2nd year na ulit ako!! (1st term, Sophomore Year)

One of the most productive yet stressful term. Full of challenges and if you don't play your game well, you will definitely lose something you worked hard for. My first term as a sophomore student/ a transferee and finally survived it (Second year na ulit ako at finally mauubos na minor ko hopefully). First semester of my sophomore year at my former university ended as my journey and passion in pursuing my studies in Psychology went downhill.

I'm grateful that I managed to get on top of those challenges. I remembered the days wherein I'm doubting myself and the thirst for inspiration is so real, to continue to do what I do and luckily I had a friend who motivated me and this person inspired me and fueled my passion once again in my course.

There are pictures with captions if you don't want to read the whole blog, though if you'll gonna read it, I'll be grateful!

If you want to read my previous blog posts about my "every term" blog posts, its just located at the "home" page.

(If there are typos or grammatical error, I'll edit it soon, its almost 1am here)

Timeline (First Term, Sophomore Year)

January 2018

This was the time wherein, I thought to myself "what a hassle schedule"

attached below is my schedule

As you can see, I have a lot of time for Tuesday but for the whole month of January til the 2nd week of February I'm always stressed because I have to do errands and things that has something to do with my health which is my check up, so I really have to find a time for my check up and find a schedule as well for my passport renewal appointment.

And the fact that I don't have a Friday class but have a Saturday class is so draining then the next day is training because on Sundays we train. For Monday, PE/ Pain on my arms because I don't know how to play basketball or even volleyball but overall it was a very fun subject and so refreshing because of how cool our prof is.

Anyways, what happened in January was the org that "I am still applying to, up to this term" requires me to do some things, until I don't know what month, to be assessed and be an official part of the org.
I had to interview quite a lot of people about a topic and over all I was too tired and my time to study and even meet friends to have lunch with them are being sacrificed. 

Until one time the org requires us to apply for an "approved absence form" for a school activity but then I decided that my conscience can't take it lol due to the fact that I know that in the future I might need those days for really important "excused" absences. And so, I left the org that I'm "applying" to because as I've said I'm not part of it and wasn't even a part of it lol. But its okay, its my choice though it is really fun to do the things that they do and organize events I just don't think that, that kind of life won't be suitable for me and will eventually won't have the time and the will to do things that I love to do anymore. But I'm still thankful.

I also interviewed my Best Friend's(Kyla) Dad, he is a VFX Director and for one of our major subject we need to at least interview five film professionals for our midterm project. I'm really thankful with Kyla and her Dad because it meant a lot. This was also the time wherein me and my FEU Friends went to bond at Table Taft wherein they have different board games for groups and can also be for pairs.

February 2018

The time wherein I went to some events for one of my design foundation subject, it was actually fun to go to such events like Pasinaya 2018, though I didn't have any companion because some of my friends didn't go and some went on different dates because our schedules don't match. 

It was also the time wherein I interviewed my favorite Director for one of my major subject, still. Direk JP Laxamana! I was so stoked upon meeting him and was stars trucked. I had training in the morning and our schedule for the interview shoot is at 6pm so I decided to watch "Maze Runner" first at Megamall because it will be a hassle to go home (south) to the shoot location which is at north. The wait was actually worth it, even though time went by so quick.

I decided to join marathons as well in preparation for my skating competition and to help boost my endurance but sometimes I don't get to sign up because of my schedule that makes me exhausted but soon enough I'll post a different blog about joining marathons in the future.

I was also hooked with Black Mirror for the whole month of February even though the hype already went down, and its okay I only got a few time to spare and watch and chill that's why it feels rewarding, although most of the endings makes my mind go crazy as to the future of technology gives hints by the shows that are being shared.

I drank a few glasses of tap water or "free water" from our cafeteria one morning, and after sometime gave different feeling on my stomach that's when I thought I was having LBM like I was p**ping all day at different floors with our restrooms' comforting bidets, Thank God for their existence in our school. In short, I learned my lesson that's why I always carry my tumbler with me since then or sometimes if I don't, I just buy expensive bottled water that our cafeteria has to offer lol/sells.

