The Vamps Live in Manila (2.1.15)

On the First Day of February , My Luck strike once again with winning 2 Lower Box tickets for THE VAMPS IN MANILA , Thanks to @GistPh 
My Friend and I enjoyed it specially he's really a dedicated fan of The Vamps and they are called "Vampettes" Plus we got to bond with each other after so many months of waiting because before we used to bond on ice , I can still remember those times , we even do pairs skating which is really awesome. Anyways while I'm waiting for my Friend Elijah I saw this group of guys and people are taking pictures of them. Then I take a look then this one guy from their "group" stared at me and I think he's thinking "Why are you not taking a picture with us ?" "Don't you know us ?" just by staring at his eyes I can feel that he's engaging a conversation but though I'm not sure , then I asked this lady "*tap*tap Excuse me , Who are they ?" she just stared at me smiling and snobbed me "Ohhkay.." then I realized its Chicser . I also saw Liza Soberano from Forevermore with 1 Body Guard walking her way to the "VIP" Section and as well as AsNTM Philippines Represent Katarina Rodriquez she is so gorgeous in person , Good thing I got the chance to take a picture with her. The concert is about to start and Elijah's presence at the MOA Arena is still loading because he's still on his way. But atleast after 2 or 3 songs we finally meet ! and we danced to the songs even though I really don't know some of their songs to be honest. After the concert we got featured for MTV screaming "We Love The Vamps" that is definitely cool ! We also saw Ate Chloe. Then Elijah and I went to Starbucks and while we're in the line we talked about so many stuffs it's like the same old us hanging-out with each other though he's voice is Oh-So deep already because well "Puberty" Still such a cutie bro ,  Thanks for the Treat Elijah ! . Then we just walked around MOA Arena until their closing time and we went out to wait for his Sister to arrive and then when Elijah left I waited for My Mom and Brother since they waited for me at SM MOA and our parking is just across. All in all it was a success ! Thanks to Gist Ph , Elijah and My Mom and Brother.

(c)@GistPh on Twitter

Elijah, Me and Ate Chloe

With Ate Katarina Rodriquez



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  1. OMG! You are so lucky. I love The Vamps, and I'm so glad you had a fun time!
    - July,

  2. WOW amazing pictures♥


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