I Survived My 2nd Term of Sophomore Year

I am so happy I made it through this term, if we were to go back in time you will see that I transferred to this art school when it was my sophomore year (2nd semester) and just dragged myself to finish first semester before, as I was processing my transfer applications throughout that entire semester of my sophomore year. (Just a recap)
Anyways, what I wanted to say it that, Sophomore year/life is kind of like a peak or a test whether you really want to pursue what you started and it's actually the year wherein you're almost done finishing your minor subjects (or probably just in my case "all the time"). It's the time wherein you will really have to take atleast 1 or 2 major subjects that can either make you stronger or drag your passion down.

Back then when I was still taking Psychology, I remembered I dropped my 5hr zoology class since I already knew this is not what I wanted and I just want to finish that four months of taking minor subjects hoping they will be credited on to the school I'm transferring to. (It did not, sadly)
If you'll be taking DGFILM1 too, I have a few tips at the end of this Blog Post :)

If you want to read my frosh year of being a transferee just go to the home page :)
If you want to read about my 1st term of Sophomore Year, here's the link: http://corinnemolly.blogspot.com/2018/04/2nd-year-na-ulit-ako-1st-term-sophomore.html

Videos you may wanna watch:

Film Compilation from DGFILM1

The Chase (Film #3) (Time's Up)

(Hindi pala ko nag poproof-read btw so kung may typo or wrong grammar edit ko na lang pag nag proof read na ko lol hahaha jk)
Lucky enough, I was able to grab an opportunity to breathe and spend time with my family for two weeks after my 1st term of my sophomore year and short track competition agendas and things like that.

Just before my 2nd term for sophomore year starts a.k.a 3rd term S.Y. 2017-2018 for normal people.

BUT, some people may not actually take the first 2 or 3 days of school quite seriously, and I'm one of those people who make "sagad" of their vacation until the "hi hello my name is, i'm taking ---" ends and the professors starts to "teach" lessons.

Not knowing that this term will be different, at least 1 or 2 professors will of course start the lecture right away and start "CREATING GROUPS" for the whole term which really SUCKED because one way or another you will either be on the "lazy" group and/or the "we always pass" group. 

More often than not, some professors choose to give all the requirements on the first day and be gone for quite some time and you as a clueless student, you don't know how will you even start, in filipino "mangangapa" ka pa on what to do, when you ask people around you naman, you really have to be keen on asking questions because "I" know that they will not be able to tell the things that "you" really need to know but instead you have to take your step slowly but surely, so you won't miss any detail that is needed for future use.
This was the day I got back home from my "2 week" vacation which was pretty fast, and I sent this picture to my mom because I was nose bleeding so bad and didn't know what to do and the day after that is my "first day" of school though honestly, I wasn't able to get any good place to sit on in some of my subjects since some people already occupied it on the said "first day" but good thing at least 2-3 subjects I can see the lecture clearly since my friend saved a seat for me, thank you! (poor eyesight probs)
Left: I was so tired and still haven't gotten any good sleep yet since I got back home. It was also the other courses' "extra ordinary" monday wherein "non-art" students have to wear formal(?) or business attire every first monday of the month and I also joined for some reason because I just wanted to AND almost all of my minor subjects are located in the building where students who take business related course do their thing.

Plus, AWKWARD FIRST DAY ALERT : I went to the wrong room and saw my old friend (on to which I know, I shouldn't be on the same class with this person because I checked the class list online (lol)) I even sat down and my friend even said hi and I awkwardly responded as well then after 10 seconds I realized I was at room 409 instead of 406, so embarrassing!

Right : the sad Quesadilla that I thought was a 5/5 but instead a 1/5
I really like this lollipop, my favorite flavors are butterscotch and vanilla!
and also it is so hot that time, the WHOLE month of May was burning like hell and I'm not even exaggerating.
Every term, Professors asks for either a 1x1 or 2x2 picture
I remembered, I had so many 1x1 and 2x2 photos, but then when I NEEDED it, I can't find it so I just decided to get myself photographed again for this "requirement".
May was so hot that my candles starts to melt, jk just having some moist.
Just want to share
When I still had time to cut a few faces off from a magazine for a Philoma Assignment.

Also I just want to share, this term was so stressful that me and my friend even "created" our own imaginary assignment thinking that we missed what the prof said, we almost passed it but then realized on the day itself that only the two of us created this "imaginary" assignment of ours.
My 1st shoot for DGFILM1
Vid1 The Arrival
I had to figure out on how to use this camera which took me quite a few minutes till I discovered how to use it. Which made me feel dumb for some time but I got the hang of it when I started to shoot film 2 since we were required to use a particular camera which was this HMC 40.
u bet, i clicked all those things
My script from my first shoot
I had to print copies for my actors as well so it wouldn't be a hassle for us to pass things around.
I also have the script wherein I drew "mini storyboard" for me not to be confused on how to shoot different scenes.
My partner and I drew this for a character sociogram for our WORLITE class (World Literature, people) YES, we draw in our WORLD LITERATURE CLASS I never knew that we also have to do some drawing stuff, video stuff or any other projects that's related to crafts and art when I choose to be on the "non art" building so I was shocked. (My partner is a Music Prod Student, I am a Film Student) (We Tried)

I literally choose to not take classes on SDA (School of Design and Arts) for me to focus on this one particular major subject of mine but then minor subjects just keep on getting in the way by giving so much extra projects.

