Last Two Days at University

I was not expecting that my last two days in University will turn out this way...
  Which was incredibly unforgettable because of how everything went by so fast. Before all of that story time begins , i'll share something to you. First 6 Days of Sophomore Year was quite weird , considering I'll be having some major subjects now in Psychology, as I've scroll through the internet  for educational purposes (still fresh on my mind it was actually about neurotransmitters). But wait ! I'll post that on my next blog ! Sorry , I'm such a cliffhanger. This blog is about My Last two Days in University not My Favorite Memories or what happened throughout the semester but don't worry i'll post a blog about it after this.

November 29, 2016 (Tuesday) - 2nd to the Last Day in University
  I did not bother attending my Speech class , although I won't be speaking considering it's just all of the students who's Last name starts from A-K and mine's M. I thought ,  well it's my last regular day why not go to all my classes this time (don't ask, haha just kidding). I did , it was finals week and for our finals in Speech all we have to do is create a speech about the Joys and Blessings of Christmas. Did you know the night before that day I was planning on memorizing my speech already so I wouldn't have to go to my early morning class but oh well.

  Then it's time for my vacant (9-10:30am) I went to the library to review for my final exam in Statistics. I was surprised that all the exercises that our proctor had given us is just the same as the exam he'll give us on our exam. 

 After that stressful , time pressure examination I have this long vacant which is from 12pm up to 4:30pm because our PE Class ended 3 weeks ago (it's just two units that's why) it was my 1:30-3:00pm class before then I have another vacant which is from 3-4:30pm then my last class.

 Anyways I texted Kyla and I went to the Prayer Room to wait for her. I Thanked God for all the good and memories that I experienced while staying in University (I really thought it's my last day, wait for more) I left a Chocolate (just a small one) to brighten someone else's day because before I received a chocolate with a note before having one flat tops chocolate and a note saying : 
"Wala akong pambili ng kitkat :D Pero eto, have a break from your worries Our souls are restless unless they rest on God. Love, EJFR" and I was really down and devastated that time, but my mood changed as I've read the note. After I got it , I said someday, i'll pay it forward. That day was my second to the last day! I don't actually remembered what I wrote but it was pretty long for a phrase.

And then someone entered crying. I looked at my peripheral vision it was a guy. I was once that guy before who was crying at the prayer room that feels so helpless. I don't have any tissue or handkerchief that time though I do have a tissue but it was pretty small not enough for my tears. Someone's crying as well before so. Back to the story, since I'm done with my prayer and I think this guy really needs an alone time. I went up to him and gave him my handkerchief he signaled his hands no.. with his red eyes, rosy cheeks and his smiling face. But I insisted. and he accepted it. (He looks like Fifth Solomon of PBB) 
(Left : The Lost Phone we found at the Science Bldg.)
(Right : Kyla looking for a seat)

  Finally saw Kyla and it started pouring rain and so I suggested that we just go through all the buildings as a long cut so we wouldn't have to be drenched in the pouring rain, by the time we reached science building we saw a lost phone. Since no one's calling and claiming it that time Kyla put it on her bag first.

  We went to McDonalds after hours, I'm so hungry. But as I line up to order the person who owns the phone calls his phone using well another person's number and tries to located his phone. Leading Kyla back to the building to give back his phone and to me back to my seat while I watch over our things. We ate and then we went back to the campus and dropped by the prayer room. We only have a few minute left before her next class starts so we went to the library and stayed there for a couple of minutes and we bid goodbyes as I went to Ever to buy the cheapest charger I can get. I forgot my charger but I have my power-bank I was so frustrated. From CD R-King that's priced as 50,120 (all sold-out) and 150(overpriced) I went out the store and found myself buying at tiangges in the mall. I got it for 70 php though. I also went to Dunkin Donuts to buy popcorn, no really for donuts. Then I went back to our campus or should I say our library to experience some cold ~not fresh air/breeze from their airconditioner. I stayed there for 30mins. and went to my last class. I'm so exhausted.

(With the witty JC and Guianne) (team chemistry) (alipin ni jauco)

   Finally Arts building, I met up with my other friends JC and Paulino/Guianne they are my group-mates in Chemistry last semester and yes guys through thick and thin we passed our stressful chemistry subject. (It was pretty surprising why JC have this subject though) If I'm not mistaken we did lots of random and risky things to really pass that said subject, so much stress. But I'll say they are really witty and one of the many coolest people you'll meet. 

    Last Subject , the one that I loved the most before but the one that I hated the most now. Research. I am freesec (free section means you are the one who chooses your block section and you don't conform with the schedule of blocks) so as my group mates every time we attend this class , it's as if we are ghosts or should I say they treat as invisible but let's not talk about that. The Professor announced the scores and said that all groups who got 15 can now go on vacation , while saying this he's looking at us as if we murdered our grades. We actually went to the library (Sharie,Jhanna and I) to revise it again for the I don't know what time, maybe the 25th time. Went back to the building again and still not good enough and that leads ME to attend again on my last class on Friday. I'm so annoyed and pissed at so many levels so as my group mates. 
Our Chapel with lots of Candle Lightings
(Freedom park at Night Low Quality Version)
  After My last class I went to the prayer room to check if somebody has got the note and chocolate , I'm surprised that someone replied ! I'm so happy for that person I really hope he/she feels better. I also dropped by at our chapel because I think there is something going on there and it looks very nice ! candle lighting around makes it even more Holy. Anyways I went home after that though I stayed till 7:30pm. got home by 8:30pm.

