Magnum Manila : The Pleasure Store

Exploring the Coolest Café in town ! Magnum Manila
Magnum Manila is really a great place for you to hang-out with your friends , family or Acquaintances. The ambiance is really nice the whole café is covered with Gold, White and Brown color combinations

Magnum Manila's Mouthwatering creations SPECIALS include :
Crown Jewel (P560) which is a large "sundae" comprised of three Magnum bars covered in milk , dark & Belgian chocolate with fresh fruit , waffles and a drizzle of chocolate. Also there's the Magnum Apple Pie (P290) , a slice of Apple Pie crowned with a caramel-coated Magnum ; Red Velvet (P290), Red Velvet cake paired with a dark-and-white covered Magnum ; and the Pink Friday (P290), a strawberry cheesecake over crushed speculoos and nerds, then topped with a pink-chocolate-covered Magnum.
Magnum Manila is the make-your-own Magnum Bar
Step 1 : Choose three toppings. The bar has 18 toppings to choose from.
Step 2 : Choose your ice cream base. Vanilla or Chocolate ?
Step 3 : Your ice cream base gets dipped in white,milk , or dark chocolate
Step 4 : After a good shake in a cocktail shaker, your toppings are sprinkled on your Magnum bar.
Step 5 : Another shot of white, milk , or dark chocolate , this time drizzled over the ice cream bar.
The Final touch : A Little disk with an "M"
D.I.Y. Magnum is priced at P100 each and also you can either choose the one's in the Magnum menu.
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  1. I havent tried out this cafe yet and i think i might want to stop by wiht my friends! looks so yummy. the place looks so regal with all the golds! <3

    1. It's really a must try café ! and a great place to hang-out with some friends and family !!

  2. Heya! I nominated you for The Liebster Award :)

    click here >

    keep the faith x, xine :D

    1. Wassup ? Thanks for tagging me !! I will definitely check it out !

  3. Nightlife in Manila - Live for the thrill of the night, this is a good place for friends! Cheers! Bongga dito!!!


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