Foods That I Tried During My Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation is almost Over.. Ive had tons of Fun with My Friends and Family and trying out new foods, desserts and some milk teas, Well that's because One of My Summer Bucket list is to at least try a New Restaurant or a Café every week which is a very fun and challenging dare to myself.
I always take pictures of my foods but of course we pray first before anything else to thank God for the blessings we receive. Pray First before taking a picture of your food then take a picture then eat it if thats what you desire.

Here are the Foods, Drinks  and Other things that I tried during My Summer Vacation , Hope You Enjoy ! :

 It's a Red Velvet Cupcake from Cukay's 
-And I bought it for my Mom as a Gift for her birthday actually the picture above is from her Facebook cause My copy of the picture got ruined or something.. Here : (Check out the picture down below) , Its really tasty and one of a kind and the icing tastes like milk but when I visited their franchise store ,  It said there that it already shut down 2 weeks ago. I was so sad that time cause Im really craving for their "version" of their red velvet cupcake.. but then it already closed.

 MELONA Korean Ice Cream 
-is Very Delicious ! but somewhat pricey.. I got mine when I attended my Brother's Graduation at PICC Plenary Hall. I can say perfect for summer !

 Lorenzo's Way Restaurant Located at BGC
-Their Food was totally amazing they have paellas , bulalo , and other Filipino cuisines !
 French Baker Breads 
-My Ultimate Favorite , you guys should definitely check out their breads. My Favorite is their Franch Baguette and their Muffin !.
 Strawberry Crepe Köyo Ala Mode from Bon Chon
-I was supposed to post a Blog just for this yummy dessert but then I think its not available in bon Chon anymore.. cause I checked out their website and there ain't no SCKAM in the menu so I just decided not to post a blog about it already. But Its very tasty !!
 Pepper Lunch 
-I forgot what's the name of the one that I ordered but My food is absolutely amazing and it also comes into a "sizzling" plate which is cool but just be careful its Hot .
-We went here when Tita Pearl arrived from LA , The desserts were very yummy not that too sweet just your average dessert that will not give you diabetes , I also Love their four seasons juice !.
 Happy Lemon (Milo Dinosaur)
-Haven't tried drinking milk tea before but I can say that Im in Love with Happy Lemon's Milo Dinosaur :) , Can you suggest what should I Buy next ?
 Gong Cha 
-Winter Melon Milk Tea , I should've asked for some pearls 
 Spike's Ice Cream
-Their Chocolate sundae or whatever its called is very delicious and its very chocolatey , Oh i think I ordered Cookies and Cream..
 Chapchae from Bon Chon
-I'm trying different kinds of food from Bon Chon So I tried this one. Maybe its just my taste buds or Im not really fond of eating Korean Noodles or whatever. But give it a try :)
 Krispy Kreme's Limited Edition Easter Doughnuts
-Very Colorful and Yummy !!
Haha The green one tastes like Lemon , The pink one tastes like Strawberry , and The Lavander/Violet or Blue one tastes like blueberry so I know conclude that the color of that doughnut is blue whoops colorblind.
 Mango Krepe Köyo Ala Mode
-I Liked the blending of the taste between the Yougurt and the Sweetness of the inside of the Crepe !
(excuse me comin' thru , excuse your hands(lol at my mom and brother's hands)
-My Favorite Pizza Ever , you must try their Red Tea or Red juice that's My Favorite I sometimes go to Sbarro just to order that juice. I Love their Big Pizzas as well and their Garlic Breads.
 Magnum Manila Make your Own Magnum
-I can say its a very unique cafè cause you can Do your own or make your own magnum which is amazing, You get to put yummy little treats for your magnum and enjoy it afterwards.
 Khaleb Shawarma and Cold Choco from Bibingkinitan
-Khaleb Shawarma had been my favorite ever since I was a kid , I Always remember buying Khaleb Shawarma with My Brother and ask our parents for the money lol , As for the Cold Choco Its very refreshing and it'll give you energy.

 Magnum Gold
-The Ice cream is covered with Chocolate and another "Gold" cover chocolate 
 Bibingkinitan's Bibingka and Cold Choco
-Very Pinoy taste I love their bibingka so much !
 Avocado Shake by My Mom
 Merced Cake and Pili Tarts !
-So tasty !!

-Red Velvet Cupcake and Red Velvet Whoopie Pie

 Taco Bell
-Crunchy Taco , Tacos is Me , Me is Tacos. I Love Tacos very much as much as I Love Cukay's Red Velvet Cupcakes

-They Have Caramel, Dark Chocolates , White Chocolates and everything also its a perfect gift for a special someone .

 Subway Sandwich
-I'm not really fond of sandwiches but I really Loved Subway.
-Must try their Blueberry Muffin !

-I Love the Strawberry, Mango and Chocolate Flavors , Mochi ice cream is very unique ice cream that originated from Japan.
-I don't know what I ordered but I have Steak , Mac and Cheese, Fries and Garlic bread . (Whoops wrong picture , It's My Mom's)


  1. That was a load of foood! mygash i agree food tripping is always fun! that's one thing i really enjoyed doing! and yeah of course i too take photos before eating hahaha

    1. haha almost everybody does that these days and this generation haha

  2. How much is the Melona ice cream? looolz its like Php 20.00 here on wherever I live lol :))

    The Style Deity

  3. I absolutely want to try that whoopie pie! I've heard about whoopie pies from a book and I've been looking for one. HAHA Hope you can check out my blog and join it too! I joined yours. :) xx


    1. You can buy at Trinoma Frostings for Whoopie Pie Sammie ! . Sure Thank You for following me too ! I'll join your blog as well :-)

  4. Wow, that's a lot. Looks like you really had a happy tummy this summer. I actually like your idea of trying out different cafes and restaurants while on vacation.

  5. This post made me hungry! Grabeeeh! I need to try all of these!

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