Barbie Dolls

When I was a kid, I used to collect Barbie Dolls, and so as other things that has to do with barbie. May it be as simple as a printed material, birthday card, key chain, sharpener, CDs and the list goes on.

I just wanna share something to you that I value the most when I still a kid up until before my teenage years. Once, I recall the time wherein I was watching a YouTube video of a woman who has a big collection of barbie dolls that she even has a separate room for the dolls that has shelves. I thought to myself, I will be like her someday!

Every year before...may it be my birthday or a Christmas present, My Titas and Titos already knew what to give me, they just have to ask what kind ? Because you know the doll itself is quite expensive, so sometimes its clothes, perfume, make-up (for kids lol) (which I wasnt able to use as a kid because I just like to display it) Let's leave the main gift to my present which is the Barbie Doll that is very "hot and popular" every March or December.

My 6th Birthday will never be forgotten because of my Barbie gown and Barbie Swan Lake PiƱata but my 7th was a Blast I remembered it was a swimming party I had 7 treasures, 7 roses, 7 candles and more. My favorite cotton candy vendor was there and so as the dirty ice cream!!! Everyone was there! My family, my friends, my classmates it was a really huge party and was definitely the best birthday of my life. I was wearing that time... a gown (again) that is inspired by Barbie in the Magic of Pegasus (see below the tarpaulin (lol)). I really loved it.

I remembered watching Toy Story with my Kuya, there is this part wherein "Andy" is already preparing for college and that he has to leave his toys behind to his sister and so the sister was playing with the doll and one fell and kind of send a message to its audience that it will "soon" be forgotten (pertaining to the toys) but will always leave a special place to our hearts.

He then told me "Ganyan ka na din sa susunod, hindi ka na mag babarbie..mag mamake-up ka na din haha". As a kid, of course I defended my love for "barbie and the pink world" saying that "bakit naman ? hinde no!!! maglalaro pa rin ako ng barbie". Thinking... I still have the time for it in the future and can make it as my past time to entertain me. I was wrong, he is right.

It was quite challenging for me to adjust as kid, like knowing that "Santa" does NOT really EXIST. Funny how my mom and I prayed to Jesus to talk to Santa to come back to our house and replace my doll that does not work (it has wings that has lights) after some time my mom got "in contact" with Santa saying they will just meet in the mall and so Santa will just give the replacement doll to her. I was stoked!!

My inspiration to write this post is because of my longing to my barbie dolls, just kidding! But because some 4 months ago I stumbled upon this audio video on Facebook that contains a playlist of Barbie's soundtrack from different movie sound tracks that made me feel nostalgic. I then decided to take a look back at my childhood that I once forgotten because of how busy life is and how time is running so fast that we don't even have time to reminisce the things that made us whole and happy when were still young. I miss those simple days just... after doing my homework I will be allowed to play with my dolls, play dress up and will also be lazy to clean the mess at the end of the day. 

Ohh Dear, Childhood.

Thank you for reading, here are some pictures that were taken at least 8 years or more ago.
My Room Before
Let's go "coRRinne"
We are not friends if you don't know the real spelling of my first name haha!
Not a fan of the KPOP Group there nor Hannah Montana or Selena Gomez, those are just free posters from Total Girl hehe

Presents from people I Love.

Throwback to the time I shot this, I opened some of my "opened" dolls just to take photos of their shoes.
Baby Me who Loves Barbie
The time wherein Barbie is in my outfit every time 
(idk when was this)
Left : At Lola Alele's House
Right : My Birthday
Together with My Favorite cousin Ate Alex! and My favorite and one and only sibling my Kuya Nel.

My dog actually chewed on my "pink barbie's" hand before and my mom was so mad that my dog got banned in our room and I got scolded as well for being "makalat" and "burara" that time lol.

The blue one is the Swan Lake barbie wherein my mom "met with santa" at the mall for the "replacement" because its defective (due to its wings that is not working)
Til I was 11 maybe, I Like Pink and anything that may resemble Barbie on My Outfit.
Not really Barbie related but these are the posters that I got from Total Girl's Magazines. I'm not a fan of all the posters that I posted on the right picture but I can assure you I'm definitely a fan of Greyson Chance (a die hard one that time)
look at dat. hahaha everyone has "that" picture naman no

If I'm not mistaken this was the movie that My Brother and I watched.
(c) to google images

Thank you for reading! I really appreciate it :)


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