March 2018

I thought my February schedule was packed, didn't know that the last two months of this term will make my mind ecstatic. 

It was full of activities, fun activities I must say. Like going to the SDA Theatre to watch a film that is required by some subjects, it is more of like a fun thing to do than an errand or something you would just do for the grade, well in this case, Not . I probably watched a lot of films these past few months or should I say I saw different stories with different plot twists within a span of 3 months than all the past years that I have lived (seriously, though). I'm also glad that my NSTP 2 has come to an end, by means of that is me being done with teaching it was fun and tiring at the same time but as I've said IM GLAD, I'm over it...period.

I also had to interview with my former prof, for another subject. I was shocked when he was referred to me to be interviewed for that topic because I did not expect to see him "again", considering I asked for a reconsideration for something a few terms ago, so it was really awkward... but if it isn't for that subject I already let go of doing the interview. Plus I don't have a choice, he is the only one who's available though it's really awkward when you tried your best in his subject LOL.

Anyways, a lot of film viewing and the time approached by fast with March because I was also preparing my things, flight and myself for my competition at the end of March, so it was a really busy month.

April 2018

Few weeks more before we get our 5 days break, which we all dreamt of having after all the "stressed" us, students have experienced.

It was good, though IT really collides with my other schedule which is for sports, doing the interviews and the schedules are pretty packed sometimes late sometimes early, I tried to balance it and at the end... my grades went well by planning things ahead of time. But with no good amount of sleep.

Though it was risky, I had to really do some of my things in advance like one advanced exam or even skipping the second to the last day of our meeting in one subject before the finals. It is always a matter of discipline by following what I plan to do and how to do it quickly as possible.

Subjects (I ain't dropping any name of subjects) (though my schedule is up there, you wouldn't know on which subject it happened anyways hehe might as well share so I can remember it also in the future)

Some of my profs are really great and inspiring like my PE Prof, very funny and always jolly, he always looks at the positive side and gives us motivation to do the things that he asks us to do in basketball and volleyball. My major subject prof is very chill and made us watch a lot of films which was great, I like watching and learning at the same time. Then most of my other profs are okay but some are silent killers.

Hay, Every term there will always be a bunch of free loaders that needs to be fueled up with fire. The feeling of doing such things and some people don't even bother to help. I, myself probably once become a free loader but not to the extent of not really putting my input, just when some instances when one takes control of the things and likes to do most of the things, but I always try to ask if there is anything that I could help. Especially the time wherein me and my friend gave all our effort, sacrificed our time and even spend a few hundreds for our project and some group mates did not even bothered and kept on complaining which made them so annoying. I have 0 tolerance with those kind of people and will probably "if given the chance" to peer rate, will really give you what you deserve.

Kasi dude, hello... seriously we worked really hard, I don't even think they deserve to pass, considering they are just like displays in our class. Anyways, hopefully next term those kind of people vanish from my sight.

The group that I really liked is my Intecom group, even though our subject makes us really stressed, my group mates are really nice and so chill and everybody does their own thing and cooperates, Oh God how I wish my future group mates be like my intecom groupmates.

Though, some groupmates were also fun to be with and probably I forgot about it though I have mention some, I will never get over the group wherein it switched from group to pair work.


I'm glad that there are people who inspired me, and gave me hopes when there are times I was feeling down, well this is college you really have to expect the best and the worst and sometimes you have to accept it but most of the time you have speak up when something feels wrong or if something is not right. It feels good when you have someone to talk to and these are the people who also strives to be the best that they can be and I'm happy that I'm surrounded with these people and together we motivate each other and survive each term until we graduate.

My Thoughts/ Conclusion (LOL)

Planning and discipline is always the key in surviving every term. You really have to focus if you have a goal, may it be to be a dean's lister or by having an organization, building relationships or joining sports. If you want to step up your game, you have to let go of the things that are holding you back, imagine the things you can't do alone before, you can now without the need of someone's company. Because there will always be those days wherein you will need yourself, not anyone but only you can help you solve your own problem. Friends will understand if you got errands to do, and you should be understanding with them as well. Sometimes you have to hold yourself up and show that you can do it even if your world or your grades are falling apart there will always be a solution.

