I Just Graduated High School

"People say that high school is the best four years of our lives , But has anyone ever stopped to wonder why ? In all honesty, I think that it's not because of the educational lessons. Can anyone tell me that they remember everything that has ever been taught in class ?
Not really , right ? I think what really makes our school lives matter are our friends, experiences and good memories-even the terrible ones. High school is probably the best place to make mistakes because then. we can lawn from them and do better in the future. High school is difficult for people like me. You'll be surprised at how our friends helped us get by. Edward Young once quoted, 'Friendship's the wine of life'. Indeed it is How could we have survived high school without them ? I can't even bear to imagine it" from the Book A&D ( That my friend lend me when we were just juniors and took a picture on the page with this speech

I can still remember My First Day in high school , I was late and very nervous at that time. But now , looking back and all that flashbacks I can now say "I Survived High School". I don't even know what's out there and the next thing I know I'll be off for College , The Battlefield. During my High School days there's this one particular year that everyday of my life I said "I'm going to this classroom again , and again and again…" I hated every bit of it , every single day is a pain it was like I was left to my own devices but many days fell away and I said "this is the Best School year for me" that year is my Junior year it was really tough. Competing abroad and leaving school after it just started was very hard , Hard to cope up with the lessons , Hard to communicate with the new environment and new classmates because my friends are on the other sections and slowly our group split. As time goes by I met a new set of friends the name is "Fe Friends"although I'm still friends with my past friends but I felt the closeness with my present friends and up to our Senior Year we still eat together at lunch. Thank you Junior Life for all the wonderful memories.

Senior Year well , I don't know what to say about this year it was okay but its the toughest. I remembered going to our building and used the fire exit stairs because we're not allowed to go to our classroom because my Best Friend's classroom is at the second floor. It was scary but very fun and full of adrenaline rush. I wouldn't tell all our "Badass" moments be in my blog we have a long list , its ours to keep but if you wanna hear it you can message me or maybe I can post a blog about it soon. Senior Life is loads of memorable moment with my friends like CWTP , Christmas Party , Prom , Field trip. Good Luck to all of us in College ! 

Thank You  Greta, Roanne , Cansino , Karen , Kyla , Harian , Ella , Mary , Minette , Ella Cats ,  Eca , Hallie , Rachel , Shaira , NiƱa , Pau , Mau , Irish , Angela , Jason , &  Dabb.
"Til We Meet Again"


  1. Congratulations! High school really is great, because all of the amazing memories you have. I have had so many amazing memories just this year. You're so pretty by the way! You look younger than a senior- so pretty!
    Grace Anne

    1. Thank You so Much !! Wow that's good to hear ! God Bless you always !! xx

  2. these are lovely pictures! congratulations to you dear :)


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