Uni Qlo Fashion Exhibit

At The Upper ground level of Megamall Fashion Hall theres a Beautiful Exhibit of Uni Qlo's New Shirt Designs for Men and Women ! . I'm loving the Coca-Cola Shirts , Some Statement Shirts and some cute Sanrio Tees. Theres also Florals that are perfect for Spring 2014 all at the perfect price. 

 I Totally Love This One !!

 Its Simple Yet the design at the Bottom part Looks beautiful
 I Just can't explain it but this shirt looks absolutely amazing !!!

 So Unique ! It Looks like its from a Magazine Cut-Outs !
 Marilyn Monroe !
 A Perfect Top for a "kikay or a Fashionista" Gal 
 Very Beautiful ! 

 Woah ! Look at That ! It Looks Cool (2nd Top) 
 Be Cheerful !

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