People that I Met in University

   "Sqwod Temporary" (from left to right : Kelly, Me , Patrick , Shara , Bryan)
This was actually my first picture in FEU.
Making friends has always been a challenge for me as I call myself an Introvert. But I'm really happy to be able to meet different personalities and adjust from time to time. People won't always adjust for you , sometimes you have to be the one to adjust. 

SY1517 had a lot of misunderstandings but eventually in the end it was an awesome block section with a lot of competitive students. 

I can still remember how every photo in this blog was taken , it feels like it was just taken a while ago or more like yesterday.

Let me show you that people that made an impact to me , challenged my strengths, inspired me, people who doubted me and the people that stayed until the end with me.

 This was the last day of my most hated subject. I'm not sure with my blockmates but I do think the feeling is mutual. We were very happy because finally we're done with the infliction of our professor.

There are times wherein letting out a word in this class caused me my grade. I have to speak for myself and let the professor know she can't treat students like that. (Taste your own medicine, just kidding)

Every word pronunciation , look , how students report are being judged but we're glad we survived. Honestly, I never thought I'll be able to make it , I was that student who's stakes are high on getting an F because of risking some things. "Since you treat me this way , bring it on" we were both prejudice at each other (me and my professor) I was uninspired and I was at the point of dragging myself to attend this class.

But on the other hand , my other subjects were fine and so as my professors.
Left : Sharie and Pat
Right : PE with Ellex
This is Shania.
Shania is my First Friend in University , We met at the pavilion while we were in line for the mobile x-ray. I asked her what's her course and even peeked at her name and her block section while she's holding a small paper. Turns out we're block mates which was totally awesome. As a stalker.. because of who am I as a person , I added her on Facebook. We eventually clicked after 2 days.

Although she transferred to another school , she made time for me and visited me while I was still staying at FEU for my last semester.
Shania and I at Pizza Hut 
(Left to Right :  Pat , Shania , Kyla and I)
(Shania , Me and Kyla)
Never a dull moment with this supportive friend.
I miss our Pancit Canton memories at NRH Canteen 
Very huggable and chill

Bravo Filipino Ticket with Joyce

 This is Joyce.
My favorite moment with her is whenever we're at the Student Council office , I always feel secured since she knows more people than I do and always make me feel I'm welcome. Both of us are "execom" or part of the executive committee. In addition to that , she's my classmate on one of my subjects which was Chemistry. Whenever we have time we usually eat pancit canton at NRH Canteen, the best. Simple "joyce" in life. We also filmed a video together with Mich and Kyla (the Chubby Bunny Challenge)

Chubby Bunny Challenge Video with Mich , Kyla and Joyce
Here's the link :

This is Sharie.
Sharie is very chill. I admire her because of her personality and how she looks at things. She has always been a good friend to me ever since. We've gotten close last semester because we're classmates in NSTP 1 and English Research. I learned things and some advice from her. If you ever need a helping hand she's always there for you. Definitely one of the Best. Thank you so much Sharie , it means a lot to me more than you know it !
october 3 , 2015
cheer dance competition
I don't usually go to events like that. To be more exact , UAAP. 
Maybe it's not just my thing or I really don't feel it and besides, If ever I watched it's either I have to sacrifice my time to fall in line for the championship or just basically attend to entertain myself.

Throwback to the time of being frustrated throughout my 1st year 1st semester because of looking for the cheer dancers and wanting to learn and train with them AND compete at the yearly cheer dance competition. But well , It's not meant to be.
together with Guianne and JC
Guianne and I were blockmates on my first semester but we're not close. We don't talk to each other at all but by second semester we've gotten close because we're group mates in our Chemistry Class together with JC. I remembered being so annoyed because the groupings is alphabetical and I don't get to choose who'll be my group mates. But , I was really happy we made memories that I wouldn't forget. We're actually together through thick and thin in our exams which I find really funny. The methods that we used are not allowed , well we have to do what we gotta do you know. It's a typical student's life.
All in all, both of them are very witty and kind AND good looking na sige Haha !! push natin yan

Plus Shoutout to Group 4 Chemistry ! YAY !!! huhu miss you guys haha
My IAS Sessionistas Friends
Dom and Dana
I joined the organization out of nowhere. I just feel like it.
Someone handed me a piece of paper about the audition before and I was like : you know what ? why not give this one a shot ? and so I auditioned to be an instrumentalist. 

