Magic Live in Manila (10.22.14)

First of All , I wanna Thank @WilbrosLive on twitter for picking me to win 2 Tickets + 2 Meet and Greet Tickets last October 21 , 2014 ! I didn't really expected that I will win !
Guess what ? After they tweeted me I became speechless and frozen ! My hands are shaking and kept on saying "OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH" Almost endlessly that night ! So in My Oh-So Excitement I fell down the stairs ! No Joke ! Like literally so I still have to wait for like 4 minutes to be able to tell My Mom What was really happening , and why am I running down the stairs. Fast forward to Concert !! Well I went out the car and quickly headed to the venue while my brother parked our car because I thought I'm already late ! But just arrived on time ! so I claimed my ticket and waited for my brother . Since he's still in the Parking lot and the concert was about to start I just went to My Brother and gave him his ticket !. On My way BACK ! I Got lost ... I just ... it's a long story... That's literally Embarrassing. I gave my ticket to the entrance and find my way to my seat and sat in the center ! Me and @punkyoumichael on Twitter (one of the winners as well ! Let's call her Ate Cassandra) are texting each other and asking where am I seated , where is she seated , what color is she wearing... We both , are wearing black so at my right side I have a space as well as on my left side then a guy so (GUY (SPACE) ME (SPACE)) then suddenly the girl on my right side talked to me "Ikaw ba yun ?" "Is that you ?" I also asked the same question and we both laughed and started chatting ! haha . Then Magic began to sing ! and then @jmez08 (One of the winners as well ) asked me "Are cameras allowed?" the I replied "yeah !" (Well because Everybody is like almost using their own cameras) then a follow a question "Oh are you from the wilbros live winner as well ?" and I was like : yes !! then he introduced himself and the 3 of us watched the concert together ! Though we're looking for the other 2 people who won , Ain't luck gave us. Then the party started !! and everybody got pumped up because of Nasri's voice ! everybody's been clapping jumping and singing along with the band ! the moment was totally priceless and unforgettable ! Thanks to @WilbrosLive on twitter ! Actually this is my 1st Ever Concert !! and It's totally Fun and as i've said a while ago , totally unforgettable ! TOTALLY. Then Mark started to touch hands of some fans I quickly run and grab is hand and didn't let go for like 1 minute ! haha I touched his left hand for 1 minute Ohmygosh while his right hands almost touched lots of hands within 1 minute but then haha I ALREADY LET IT GO even though I don't want to... I just wanna bring home his hand with me (Say what ?) then the finale song ! RUDE !!! AHH I fell so Inlove with MAGIC'S RUDE LIVE !! TOTALLY UNFORGETTABLE It gave me so much feels ! . Fast forward to Meet and Greet !!! Yay We got in Line and just waited for a few minutes then Yay ! MAGIC !! I already opened my phone's camera because i'm planning to take a picture with Mark so Bad ! So after our group picture , I QUICKLY GRABBED MY PHONE AND SAID LETS TAKE A PICTURE TOGETHER MARK ! Then after two clicks BAM* The security pushed me away... Damn... I wasn't able to touch NASRI Ohmygosh Can ya feel me ? So after all that feels me and my friends took some pictures together and went to Mcdonalds for our "DINNER" at 11pm ! It is totally fun to hang-out with people that has the same interest that you like ! We chatted about our concert feels , what we've been through the day and almost everything ! I can't wait to see Ate Cassandra and Kuya James again !! they are so nice and very comfortable to be with ! you wouldn't be able to feel like you're left behind ! All I can say is This is the Most Amazing Day in My 2014 life ! I can't wait to meet more Friends, Bands , People out there ! just Don't be afraid to try and explore ! Do something today that your future self will thank you for !
SHOUTOUT TO My fellow Wilbros live Concert ticket Winners ! :
@punkyoumichael (Ate Cassandra ) and @jmez08 (Kuya James) 

Follow +WilbrosLive on Twitter and on Google+ for more updates about free MnG and concert tickets promos ! Goodluck to ya'll ! Follow them and Join Now !
My Favorite is Rude and Don't kill the Magic ! How about yours ? Check out their Channel to check out more of their amazing songs ! Leave a comment below on What's your favorite Magic song !
I posted a Video of Magic's Rude on My Vlog Channel ! Check it out ! 
That time wherein my heart just almost stopped
 Thank you @Wilbroslive for bringing @OurnameisMagic here in Manila !

 @punkyoumichael | @BastilleMolly | @jMez08 ,
Thanks @WilbrosLive for this Memorable experience !
 Ate Cassandra | Me  | Kuya James 





"Why you gotta be so Rude ?"
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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I'm so so happy for you! I wanna go to that concert too :( I love their music it's so cool and relaxing. I hope they'll come back again here in the Philippines.

    Vianne x

    1. Thank You Ate Vianne !! , It was really unexpected !! so right after our class got dismissed Me and brother eventually went to resorts world Ohmygosh ... so damn traffic ! , Yes !! their music is really awesome <3 Reggae <3 I hope so too !! Let's go together when they come back !! :)

  2. Lucky! :) I'd love to meet Magic. You're lucky to have done so! XD Oh, and you're Filipino! Sweet! I am too, but I live in the United States and can only understand it, not speak it. :)

    xoxo Morning

    1. haha totally unexpected ! , That's awesome !! Its okay you can learn it ! :)

  3. Omg you are so lucky! :) I love your blog and your writing style!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! xo

    MJ //

  4. You lucky girl! xx
    Such beautiful pictures <3

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  6. You are so lucky!
    Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know on my blog so I can follow you back!

  7. That's so cool! Congrats Molly! You're so lucky. omg I hope you had a fun time at their concert. :D

    Sammie || Bloglovin

    1. Thanks Sammie !! I did !! it was such a Fun night !!

  8. Hello, I loved the post. These beautiful, I like your style.

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