the most important thing is you liked the person you've become because if you don't accept that change that you did for yourself why do it in the first place ? you'll just end up regretting, when you really wanna go for a Big Change think about it first before doing it. 

The main goal of having this color of hair is that to mainly fulfill what I want, which I did ! I always receive compliments about it that makes me smile for some time, but I didn't realized that some people are kind of not into it or not okay with it and the mistake that I did is that I let them get into me... presenting the society. 

There are compliments but there will always be people who has something to say , wanna know ? 

"Who's this red haired girl ? You look like a clown uhmm like McDonalds eh ! (from a not so close friend(?))
"HASHT5" - says some college people whom I don't know and ofcourse some of the people I know too 
"you look like an Anime ! HAHAHA" - Oh yeah I do ? I don't know if its a compliment or nah so let's just insert an *awkward smile here*
"she goes to school everyday, like that ?" - from a Professor that's talking to someone - Oh Well.
"doooraaa the exploreerr !!" - someone shouted
*looks at me from head to toe* - 2 people judging

and more but those are the top I guess negative "sayings"/thoughts whatever of some people have to say about me. Most of the time I have my friends with me when these kind of awkward situations happen so sometimes they object with the other person's opinion sometimes they not but its okay, I understand.
There's this one time when I was alone studying in the library a group of like 3rd-4th yr. guys (I guess) sat on the long table for people in groups and began saying "HASHTT..." "HASHT5!" and that seriously feels like "I just want the floor to just eat me now, obviously I'm the person they are pertaining to , but what can I do ? just ignore them". 

Don't get me wrong , I'm not against that group I just feel like they are using labels to define someone , which is really absurd. Some would even look at me from head to toe and will point me to their friend/s (you know that eye contact with your friends when you judge someone). 

Also when you are in need of comfort from someone and you tell them all these kind of things sometimes they don't really support it , it just looks like they do but they don't "Why Red?" "So , Why did you even dyed your HAIR ?!?!" or in tagalog that sounds really annoying for them to say "Eh bakit kasi nagpakulay , edi mag black ka na lang."Well I'm just saying , I thought you can help, turns out nah... bruh NAH.
I just wanna say that it wouldn't make you feel any good for yourself by making fun of whatever people's looks are how they talk , how they act , how they look you wouldn't earn a trophy by letting someone else's self esteem low and by making yourself feel good by having a minute of laugh. You are responsible for your actions not someone else so Use Your Brain in a Knowledgeable way.
But moving on , I'm so happy that My Parents always support me with all these kind of stuffs with guidance , as well as My Friends who always lift me up when I feel like the people around me are judging me but then again 

 I liked what I've become and I shouldn't regret it. This is me , accept it.

let it fade


  1. love ur red hair, I wanna dye my hair lighter also XD
    I felt what u felt also ^^ some people buzzed behind me about my hair or my look. but i dont care, I like being different XD anw just ignored if other people said bad things about u ^^ u r so pretty and gorgeous ^^

    Tori Chu

  2. Your are so cute you look like my friend, have an angle of my sister and you definitely resembles Jessica of SNSD. Hahaha. I am loving your hair. I miss my colored hair. I just dyed it black and might color it once of these days again. Hahaha. Fickle me.

    www.ajeinomoto.com | Spices & Everything Nice


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