Thank you for reading this blog, if you want to read my previous blog posts about my "every term" blog posts, its just located at the "home" page..

(If there are typos or grammatical error, I'll edit it soon, its almost 1am here)

Here are some of the photos that I took throughout the term to remember the days that made this term unique.

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Left : Magpapalit ako ng password sa ITD kala ko sila magpapalit lagi tapos pinapunta ako sa isang comlab lol self service na ata pag naka isang taon ka or baka muka akong basahan nung first day hahahaha yung babae sa likod ko na naka dress pinalitan nila agad ng password lol

Right : Inaantay ko lang si andrei neto sabi ko matutulog lang ako sa commons haha
Left : Heheehehehe ur basic pa cute filter on snapchat
Right : HAHAHA di na ko malalate ang new years resolution ko

Left : 2nd Day with Queen💕 missing kristle:(
Right : Maliit na twix haist pero atleast na satisfy ko craving ko
Left : Halo traffic
Right : Adulting w/ molly
Left : Hahaha i therefore conclude na maganda talaga ang quality sa photoline when it comes to 1x1 and 2x2 pics hehe (Compared sa ilalim ng LRT Station sa Vito Cruz
Right : Yung araw na ginawa naming caf yung commons hahaha

Left : Yung "sinasalihan" kong org usually may free food kapag meeting ðŸ˜… though umiiwas na talaga sa fast food these past few days

Right : With my favorite tay :) always supportive and very jolly🤘🏻  

Yung time na sobrang napagod ako kakatakbo para sa mga bldgs para sa org ko... sobrang kawawa hahaha
Time na ininterview ko Dad ni kyla para sa filmart 2 midterm docu namin
Thank you Kyla and sa Dad mo!!
Their Works

Jauhn Dablo - VFX Director

Left: Extras extras  hehehe
Right : Bumisita lang ako kay ateeee
Left : Shoot day hahahaha nauna pala to dapat sa taas to haha
Right : Makati shoot loc tapos bumalik ulit akong las piñas para matulog ayoko sa school buong week ko nandon na ko
Hindi ako excited pumasok face
Left : Yung araw na ako lang tao sa favorite shawarma place ko
Right : Yung araw na nagbabasa ako ng libro sa library tapos narealize ko may meeting pala ako sa org kaya di ko na nabasa...
Dumaan lang kami ni queenie sa plaza v kasi may pa film viewing ng shutter

Table Taft with Friends  50 pesos entrance fee tapos yung food affordable din naman 

Kamusta naman rico

With My FEU Faves

Ang magandang sunset ng coastal
Yung mas traffic pa sa coastal kesa sa EDSA at kahit card, cash, exact toll or easy drive ka man wala ka talagang kawala sa traffic
Left : Inaantay ko lang si Queenie hahahaha
Right : Hi to my growing pimple
NSTP - mahiyain yung mga bata na napunta sakin actually omg.
Ako din mahiyain HAHA

PASINAYA 2018 Pictures
Dahil required kami pumunta sa ESTHETA Subject ko
Medyo matagal ako sa CCP
At inaantay ko yung how to do stopmotion yun pala animation siya ?
Atleast may nasulat ako sa ESTHETA Paper ko and maganda naman yung final grade ko HAHA

End of Pasinaya 2018 pics

Left : Rare Org free pic of me & queen
Right  : Feb is doin good so far
Interview with Direk JP
Nanuod muna ko ng Maze Runner kasi nasa megamall pa ko ng 12pm tapos interview ko sa kanya is sa North mga 6pm kaya hassle kung uuwi muna ko

