Why you should join a "Fun Run"

Last year (2017) I told myself that I wanted to join a fun run which I added to my 2018 bucket list to make it at least come true, I listed it together with the things I wanted to achieve this year and I'm really glad that I tried and I loved it, this is a blog post about why you should join a fun run, or basically love running.

Let's start first with the difference between a Marathon and a Fun Run, because I myself got confused with its meanings as well, just when I was starting to join various events.

According to Yahoo Answers:
A marathon is always 26.2 miles in length, and one needs the appropriate "gear" and months/years of training to complete it safely. 

A fun run is usually more focused on being a community event, and distance is usually much shorter -- most likely just a couple or few miles. Being more of a community thing, it can draw out much more casual runners, or even those who don't regularly train, or often even those who just want to walk it

You go to the place where you can register for the said fun run and pay a certain amount depending on what distance you will be joining.

Usually these are the distances 3k, 5k, 8k, 10k, 16k, 21k, 25k, 32k, 42k
and as the distance grows higher the registration fee also goes up, because more often than not long distance runners receives a finisher's shirt or even a trophy!

Why you should join a "FUN RUN" ?

To answer that from an athlete's POV, to get stronger for endurance and be fit, it is also a good way to de-stress or think about things while you're running (that's what I do while listening to My Mood Booster Playlist)

Anyways to get you to join a "Fun Run" is there are FREEBIES, after you're done sweating there will be rewards.

1.) Receiving a Finisher's Medal is a PLUS, on why you should join a fun run, it will actually drive you to wake up early in the morning or at least finish the run because you know you will be receiving that something, and that is no other than the medal. (Note: not all fun run has a finisher's medal, some don't and some requires you to beat a specific time to actually receive a medal even tho you're not running as 1st, 2nd or 3rd)

2.) Apart from receiving the finisher's medal every after race, you get freebies as well sometimes they do give a lot, sometimes they don't.

3.) After you register, they will give you the kit that includes your singlet/shirt and your race bib or sometimes they add more if you're running for a color run.

4.) You get to have time with yourself, or at least unwind and push yourself if you're running alone but...

5.) ....Running with family or friends is also nice, it's okay if you don't match their pace you will all get to the finish line too.

6.)Sweating and hyped to receive the medal, you can now take pictures for the gram or facebook to share with your friends. (that actually can also inspire your other friends too, to join)

7.) Feeling of achievement, you may not receive anything, you may run for a cause or you joined because you wanted to try something new and finishing the run will give you that certain kind of feeling that you won't feel elsewhere.

is you would actually really have to wake early, like really early.

It starts around 4:30 am and as I've said earlier some things really depends on what distance you're running. But the safest time to go to your run is at least an hour before (FILIPINO TIME has no place in here) or the sun will haunt you and the scorching heat will drag your energy down.

PLUS, sometimes you want to join a run but the registration is just so expensive and you have to think of what's more important or basically budget first for your priorities,

It won't really be gone for too long if you weren't able to run to that "fun run" you've been waiting for, because more often than not, most of it are being held yearly.

My Competitor is My Inspiration
She was my competitor back in Anaheim,CA competing for ISI Worlds Championship 2013 for figure skating, we both follow each other on instagram that's why I get updated and see her progress as I get inspired every time but don't really have the time to drag myself to start before, but I'm really happy that she inspired me to start doing something that I once never knew about.
 (photos from allisonekort's Instagram account)
Some photos from the 2013 competition, she's wearing lavander (at the back)
These are the events that I joined for the past few months and I would just like to share some of the things that I experienced.

Colors of Love
OFW Fun Run
Fire Run
National Geographic Run
Color Hero Fun Run
Colors of Love was my first ever marathon, I remembered I was so stoked the night before and I couldn't sleep because finally I will be running for a fun run, because back then my mom and brother usually register for the Milo marathon yearly, and I remembered being a kid, and would rather choose sleep over waking up really early, anyways back to the story.

It was like, attending a field trip because I was really REALLY excited and I can't stop thinking on how's it gonna be or how it usually works, because I don't know anyone who usually joins these kind of events.
I was also not expecting to get a photo from the "running photographers" but I was really "kilig" that time when I saw my photo even though I really looked haggard but you know its part of running.