Plus, its the third time that i'll be meeting the same professor I've been with for three different subjects from the past terms, in short she already know me. (are there any pros for that? or cons?)
Left: a view from a student whose absent on the first day of class and had to take the back seat. Plus we were watching an ancient film, and this was one of the most hassle subject of all time this term.

Right : I literally don't know what to do when there's an abrupt announcement on our email stating that our professor wouldn't be able to make it and things like that. And this term was also fresh that time so I wouldn't really know what to do on MY FREE TIME since I'm not yet bombarded with school works.
Left: yaa we're making a progress here you know.

Right: EVERY TERM I always inquire about the filipino sign language enrollment offer in our school but my schedule can't really be parallel to their schedule since I have to shoot and conceptualize every week, and its hard to split yourself into two. Plus sayang din if ever yung bayad if I keep on skipping the FSL Classes.
I saw my 1x1 and 2x2 pictures hiding
Kapag hindi mo na kailangan, staka lumalabas.
Left: I don't quite remember this day but I know it was a good day
Right : hindi pa rin nawawala sa isip ko na sumali sa the benildean pero as of "that" moment and this moment I think I still wouldn't be able to give some time for any organizations with the activities that I have to do outside school.
(insert sarcasm)
I had to make 2 powerpoint presentations for this subject JUST BECAUSE I WAS LATE for like 5 minutes (?) for two meetings and everytime I have to go to this class I have to run like flash just for me not to be late again and be made to create another powerpoint again. I am so scarred from this subject. It's just too much and there's so many requirements. Also, I'm coming from another building, my class is straight from 8am to 6pm, the stress that this subject gives to me can not be topped.

I also had to look like a teacher's pet just for me to understand what he really wants me to do with my missed activities BECAUSE I CAN'T understand what he really wants me to do, which includes me asking him every after class about what SHOULD I really do. 

See absent ka lang sa first day and you missed so many things tapos na late ka for 2 times ng mga 3-8 mins. you have to create a powerpoint based from a book na you also have to type rin sa word.

There was this time wherein we were supposed to present (by group) a powerpoint on to which our group hasn't prepared anything yet, so I had to make an alibi for us not to be roasted and say that we left our flashdrive at home but that "student scam" didn't worked lol our prof was like "see, I already announced this 2 weeks ago" and etc.. basta he was just stating how irresponsible we are lol and keep on roasting our group for the whole period and I just couldn't do anything about it but to make bawi next time and better finish that PAWAHPOINT.

Though, it was low-key funny at times because of how we explain some things to our professor and how he respond to us on a very stressful very tito like tone.
Left: basta this was the day wherein me and some of my joseriz classmates had to go to the photocopy center to photocopy another classmate's book because we have to start our "powerpoint presentations" na. Plus may group din na powerpoint LIKE AHHHHHHH this subject really.

Right: I was bored and didn't know the format of our DGFILM Journal (LOL) so I Just drew these to serve as a cover page for my journal.

FILM#2 The Encounter
Special thanks to my friends for helping me with this film (Andrei and Enrick)
Photos of me and the school's HMC40 while I was copying the files from the school's SD Card to my flash drive.
Thanks for taking these photos Andrei!
Left: Thanks for the photo, Rick!
Right: It was a wrap
Left: Generous Cafeteria
Right: Kapag pagod na pagod ka, hindi mo malalaman na may assignment ka pala dapat ng 8am class so in short gagawin mo siya on the way kasi late ka na rin kapag sa bahay mo pa ginawa :)))))
Breathtaking Clouds on my way home from a stressful day in school
FILM#3 The Chase
This was the film that I'm really proud of its outcome, and how the shoot was so smooth and organized, I'm really thankful of my actors for doing a great job in portraying their roles. I also felt that the grade that I got is genuine and the hard work paid off.