Yung Jeep namin sa Estheta
Left : Lol sda starter pack
Right : my everyday outfit pag wala akong maisip suotin / SDA Starter Pack part 2
Left : Wuz good
Right : Wuz good part 2
Left : Healthy living 101 tapos may potato chips l o l
Right : Wala akong choice walang kainan around the area ng nstp namin
600 pesos yung cap kaya di ko siyempre binili duhhh practical economic decision
Hi Robin!
Left : yummerz kain tayo | Red velvet is so good
Right : Matatapos din ang hirap ko sa basketball
Left : Obligatory Pacute selfie
Right : With queenie🎊
Left : Nanuod lang kami ng spoken word
Right : Candiess
Sinamahan ko lang si Patrick gumawa ng colrend plate niya, kasi break ko rin naman at first time ko sa 14th floor
Valentines with my Dad
The affordable ramen puhlace near Divine Mercy, Las Piñas
Gyoza plus rice bowl
Left : Spicy noodle challenge ver 2 w/ my dad
Right : Nstp duties 101
cant even.
Left : Meme exhibit by jom
Right : Extra ordinary monday Struggle with queenie
Left : Unang nabunot for twitter war
Right : Then switched to Direk Tonette
11:30-2:20 andito ako para mag review para sa subject na nahihirapan ako hahaha at sana pumasa ako lol kasi inaral ko talaga (p.s. worth it)

At nag cocontemplate din ako kasi muntik na ko masagasaan ng bicycle
Siomai Monday with Queenie
im still alive after kong muntikan masagasaan din ng tricycle na pedicab (??)
Script1 Class with Patrick and Lea nasa Printmaking part lang kami for our 15mins. Break at nagpipitch samin ni Lea si Pat haha

WEDNESDAY TO at nag LLBM ako omg?? dahil uminom ako ng tubig sa caf??? I mean drink more water friends pero not sa caf. Thanks clinic btw
Yung assignment ko na nung pinrint ko di na ganyan kinalabasan
Wahahaha 1 point na lang makukuha ko na grade na gusto ko ... oh well gotta work harder sos..
hindi siya ok.
But thanks to Jom and Patrick

Loofah Topic 101 para maiwasan namin yung topic na ayaw namin 
🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻Loofah is life talaga.
Treat yo self
Cinnabon is such a babe
elebeng days
Left : Share ko lang
HAHA wala namang pinagkaiba yung quiz na tinake ko na yan ahahaha

Right :  sinendan ako ng Kuya ko ng mga nasa Olympics for Speed Skating
Left : My 2nd bae for healthy livin 101
Start na ang no fast food ko nito dahil 1 month before the competition na

Right : Lounge for Aj and I sa DFA
Thank you Sir Martin
Left : Umaasang umabot sa 2:40 class (di umabot)
Right : Rainbow for another day ðŸ˜Š
Left : Nag take out kami ni Queenie just because mahal yung fries sa pa bazaar nanaman ng school namin ðŸ™ƒ #StrongIndependent#PracticalEconomicDecision
Right : Once ina blue moon lang ako makakit neto  last na kain ko 7 years ago

LUVV Karate Kid
At fave ko na pala Gyoza
Iba't Ibang magkakaibang pagtatapos Play

na required panuorin ulit for my estheta subj.
(buti na lang may pics ako kasi inattach ko siya sa final paper ko)

Thanks Queenieee😘❤️

Sundayy with Queeniee

So fancy
Happy Sundog
After midterm mini celebration ðŸ™ƒðŸ™ƒðŸ™ƒ

Bumili si Queenie ng shoes, na kinabukasan masakit nanaman paa niya hahaha
Commons Aesthetics

Band aid 101 with Queenie and her New Shoes
#ExOMonday struggle with Queenie

Left : Kapag di ka marunong mag volleyball tapos may ugat na natamaan??
Right : Nakita ko crush ko this time sa may exit nag hi siya WAHAHAH

Left : Pero gg pa rin kasi masakit kamay ko
Right : I dont miss u mcdo:( Pero i loved you.
Left : Huhubells.
Right : 2nd day nang walang tubig sa Las Piñas

Tapos si Patrick may dalang shampoo?? HAHAHA ako may dalang toothbrush tapos kahapon may dala akong face towel HAHAHAHA