It is full of talented students and we usually meet two days a week. One for the training and one for the recital which is every Friday. Usually it's from 6pm-9pm

I quit after one semester because I already know I'm transferring and also I was uninspired that time and just wanna finish my last term in FEU.
This is Gab 
My Medtech friend from English Class
We usually eat at mc do and I would walk with him to his class of "socanthro" right after.
He's very nice and chill !
This is Xyphee
My Friend in YouTube but she's from another university !
with Marcus (co-execom)
This was the time we were advertising the IAS Shirt
I was so exhausted though it was fun !
Hello, I'm Studying.
nO pictures plz
sige na nga.
This is Kyla.
My Best Friend in FEU.
No words can describe how awesome she is. We might have a few misunderstandings but it's part of being friends. I met her on my freshman year and became close at 2nd semester and well , much more closer at my last semester. We think a like and our personalities are almost the same because we usually need some time to be alone so both of us understand each other. We had a lot of memories in every place in University. I'm definitely grateful that she became my best friend. Till the last minute she was with me which was my last day... It was actually heartbreaking to have lunch together for not really the last time... but we know the next lunch will have to wait minus the uniform for me and the time is not endless anymore just like before but there's always a way if someone's important to you. Thank you so much Kyla
Left : Chillin' at Freedom Park while 90% of the students are at the Pavilion watching the Cheerdance Competition.
Right : No classes for PE (1st Semester)

Left : If I'm not mistaken it's the Victory Party !
Right : Just a random picture of me with my newly rebonded hair (lol)
Hanging out at the place where we usually sit before Literature Class
My Camera Shy Friend 
You know I could actually take a good photo of you if you look at me duddee

I Love You Kyla ! GoodLuck in Psychology , I'm always here for you just message me or give me a call if ever you need me I will always be available for you !
This is Rachel 
We we're classmates for like a year in grade school and 2 years in high school ! We don't usually hang-out at FEU though whenever both of us are free the best way to spend time with each other is to eat or talk about random things at freedom park.
LEFT : Me for my freshman year
RIGHT : Me for my last term and life is giving me lemons
My PE Group mates !
Throwback to all those times wherein we practiced at Kyla's place and even broke into another building to practice til 7pm ! hahaha then we got caught haha

A rare picture of me with a high score at math
please clap for me , i would appreciate it.
Kyla's 18th birthday !
Together with Miggy , Bridgette (?) , K2 and lol at me

Miggy is one of the most talented and coolest person you'll ever meet in FEU ! Thanks for supporting me with my crush haha !
With K2 !

My Last Lunch at McDo Morayta with Kyla (Plus me wearing my uniform for the last time)
Ready to transfer na me haha it was actually depressing going to school with such a pretty much "chill , relaxing" schedule basically "petics" the thirst to transfer is so real na talaga because to be honest my schedule is shit. But I'll talk about that when I upload a new video (shhh don't tell it'll be entitled as Why I left University ?)
My Favorite Shoes whenever I go to school mehehehehe I Like Shoes lol (push natin)

Here are some pictures with the Best People that I met at University :
(Together with michelle , kyla dn joyce)
Pizza for our soul
Memories at the FEU Grandstand

Yes nakikiroom dun sa magandang room na may stairs haha (I was actually hoping na magkakaron ako ng class dito sa future though haha)
Chemistry Time !
Aside from meeting the Best of the Best , I actually met some people that challenged me in so many ways. There's quite a lot but it made me who I am today. To all the people that doubted me , thank you because without you I would probably still settle for less and accept my fate and just go with the flow like a dead fish. It's somewhat okay but time heals who knows.

Most of the time I feel like I always fail my expectations for myself wherein there are times I ask myself is that all I can do ? why can't I be perfect and be able to do the things that other can or even compare myself to others but I learned that sometimes , we compare ourselves to others so much that we overlook our own achievements. No matter how small or big they are, focus on them and be proud. Don't be embarrassed about your failures. Instead, embrace and learn from them. 

I have to accept who I am and strive to improve myself and sometimes I don't always have to meet my expectations for myself but as long as I did My Best , I have to be satisfied with the result and not complain about every single thing and instead be thankful about the lessons that life is teaching me.
IAS Shirt times , those were the stressful times wherein as part of the IAS Execom each one of us shall be able to atleast make 3 people buy lol 

I WAS SO CLOSE ON BUYING 3 SHIRTS LIKE FOR MY DAD OR MOM AND THEN FOR ME JUST TO BE ABLE TO SURPASS THIS PROBLEM that's making me overthink LOL (some of my friends have bought theirs but from different execom huhu) BUT WELL HAHA IM HAPPY I MADE IT.
"My Matinong Picture"
Declamation Speech for well Speech Class
Oh gosh i can still remember all the lines of other people why they like me as a friend
"because your hair is red"
im like : lul seryoso hahahahahahaha dont be friends me anymore if you like me as a friend just because of how i look. you can leave now lol.
Random Picture of me 
For the last two pictures.
Left : My First Selfie at FEU ( i was actually so happy that time lol )
Right : If ever you'll be able to visit FEU Tech Canteen try the Kimchi rice ! it's the Best ! (as a comfort food for me)

That's all for now :)
Video about Why I left University Soon yay :)


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