September 2014 Favorites

Hello Everyone ! It's my 1st time doing a Monthly-Favorites Blog and I bet it'll be fun ! so every month I'll be doing my monthly-favorites blog , not only because its fun but I think that its really cool to take pictures of my monthly-favorites creatively and that's also challenge for me to test my Photography Skills (LOL)

Here are my Favorites :
Blue Beanie (Surplus)
I've been using this beanie a lot lately and I love how soft its is whenever and stuck it in my head.
Reese's Headphones (Duty Free)
The beat is really cool with this reese's headphones and I totally love the color of it !
Chapstick `CakeBatter` (Walmart)
This flavor is totally awesome and I always use this everyday in school and also I can hear my classmates say hmm what is that smell ? its sooo Good. I'm just all like : Ohh It's Lip Balm LOL
"Carried Away" Bath and Body Works Lotion
I'm loving the smell of it on my skin and it moisturizes my skin as well 
"Love Spell" Perfume (Victoria's Secret)
Whenever I spray it to myself , It always last a day before the scent drift away from my body and you can literally smell flowers and garden .
Sinful Colors Nail Polish "Frenzy" (Walmart)
I am so obsessed with SC's Frenzy. I always put this color in my toe nails since we are not allowed to paint our nails in school.
Bow Headband (Landmark)
I've been receiving some random compliments whenever I put on this headband. My Friends always say .. if you can't find Molly just find her Big bow Headband and you will surely find her , Haha I think its Hilarious.
Mustache Earrings (Terranova)
I always use this earrings in school because its in trend well not only that because its really cute !


  1. Nice haul :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Cute monthly favourites! I have very similar earrings! :)

    Cloudy Dreams

  3. Love this quick post! I'm thinking of collecting beanies for Autumn/Winter 2014 - they are just so warmmmmmm!

    1. Glad you liked it Dali Rae ! Goo !! collect beanies its very cute and keeps you warm !! be sure to post about your beanie collection soon ! ;)

  4. This is such a great post!! I'm in love with those earrings! <3
    The Journeys' of My Beating Heart

    1. Thank you June !! haha same !! I always wear it to school ! :)

  5. love those mustache earrings! the cutest :)

  6. haha! i just LOVE those reeses headphones! i need some!!!

    1. haha gotta love reese's headphones ! check ebay if they have some ;)

  7. Of course! Just followed back on GFC! I wish you a lot of success! xx I would love it if you want to support each other on Instagram and FB as well, do it and let me know, I will immediately return the favour :)

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  8. Mustache earrings are so cute! And that headband too :) Love the way you did your September favourites. Followed via gfc #65, hope you can follow back. xx Maja

    1. Awh Glad you liked it ! Thanks for the Follow !! Sure I'll follow ya back xx

  9. Nice post! By the way, I was wondering if you would like to follow each other through bloglovin. Just follow me, and I will follow you back! :)


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