My University Journey

I never knew I could actually learn to love this place at some point in my life after all  it was my second home for 3 semesters.
I left Far Eastern University.

This is a blog post wherein I share you my journey at university for 1 and a half year and below are some pictures that made an impact to me and places that I wouldn't forget.

I entered Far Eastern university when I was 16 years old , that was the year 2015 as I took BS Psychology. To be honest , I really don't have a dream school and have no clue on what course I should take right after I graduate high school. Everybody seems to know what they want to do with their life and then there's me. When I was a kid I wanted to be a painter, fashion designer or a photographer not even one is related to science but I still choose Psychology as my major because as my raw understanding about it, you read people's minds (not) that I thought was actually cool. 
Freshman Year was alright. It was full of activities I met a lot of people , tried new things , changed my personality to being an outgoing person which was very hard. Very exhausting , I actually had a new perspective. It's like unlocking that hard level on a game done with strategy. I learned how to commute on to which I'm very proud of (lol). I had friends (just a few) and I started to notice that people seem to start creating their "group of friends" or I should say "squad", My grades were on average but all I know is I really hate my Filipino subject , my professor's hobby is to roast me all the time well we actually roast each other but I got over it somehow. On some point I was on the verge on giving it up and just drop the subject because of what I'm feeling but it was too late, In the end I passed. Other subjects are good and I have to say , my favorite was English AN and GenPsych 

Freshman Year (Second Semester) Things started to get harder than I thought it could be. Because of some incident, I started to let my real personality flow. The person who greets people first last semester is not that person anymore. I'm tired of giving all the effort , I'm tired of giving it all away, I'm tired of being somebody else , I'm tired of trying to be an outgoing person. I shut it all as who am I as a person.

Second semester for me is what you see is what you get. I did not depend on anybody just myself because if there's one thing that I learned last semester is that "nothing is permanent" there are limits of being kind, there are limits. The numbers of peers started to fall down as well as other people's "group of friends" I don't have any inspiration, every after class all I wanna do is go home and rest  or go to my org then go home. I joined two organizations , I was happy at some point because of being accepted and have all these kinds of meetings, using my time up to its full capacity that I wouldn't have to worry about other people.

But on the other hand, there are some point wherein I actually feel like I don't belong.    

My grades were pretty fine , I don't have any failing marks. I kept myself busy with my other activities(not school related) which made me feel alive and inspired to push myself. Chemistry was one hard subject but I'm happy with my group-mates they are really awesome , we actually survived. This was the class that although I know its hard but with people that surround me in this subject I was happy to be with them. 
 Sophomore Year (First Semester and My Last Semester in University)

Coming back from the US after 3 months made me realize something.
After 1 week of adjustment period I decided to remove some major subjects which left me with some minor. 4 Subjects (Speech , Statistics , PE (Table Tennis and English Research). 
While I was in the states , I always go to the public library and usually what I do is edit videos or read books and then I came across on reading this one particular book about Digital Film making. Going back , while I was reviewing for our first assignment in one of my Psychology subjects I asked myself do I really wanna pursue this ? the answer is no. I thought of it for so long , for years (ever since I entered University/ ever since I went back on YouTube) (as you all may not know I started to be fascinated in videos in 2012 I was 2nd year in hs that time)
 I'm quitting Psychology.
But I finished my last semester , taking only 4 subjects on to which I regret but I'm really thankful for the endless support my mom has given me all throughout , I cannot thank you enough mom. Thank you so much for believing in me , I won't let you down.

It was actually hard , not because of the subjects but the time that I wasted.
Transferring is such a hassle and gave me a lot of stressful situations. But I know it will be worth it in the end. I had to go around school to make people sign my honorable dismissal , have to pay full tuition fee right away just to get an unofficial TOR for assessment at the school I'm transferring to. 
 The struggle is surreal. I was on the verge of giving up but then I thought to myself "iniyakan ko , pinaghirapan ko ang dami ko nang hirap, ngayon pa ba ko susuko ?" In the end I was able to get all my credentials in FEU but I was just disappointed on how the system works. But all in all , thank you for all the experiences FEU, you made me strong.
 Shoutout to these people that made my stay in FEU memorable, thank you for hearing my endless rants and thank you so much for the lessons you taught me, it was surreal. Thank you for being my inspirations and friends. I really appreciate your time for me, I really do.