End of nov. 29 , 2016 (2nd to the last day)
Dec 2 2016 (Friday) Last Day at Far Eastern University

  This is actually it. My Last Day in FEU.
  Again or should I say for the last time at My Speech Class. I spoke about how my family celebrates Christmas but because I'm nervous for the results of my transferee applications at the college I'm applying to I somewhat -f it up ! but it was all good no one really knew I didn't finished my speech Plus the fact that I'm out of time they didn't really noticed or did they ? but all I know is that they noticed that I didn't actually memorized it all but I Promised I did it's just that my mind is not really in it it's at my transferee result.

  I went to the College I applied to, to get the result I was actually pretty nervous because honestly I really don't know where will I go if I -f it all up again. But my mom said if it's meant for you, you'll pass and I actually did ! I was so hyped ! Because I was really not confident with the results. A big thanks to the Lord and to St.Joseph of Cupertino (Patron Saint of Test Examinations) and to my ever supportive mom. We ate at Burger King while waiting for a certain time to go back again at FEU to get my credentials (honorable dismissal) since it was raining we waited for it to settle first before we got back.
(Greenwhich treat by My Mom)

  We went back to FEU to get my honorable dismissal it was actually really hard to get it because of some the things the person in charge at the registrar was asking me and I was like why not just give it to us and then yes bam problem solved ! but it was not easy as a piece of cake. We waited for another 30 mins. and then we got the honorable dismissal (it's not actually finished yet)(when we went to benilde they asked us again for the official tor and all that kind of stuffs the week after this).

  Feeling relieved and accomplished, we ate at greeenwhich my mom's treat she said (well , it's her treat all the time though) and it rained again but after-some time we left because my mom has to take care of some things and I had to go back to school to meet up with my good friend Kyla again for our last bonding together because we'll miss each other so much. I can say that she's the Best Friend I ever had at FEU ! She's so down to earth, really sweet and caring that's what I love most about her. In my opinion she's the nicest and sincerest person that I met in University and I really appreciate it. 

  I went back to the library after my mom and I part ways and to recharge my energy with all the walkings that we did for the half of the day I was seriously drained and exhausted there are lots of people at school considering it's the last day. As I sat for 5 mins. Kyla is already at school or at Mc Donalds I'm not quite sure at this time. She texted me and I was like Ohh damn , yes ofcourse I'll come (My feet are so tired and can't function) but I'm doing this because I want to and it's Kyla. While I was on my way to meet Kyla , I met up with a friend who I had a misunderstanding with and we gladly, settled it. I'm really happy because I'll leave without any burden in my heart, thank you for being a part of my last semester. Though for some people maybe they'll stay in my short term memory or forget about them.
(Kyla and I at McDonalds)

  Mc Do atlast ! saw Kyla and we talked about stuffs ate fries and ice cream together and reminisce about our past semesters that made a huge impact to us. I'll never forget our inside jokes like "YES !"&"HERE!" *actually laughing while typing this* Thank You. Thank You Kyla for sticking up with me until the last day. Thank you for your sincere Friendship towards me, GoodLuck to your studies and career path and I say , it wouldn't be the last day we'll see each other.

  I dropped her off to her building and bid our good-byes.

  Going back to the library to rest (What a life right ?) I was supposed to write a script but I was like my mind and body is too tired for that so I just basically scroll thru my timeline but then I realized I had to take pictures of the places I loved the most at FEU so instantly went back up and stroll around the campus and took pictures.
(with Jared , My High School Classmate)

  Last Class ! We passed our research paper and that's how it actually ended as I thought. We took pictures (Jhanna , Sharie and I) then I accompanied Sharie at her Gate. My Crush said Hi to me and I was shocked that he saw me and after that we continued our way towards the gate. Plus I also saw Jared my High School Classmate ! 

  Just as I was about to go home, I saw my crush. The person I admired for such a long time. He saw me and greeted me ! (what an awesome day you bet right ?) I said hi and then I just told him it's my last day and I'll be transferring to another school , he then asks why but eventually told me that he sometimes go around that place so I might as well catch him there. He wished me luck and ofcourse I thank him (Thank you for being my inspiration all this time and I'm happy for your achievements (it was just on my mind)). We took pictures(I'm not posting! haha)

  I dropped by at our chapel for the last time and while I was on my way at my gate I saw my other crush taking pictures (that's usually what he does) at a really far distance , I just stared for like a minute and I went home. I can say it's the last glance. 

  I choose to post a blog about this because it the my last 2 unforgettable moments at feu and I don't want to forget every single thing that happened on my last 2 days.

Thank you, Far Eastern University !
I'll be posting another blog about the places I loved at FEU , Wait for it !

Student # 201572---- Signing off.
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