Universal Studios Hollywood 2018

It's been years since I went to Universal Studios, that's why every time I visit my family in the States, we always look for a schedule for us to at least go to the said theme park again, even though there aren't pretty much that have changed, I am still stoked with the 3-minute videos that I see on Facebook that features new entertainment spots at the park just like the "Walking Dead" part...

That makes me want to go back again and see it for myself, by the way here's the blog post that I have created a few years ago when my brother and I went to the park and it features My thoughts about the lines at Disneyland and Universal Studios http://corinnemolly.blogspot.com/2015/04/what-lines-at-disneylanduniversal.html

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We never actually knew that they will be closing at around 6pm, when we arrived it was 4pm so you could imagine our faces that time. My brother and I quickly went to look for a parking while other people are actually leaving already (though, its still pretty early right?) we were rushing and we went to the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" (please correct me if I'm wrong) because the waiting time is just 5 mins. for the mini coaster.

The exhibit is really good, though my camera can not really capture it, so its just in my long term memory right now which I can't show you :(
Also! Before we went straight to the theme park, my brother was starving so he was relying on his GPS on the location of the nearest Taco Bell but eventually the GPS (ofcourse, I'm not surprised) failed him again (lol)

Here are some pictures of us with the Globe of Universal Studios before entering the theme park itself.

This is me, trying to look like I'm not shivering also I'm judging my brother for not bringing his jacket.
My confident brother "kampante" that he is already "used to" with the weather (by not bringing his jacket)

Some Pictures at the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" though forgive me, I'm not a fan

Funny Story: My brother and I were so curious why almost everybody is wearing the "cape" in the Harry Potter movie, so we were like maybe its actually affordable that's why a lot of people are wearing it and can afford to buy it for their whole family (lol) and even the "wands" dang gurl, both things that I mentioned were REALLY expensive bruh, more like a hundred bucks or more.

Oh nah, we won't be spending such money for a cape lol, our mom will get mad. (plus we're not fans, we're just curious LOL at us) (though, my brother low-key wants one)
some pa-cute photos of me

Universal Studios Tours
It features some of the studios that are being used and have been used. They showed us the studio of the Voice and some places wherein they shot some scenes from famous films from notable directors. They also showed some behind the scenes on how things are happening off-cam, like the rain, snow etc. and their big blue screen from Life of Pi

Cars that have been used from famous films :

My "nalipasan ng gutom" Kuya is now satisfied and is now ok.
We ate at the Simpsons place, their burger and fries are so good!!!! I badly want to try their big donut but I wasn't able to (again, this time)
My satisfied kuya again ver.2 who got his new "souvenir" jacket. (sus)

I'm like ohmygosh kuya, adjust the exposure mga 1 min. na ko nakangiti so awkward na.

See how I take your photos @my kuya

i'm ok with this shot
another pa-cute picture of me
Scripted pictures of my kuya, directed by me LOL
My very Tita pictures


When I took these photos, my brother is already feeling awkward because there was a kid who quickly knocked on the door while my brother is posing so he was like *daliii* kasi the door might open he says and it'll look like he was the one who knocked lol
 See, this is what I'm saying
We weren't able to come here again
So sad haha lol.
pa-cute photos ver3.0

Again my description for this picture
Where Justin Bieber shot his "Baby" music video

and we're going home!
thanks for reading my blog post!!

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