Till we meet again.

Kyla Cheska Dablo , Sharie Low , Shania Usita, Rachel Dungca , Michelle Sulit, Joyce Tubiron, Miguelle Borja, Guianne Paulino, Rico Luna , Jc Motomal and Kuya Lorenzo.
 My last day at FEU (with uniform) with My Mom.
Thank you sa libre mo ma , napaka unforgettable ng araw na to dahil ito yung araw na kinuha natin yung result ng exam ko. It may not be a huge deal for all of you reading this blog right now , but for me, it is. It's the sign whether I should pursue my dreams or stay in FEU.

Honestly, I don't have any plans if ever I fail. Because my mind was not set up to fail but to succeed with the help of God and My Family.

These are my shameless last pictures at FEU while I claim my honorable dismissal after months and months of waiting, begging and paying FEU for all the fees their asking.

You know, I can't actually pose randomly at freedom park or with the tamaraw like that at any normal school day but when I'm with my mom , nothing is impossible. I would sure get a picture if she wants to and I "kind of" want to. (LOL)

 NRH Building
Where I always go , because of the library.
I'm just basically cooling my self while waiting for hours because of my f-up schedule.

I sometimes pretend I'm reviewing but actually there is nothing to review because as i've said it's only speech , statistics , pe and english research.
 The view from  the building beside main (I actually forgot omg)
 Left : that is where me and my crush took our first picture aye kilig! pero not anymore haha ! 
Hi Crush !
Thank you for always noticing and inspiring me.
I'm happy for your achievements , keep it up and study well.
Don't let your passion die.
GoodLuck and Goodbye :)
 Right : Nakatambay ako diyan pag di mainit at pag may time.
Tinitignan ko lang mga sapatos and bag ng mga tao para naiinspire ako haha ! weird ba ?
 I used to dream of joining the FEU Pep squad before or just to be able to perform at the FEU grandstand, I guess it's not really for me.

Not all things are meant to be
 Dito ako umupo nung pinaka first day ko sa  FEU 
Sa sobrang aga at excited ko na-abutan ko pa yung flag ceremony.
Iiniintay ko nun sila Shara, Kelly , Bryan and Patrick.
They were all awesome and very friendly.
Thank you. Goodluck sa inyo ! Kaya niyo yan ! 
 *Memories with my second crush*
 Left : Parati akong dumadaan dito pag tapos ng klase ko kasi hindi mainit dumaan dito sa stairs na to at tahimik pa. Plus , ayokong nag iintay ng elevator. Optional lang kumbaga.

Right : dito ako palaging nag cc-r sa main bldg. second floor haha.
Left : pinicturan ko to after kong matapos mag survey para sa english research paper namin at inaantay ko yung reply nung vip kong ka-group kung siya ba mag priprint o ako.

Right : Dito ako nag confess sa crush ko , at sa kabutihang palad open naman siya about it and hindi siya naging awkward.
 Left : Tinatakbo ko to everyday of my 2nd sem of freshman year para sa Algeb class ko. Dito ko rin ata nawala yung eyeglass ko at dito may magandang signal para maghanap ng UBER.

Right : palagi akong may kasabay na kotse minsan di ko alam kung saan ako maglalakad kasi di ko alam kung magpapapark ba siya o dadaan o may nasa likod ko na pala masasagasaan na pala ako.
Isa sa pinaka paborito kong lugar , at ang lugar na nag-salba sa nawawala kong kaluluwa
Pumupunta ako kapag may mass dito minsan at madalas nasa prayer room ako.

Malungkot man o Masaya dumadaan ako sa prayer room and kinekwento mga nangyari sakin kay God, minsan nga eh naabutan kong may note at may chocolate kinuha ko pero pinalitan ko din dati at naglagay din ako ng note. Actually may nag reply.

