Celebrating Little Things in Life

Back when I was a child, my parents usually hosts a party every year for my birthday til I was about 9 ? I don't quite remember, but all I know is technology started to evolve by the time I reached 12 years old. Those were the days my mom used to design invitations for our guests and I will bring it at school and invite my classmates to go to my party. 

I think the best way to organize a party at this point of time with this emerging technology, is through digital, don't get me wrong I still live up and reminisce how precious invitation cards that are being handed out personally or through mail.
As a kid, I really love celebrating my birthday with my family and friends, but as I grew older I think I can plan to have small birthday celebration and just invite the closest people to me. 
Every time, me and my friends (sports, high school, college, internet, concert) plan to meet up or hang out we usually plan it through a group chat and I think its easier and faster even though more often than not we all just wait for each other's response if one is going or not and if we will go or not.

I've been through a number of debuts (is a traditional Filipino coming-of-age celebration which celebrates a young woman's 18th birthday, the age of maturity in the Philippines. /Wikipedia) parties and sometimes I get an invitation personally but often, I just get a message that I'm invited and that I'll just have to present my digital invitation at the front desk, Cool right ? 

I have come across to this site wherein I can create invitation cards, birthday cards, congratulation cards, you name it! I got addicted on designing different types of cards the other day, so I decided to send different types of cards to different friends.

These are digital invitations or digital cards created by world-famous designers. You can actually customize it to put your personal message to your friends. The top invitation is an example that I made for my best friend's birthday, though her birthday is on August, don't worry I sent her a different card.

The design of the envelope itself, the background and they also offer witty phrases that could catch your crush's heart (just kidding) 
I think sending those kind of messages, may be cheesy to some but sometimes sending random personal messages to your friends or family may mean a lot to them even though its just a phrase or a word, just by putting a simple effort on something can make their day a little better.
Left : picture of my brother and his burger === Right : Amo Yamie's snacks back when me and my best friend went out to hang. 

Even these little dates, you can plan it or send the person an invitation digitally. Who can even decline when you made an effort to set the time, date and place.
Thank you Cards is also a thing!!! 
Remind your friend that you appreciate him or her or send an encouragement letter
 Don't forget to greet your mommas a Mother's Day!

Here are some of the cards that paperless.com  has to offer, I just edited some of the background, there is also an option wherein I can add an additional message on to which they can click an arrow to see the message at the back.
 One month ago, our team competed at the Southeast Asian Trophy for short track speed skating, Kayla, Ate Anna and I won medals from the said competition. 

Ate Anna got an award for the overall champion for senior ladies, so this simple card that shows a burger, is something that symbolizes reward, we tried our best to avoid fast foods as possible for at least a month before the competition.
(picture after our CNN PH Interview)

 Birthday cards won't be forgotten as well, even though I don't usually invite a lot of people on my birthday I still love celebrating it and I love celebrating my friends' birthdays.
 19th Birthday 
 18th Birthday

Here are the cards that I have created, one is an example and one is for my friend that actually celebrated his birthday a few days ago which is right on time.
There are so many good designs and short but meaningful messages that paperless post has to offer, you can browse here https://www.paperlesspost.com/cards/section/birthday-invitations-and-cards

 You can also pick a card for your friend who's graduating or have graduated, as a way of congratulating them for a job well done and now that they are on their next chapter in their life, I think they deserve to be recognized.

 Here are random pictures of me and my brother on each of our graduation
Left : I graduated pre school and I'm pretty happy about it === Right : He graduated college with a course of Political Science

Some encouragement cards that I also created for some of my closest friends.
 "The competition is toast, always do great"
"Rooting for you!"
Lastly, the great thing about it is you can track when your friends has already viewed, read, or saw the card that you sent them. Just like when I sent my mom a mother's day card, on to which she's looking for hours and then a day has passed, I can still see that she hasn't seen it yet so I suggested that she goes on her spam mail and check it, good thing it was there.

All in all, doing these cards for my family and friends is really easy and is extra special. The designs are just add ons but I think the most important in here is what's inside that card or the meaning behind it, because if ever someone gives me a card I would be truly grateful that somebody made an effort and remembered to send a message to me. Achievements are achievements and celebrating those in a simple way is always a refreshing feeling and makes us strive to do better than our yesterday.

Also, I thank my family and friends for being an inspiration to this blog post.


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