Trying Speed Skates for the First Time

   Trying Speed Skates is really Cool but weird. Before , I tried using hockey Skates check out my blog about it -> ( ) which is really awesome because Me and My Friends tried it all together and we're supposed to try speed skates too but its not yet allowed.
Last April 4,2014 I tried speed skates with Catherine , Maritoni and other Hockey skaters though I Don't know them they tried speed skates too ! , The blades are very sharp and long and has a lower cut boot almost like a shoe , I even fell unexpectedly cause I was supposed to take a picture but then I fell and then I Laughed it was actually a pretty FUN Experience and I'm still thinking If i should try it again soon ! .
 Speed Skates for Figure Skaters ?
 Tried "Speed Skates" with Maritoni !

 Yay Thanks for the picture Catherine :)

 The Blades were Very Sharp and Long
 With Catherine (c)Mom
 At last ! , Got to Try Hockey Skates and Speed Skates !!

Thanks for The Bracelet Ate Alex !! Missed you so much !!

Shout out to French Baker's Tasty Breads ! A definitely must try is their French Baguette !

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