Kailangan ko lang talaga maalala tong araw na to hahahahaha plus may inattendan kaming screening ni Jai for Estheta purpozez nenemen (uhaw ako sa plus these days)
Kawawa talaga sa Volleyball
In-avail ko lang yung promo ko sa Booky ðŸ˜… ayoko yung lasa though ðŸ˜…🤘🏻

Cute lang siya pero di masarap 
Ay nakalimutan ko isend sa kuya ko to, mangiinggit lang ako kasi favorite niya to ðŸ˜ˆðŸ˜‚

Yummerz may bagong mini ramen place sa Las Piñas tho di ramen inorder ko hahaha
Philits Poem Video 

Left : Kinlaim ko lang race kit ko then dumeretso na ko sa 4:20 class ko lol
Right : Idk di ko maalala parang may importanteng nangyari ng araw na to
Dapat bigyan na ng discount si Queenie ng school pag may bazaar kasi lagi niyang sinussportahan
for reference pag kailangan ko manghiram ng equipment
Another pacute pic ðŸ™ƒ forgive me
Inagahan naming pumasok kasi di kami papasok next week for nstp nung time na to eh hindi excuse absent namin

Running away from nstp na talaga
Left : I like this waffle
Right : Mahal yung flag sa kultura ðŸ™ƒðŸ˜…

Its a good day today
Byerz nstp

Documentary Shoot for a minor subject mygosh

Thank you Jom and Chicco!! It means a lot 
Basketball and Volleyball with LGE01

Had fun with our last day in PEFORTS (PE 4-Team Sports)

And our prof is definitely cool👌🏼 to my friends na wala pang peforts sana maging prof niyo siya ðŸ™‚#veryconsiderate and kwela😂👌🏼

Together with Vanco, Yuki, Christopher, Elijah, Ingrid, Shayne, Pau and Chiara 
3rd runner up for vball and 1st runner up for bball congrats guyss
Our reps. for basketball with our prof!!

Topside buddy sometimes queenie sometimes jom

Yummerz asan yung mga sauce

Suki po ko dito plz sponsor me
Ssle ha ang isang minor subject kaya nagplano ako na mag main next term ng mga minor subjs lol
Left : Wala for reference ng kakainan ko or ng friends ko
Right : Yummerz night befofe my flight

Fave ramen place
Left : Luv
Right : borrowed some equipments for our finals in filmart2

Film Forum Pictures with Jom and Ate Janna and other film friends
same Earl. same.
So may bayad po yung mga lalagyanan namin no, kapag nag take out ka

ESTHETA Pictures
Relating to some Art Theories, like marxism, symbolism, futurism
(meme for estheta)
Credits to Miguel for the pictures
Jai, Gabby and I for Marxist
Miguel, Gabby, Jai and I for Futurism
I forgot the theory for this one
Symbolism, Gabby and Jai
Photo by Miguel
Edited by me
Reward ko sa sarili ko after 1 month
Left : Recording with my fave Intecom groupmates after namin mag shoot sa snow boom hehehehe na di naman kami nabusog hahaha
Right : Cuties sa topside nag take out na lang ako kasi hilo na ko at gusto ko na umuwi

Thanks Ryan!!
Left : The loop with queen after 1 week kaming halos di nagkita lolz

May free na water sa the loop hahahahahaha at sobrang init nung araw na to

And ang dami kong ginawa nung 11-4pm na break ko wala man lang time para bumawi ng pahinga sa commons
Right : Hallo queenie
New look ng topside may first floor na sila
8th floor FDM's place
Yung magandang architecture ng the generator
Left : for reference lol
Right : After 1 month na hindi ako nakakatambay sa commons hello hello, sa next next term pa ulit ako makakabalik
laaaaaast daaaaaay
Hola Jom
Last Day of 1st term, Sophomore Year
Left : My Jolly PEFORTS Prof
Right : lol extra picture lang hehe

Thank you for reading this post!!!
-Molly Martinez


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