I also forgot to buy the arm patch or phone holder for the arm that's why I was holding my phone the whole time, plus I learned to not bring that much stuff.

So on my next run, I only brought my phone and my earphones with me, minus my wallet since my Dad always accompanies me and takes my photos, my Dad and my Mom are very supportive and I'm really grateful for having them.

Props to My Dad for taking these photos after my run

I looked really weird in the photos, maybe because the shirt size is not my size considering it's "the smallest" this was the time that I was LATE for 20 minutes and 5k already started and 3k runners are already gearing up and my clueless mind even led me to the starting line on to which I didn't know that I can actually start by the ALIW Theater instead of going to the parking lot of Start City (the start and end of the run)
But all in all, Even though the medal didn't matched the medal that they were advertising on facebook, I was pretty happy with all the freebies that I've got. It was a lot!!
Pocari Sweat and Cutie Mogu-mogu
Every after run, I usually head to the skating rink for training so I was also running late.
My Dad took this photo again hehe
These are the freebies!!!
The time wherein I got many photos, thank you to the photographers, I like the pictures.
First time to run with Ate Garnett this time, you will see her at the near end of this blog post.
We were actually disappointed with the loot-bag because it just contains 1 salonpas and one energy powder or food which was very disappointing.

Though, the medal looks really nice. Water Run is this June and they have 2 more runs that they are looking forward to which I forgot the event names because if you want to join you can go to any Garmin stores to register.
Thank you to Ate Garnett for the photos!!
Photo taken by my Dad again hehe
Ate Garnett and I's first 10k run, gosh I was literally dragging myself to finish it was really far, if it wouldn't be for my inspiration I wouldn't be able to finish it (the medal jk).

It started at MOA Seaside then we went before the film center then to Dampa, World Trade, CCP, Roxas Boulevard and as I was running back to the finish line along roxas blvd. I can see the silhouette of MOA and it actually started to pour but it didn't rained that hard so my goal that time is not to be drenched in rain.

Good thing I was able to finish it after 1:30:17 there were quite a lot of runners actually.

Ate Garnett and I after we went in line just to take a photo at this background because there's a freaking line lol.... to take a photo, but since we were so fulfilled and so happy that we finished 10k we of course went in line.

YAY! 10K finishers!!

Firstly, I really liked the shirt and the race kit itself, it includes tattoos, bandana, pin, race bib and the shirt.
Lesson: Don't drink tea night before a run, your stomach will give you the feels that you shouldn't feel.

It was really fun!! I was covered with different colors but I was surprised that I ran 5k but I was so tired lol, I was literally walking for half a kilometer because my stomach is giving me a different kind of feeling. But it payed off after I finish and I'm glad I finished because I was really trying to finish it as soon as possible and hoping that "that" feels on my stomach will soon pass.
Thanks to Ate Garnett for the pictures!! really appreciate it
Photos from the Color Run
My Dad took these photos again hehehe
This medal is so gorgeous, I really like the design!!
Freebies plus me, still holding and admiring the medal
Pin plus the steps that I did, on average I only do atleast 4k plus and at the end of the day I reached 13k plus which exceed to my goal which is 10k per day
The Color Run Map
As time goes by, you will eventually have someone to run with you or bond together by doing something that you both love to do.

Ate Garnett is my running buddy and my skating Ate, we don't usually see each other at the start of the run but we make sure to meet after we run and try free stuffs lol, I'm really glad that we both share the same passion for running and that I don't feel lonely anymore whenever the hosts or the "register" person asks if I'm running alone or "who's running alone?" and I'm like hehe me... of course I don't raise my hand when they ask that, so awkward but all in all she is just very nice and I love just Ate Garnett! 
Fire Run with Ate Garnett!
NatGeo Run with Ate Garnett
The most recent
Color Hero Run with Ate Garnett and our sparkly unicorn medals
That's all for now, thank you so much if you finished reading this up until this part, I hope you get to join a fun run too if you ever wish to or do something you really want to try for so long now is the time and you're ready!
Just hit me up if you have any questions
I will be posting more blogs again soon but for now I will still brainstorm for new Ideas for the future. 



  1. This article was awesome! I had no clue there were long fun runs.

  2. I'm glad to know I'm not the only running blogger out there. : )

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