My Life & My Choices

 What a crazy freshman year experience , good thing I managed to survive. It's really a big world out there and now that I'm looking back I can't believe how it made me who I am today , right at this moment.

Sometimes I feel like being called for a recitation on a certain subject that you didn't even bothered reading is more nervous-breaking than performing in front of a large crowd.
 I've been busy with a lot of things lately that's why I'm averaging from 0-1 blog post every month and I'm really sorry about that. I remembered before, way back 2013 I started my blog I was so happy because I can now speak what's on my mind.

As years pass by, surprisingly I find blogging therapeutic because sometimes we have ideas in our minds that we can't let go unless we share it.

It's like its trapped in our heads and only you, yourself can unlock the barrier out of it.
 But unexpectedly it slowly turned to anger or as they call in Filipino 'Galit' . I didn't know that what I'm doing for the past few blogs are made because of anger and a thirst to speak for myself, Until I interviewed Dee Kosh a YouTuber in Singapore and that's when I realized anger is the reason behind my blog posts lately.
 After maybe a few weeks it'll be back to the old style of blogging I guess , thinking of happy thoughts and letting go of all the negatives and probably leaving for a few, but the thing is..blogging becomes my thing wherein I express what I wanna say , what I really mean.

From Fashion to Lifestyle to Personal Blog.

I really hope you understand the changes that's happening because sometimes we don't have any control when it strikes we just have to accept it and move on.
 My Choice

People, in my opinion should set their minds like this "Kung ayaw magpatulong , wag mo tulungan" or "Kung hindi niya kailangan ng tulong mo wag mo ibigay"

I really hate it when people scold or criticize someone just because they did something to them that they think is a huge favor and their asking something in return. 
I'll say this in tagalog (para damang dama)
Kung hindi nagpapatulong , wag mo tulungan kasi in the first place hindi niya hiningi. Kung tutulong ka yung taos sa puso , yung totoo at hindi naghahangad ng anumang kapalit. Buti sana kung hiningi o pinagmakawaaan niya yung tulong mo diba ? diba ? DIBA ?

Life is a matter of Choice , It's your Life , It's your Choice
Decide !

Whatever matamaan kung sino matamaan. 
Matamaan kung matamaan atleast alam mo diba.
Wag mo na basahin kung ayaw mo din , kasi di rin siya pilitan.
Ganun na rin sa YouTube Videos nako I'm so tired with 
all the ish , Give me a break naman jusme !
 I , Myself can work at my best when I'm alone. I'm that type of person and if you can't deal with it then better go away because in the end we would just misunderstand each other.
 My Mistakes

My Mistakes don't define me so as yours and if something or someone is not for me I quickly let it go and try another flavor.

As they say if it's meant to be , it will be but reality says not everything is meant to be but everything's worth a try.
I find myself as someone who has mediocre (average) talents.
I have tried many things and I learned that if it's not my forte, it's not my thing and obviously i suck at it then I should switch to something better , something that I would excel

Mediocre - It's like it's limited and I feel like not excelling in everything that I do 

But good thing my mom always got my back.
 When I was I kid I used to dream of becoming a famous painter that'll sell lots of beautiful canvas and then it changed to being a Fashion Designer… reminiscing, I can tell I used a lot of papers that time although I don't crumple it, I put all of it on a medium-sized plastic box but in the end I don't know what happened.
 I was confused as I picked my course that will mold me in the future , I was confused to the fact that "Ohh I liked this course , this course seems to be really interesting" I liked it for a short period of time until I woke up asking myself "Why?"

I'm starting to like it but not to embrace for now. 

There's a Difference.
I fell a lot of times(Skating) , I drank a lot of chlorine (Swimming)
I got bruises a lot of times
Painful body
Sprained ankle and all that kind of stuffs

But all of those didn't stopped me from reaching my goals 
 I like it , it's a remedy for me , those are the things that makes me feel alive even though it can be extreme at times.

It's my sport and I will never forget all the memories that I shared with my friends and my own self.
don't be afraid to talk to someone what's wrong
if they ignored you then give them some time to think.

don't talk about someone behind their back instead approach them in a nice way
I don't feel like saying good bye to the things that I love the most because it's really painful
I don't wanna say I quit because I still do the things that I love not just as passionate as before

some things have an end.
 It's good to look back and reminisce but don't stay too long, you might caught yourself drowning from the past and not being able to see what's in store for you in the present.
 Some things never change but some things have to change due to some circumstances and all that we have to do is understand it.
 If you fall , learn to stand up because it's not the end 
The show is not yet over , pick yourself up and continue living.

If someone's reaching their dream no matter who it is
be happy for him or her
Don't be bitter 
Smile and say "I'm happy for you , hopefully soon I reach my dream too"
Don't pull someone down
just because of your selfish desires
Don't wish for someone to suffer
because you wouldn't want that
to happen to
(Sa Edsa mahahanap ang hinahanap niyong forever , forever na trapik hays :( )
Hey What's Up Hello !
New Beginnings !


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