Meron din akong binigyan ng panyo, yun yung last day ko sa feu at dumaan ako sa prayer room at nung malapit na ako umalis may lalakin pumasok na umiiyak. Binigyan ko siya ng panyo kasi before pumunta din ako dun na sobrang hopeless at wala man lang akong kapanyo panyo o tissue. Kaya naisip ko na mahirap malagay sa ganung situation at sana kung ano man ang problema nung kuya na yun ay malagpasan niya rin :) kamukha niya nga pala si Fifth Solomon ng PBB.
Left : Loob ng Chapel 
Right : Prayer Room
yung note na nakuha ko na nakalagay sa prayer room

 Gustong gusto ko dumadaan dito para bang nasa red carpet ako haha

 Before, pinangarap ko sumali sa FEU cheering squad nung first year days ko , sobrang frustrated ako nun pero I feel like I'm not good enough to be part of them kaya hindi na rin ako sumali dahil mabigat ako compared dun sa mga kasali at pamatay din ang oras ng training talaga. Kung gusto ko sumali dapat I have that burning passion to sacrifice my time for this pero I don't have that , that's why I let it go. I learned to let go of things that are not meant for me.

Shoutout nga pala sa kaibigan kong cheerleader na classmate ko sa Chem ! I really look up to you!
 Dito yung place na una kong na-try yung green na kanin ng paotsin
 dito ako nag aantay para sa stat class ko.
madalas ako dito nung freshman ako dahil mashado akong maaga kaya tinitignan ko yung mga kablock kong naglalakad papunta sa building namin at kapag malapit na ko malate staka na ako aakyat.
I'm not sure , pero If I'm not mistaken nagsulat ako ng pangalan ko dito
Ang nakakatawa yung iba may number pa nila , umaasang may ka-forever sila gamit ang bato.
 Ito ang view from the bato , maganda yan kapag umaga lalo na kapag wala yung maiingay ! haha joke !
Freedom Park
Hindi ako madalas tumatambay dito , kasi ang nasa isip ko pag freedom park mainit , feu portraits , stolen shots o kaya lugar ng mga taong may group of friends haha !! dito rin madalas na nag shoshoot ang FEU Vines.
FEU Grandstand
May Video kami before dito ng Chubby bunny nila kyla , joyce and mich !
 Side view ng Chapel at Arts bldg
Ayoko dumadaan dun sa (left na stairs) mas gusto ko sa kabila kasi konti lang dumadaan staka tahimik
 Left : Morning view from Arts Bldg
Right : View from Science Bldg
 Last Night view at FEU
 Una kong classroom sa FEU ,  English AN ang subject
 Actually kahit magkano yung mga yan , hindi talaga ako bumibili pero gusto ko pero hindi ko talaga hilig kaya pumupunta lang ako sa bookstore pag bibili ako ng libro o kaya naman bibili ako ng scantron o bubble sheet.
 Ito yung classroom ko sa Eng Research
Last Subject ko sa FEU
Pero pinicturan ko to dati nung walang tao dahil walang palang pasok dahil absent ang prof , freesec ako tapos 98% ng mga tao dito block hehe pero okay naman mabait naman president nila.
 FEU at night
 Library, Masarap tambayan
Mag-aaral ka man o Hinde
Thankful ako dahil ni-isang beses di ako natamaan ng volleyball sa ulo sa buong buhay ko sa FEU.
My University Journey ended up the way I didn't expect it to be. Somehow we'll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we want to be. but for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are. Don't waste your time , confess if you may be because life is happening right now. Go for it , whether it ends good or bad, it was an experience. Create the life you want or accept the life you have.

You know , sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no can see but you. It's definitely worth fighting for if you have that burning desire to achieve it. In life, many things don't go according to plan. If you fall, get back up because when one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

If things are not meant to be , let it be. What's meant for you will always be yours.

Thank you so much for all the memories Far Eastern University , you made me stronger.
2015724*** is now signing off.


  1. Wow! I enjoyed browsing through your photos as you were able to document well your brief stay at FEU. Wishing you the best in your future endeavors + starting a new university life at your new school!


    1. Thank you so much Ate Ysabel ! I really appreciate it , couldn't agree more to that :)


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