Olympics Party By Metro Ice Club Day 1

 After Skating Practice at Megamall , headed to Diamond Hotel to watch Michael Martinez together with the Metro Ice Club Members .

Watched Michael Martinez together with the Metro Ice family at his First Event which is Short program , he scored 64.81 and placed 19th next to Misha Ge of Uzbekistan. Everybody got shocked because Plushenko withdrawn . While Brendan Kerry of Australia placed last. While watching Michael's performance everybody's reaction we're putted into their highest level of energy and all throughout the performance everybody cheered and the moms and skaters also said that "its like we're the ones competing !, we feel so nervous at the same time we're so happy for Michael for his Achievement".

I uploaded Michael's SP on YouTube but after one day I got an email saying that they need to delete or block it for some reason , and i think all of Michael's SP Performance got blocked too , i even shared it on my Twitter and Facebook. Some people weren't able to watch it .. don't worry guys i'll upload it again soon. Watch Michael Martinez and Metro Ice Club at Umagang Kay Ganda and at TV Patrol , Links down below :).

(c)Metro Ice Page
 (c)Metro Ice Page
 The Friendly Cameramen's 
(c)Metro Ice Page
With Ms.Dyan Castillejo

 With Anton, Ate Svet and Bianca
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 Watch Us at Umagang Kay Ganda Here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7g27aG0x_gQ&feature=c4-overview&list=UUMXlLBCfspT6beUQ8gEa2Ig


 Watch Us at TV Patrol Here (~Youtube~) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZFfGrQZGDI 


Olympics Party By Metro Ice Club Day 2 Blog Post will be Published tomorrow!

-Corinne Molly Martinez


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