Shoutout to my Best Friend Kyla and my friend Andrei!
Here's a FULL COPY of it :
Left: from the chase film
Right: I don't remember this day but it was a good day I guess hehe
Left: Once in a blue moon na lang kami nakakakain ni Queenie
Right: yes naman, may progress yung joseriz namin. Sa term na to parang dalawa lang subject ko (Joseriz and DGFILM1) dahil literal sa kanila umiikot mundo ko.
Share ko lang ulit
Haha naghanap talaga ako ng reason para bilhin to as a reward, 2 weeks ko siyang pinag iisipan din and nag iisip din ako kung worth it bang i reward yung sarili ko hahaha so I was just really happy nung nabili ko na siya hahaha kasi after that week wala na siya sa boutique lol.
Everyday kong sinasabi na sana mag tag-ulan na, dahil legit sobrang init buong May
Left: Skilzxsx Pay the Billszxszx
Right: Puffy Clouds
Left: "random thoughts" bakit kapag ako naka cap sa classroom binabawal ng prof (and yes, I know bawal) pero bakit kapag guys hindi nila binabawal ???
Right : Actor ako para sa Filmart2 project ni Chauncy
Left: Inaantay ko lang si Queenie and Jom
Right: pero sa caf na kami nag kita kita, and we were dismissed early.
Ilang beses na ko nag goodluck kay Jom para sa Poligov Midterm Exam niya, na di matuloy tuloy kaya laging na poprolong agony niya.
Kung ako stressed sa DGFILM and Joseriz, siya sa DGFILM and Poligov naman
Left: Na stress ako sa PE, but after that I went to QC to have an appointment with a network (hindi siya networking btw haha) 
Right: just a random traffic selfie
Saw my crusheS lang naman today, kaya it was a a really good day.
this was FILM 5 btw
Once lang ata ako nakapunta sa Commons, at ilang minutes lang ako diyan kasi na realize ko may gagawin papala ko, unlike nung frosh days na natutulog talaga ako and may time pa na ginising ako nung kuya kasi mag sasarado na daw yung commons HAHA medyo nakakahiya.
Photos from Film #4 Perfect Project 1 (Horror/Suspense)
All in all, It took me two days to shoot this
Also I had a lot of time to conceptualize for a horror film but couldn't really think of any and the fact that the thought of "shooting" a horror film makes me scared because that is equals to shooting at night and equals to, we might see some unwanted entities out there but seriously it is really hard because its the time wherein you have to step up your game when it comes to prod design.
hassle & first heartbreak (but were able to make bawi)
Left: from 7th floor SDA to 7-Eleven real quick, kasi may earthquake kala ko nga magsusupend sila, so nag order lang ako ng flavored water lol tapos yung cashier kinakausap ako ng english, ewan ko rin kung bakit, though baka english only day nila?

Right: Map ng Manila para sa Joseriz project planning namin lol
Bonding with Shariebells
Visit their stall sa Arrow Food Park
"House of Cordon Blues"
AND kakakuha ko lang ng certificate na pinaghirapan ko from last term I'm so happy, everyday kong chinecheck dati sa SIS (Student Information System) wala lang bucket list ko lang naman hahaha and wala rin akong kasiguraduhan dati na kasama ako and yung grades ko to be a Dean's List pero I'm really happy and thankful na I was able to make it lol though some people may say na its easy, sometimes may isa or dalawang subject na mag cacause ng downfall mo so there is always uncertainty. 

Also, when it comes to this kind of achievement or even winning in sports, I have always felt like I need to do more than I can and sometimes what I do is not enough and don't give myself enough credit on the things that I should actually be celebrating to but instead I focus more on little things than on the bigger things. Though I guess, just by merely receiving it is considered an award for waiting for so long and the agony while I was waiting is priceless.
Some Character checklist for our Joseriz Video roleplay
Yes, madaming version ng picture ng character checlist kasi usually natatabunan na siya sa camera roll and sometimes need ng update ng tapos na na scenes ng characters.
Nag-shoot lang kami ni Patrick for our Joseriz Historical Documentary and other group mates were assigned sa mga different locations as well. 
Joseriz subject was so stressful that I have accepted my fate na basta matapos lang yung subject na yun, surprisingly yung kina-dali nung midterms yun yung kinahirap ng finals.
Other Joseriz BTS of our video role play
1st pic: i sent this to my friend who's asking if I'm at school and also I was reviewing for my favorite subject while waiting for my groupmates
2nd: yung makapal naming script na madami rin kaming characters per tao
3rd: hiram hiram lang props sa caf hehehe
I was stuck sa generator for so long waiting for my dad and inabot na rin ako ng gabi sa pag aantay kasi sobrang traffic and umuulan din :( he's coming from north and nakatira kami sa south and sobrang lala ng traffic :(
Film 6
Man vs. Machine
The time wherein I was shattered and my heart was crushed
BTS Photos
I really made an effort for this film so bad.
I bought props, I even provided the costume.
I also created/edited a fake website, because its part of the film.

This is just my opinion.
The way it was graded was so harsh and cruel
That I had a breakdown when I got home because I know that I did my best and I worked hard.
I did not deserve to receive my grade in "that" way

Thinking about it now, I still feel a little pain remembering what it felt like to be me that time but eventually I will use it to make myself stronger. 
Sometimes a subject doesn't just teach you what they usually teach in class but rather teach you life lessons as well to make you tougher and for you to survive what's out there in the real world.
2nd and last heartbreak
Another Joseriz purposes Day 2 Shoot for our video role play
this was the picture i was smiling through the pain and was close to giving up
this was the time wherein I shoot a video of myself doing an arnis performance that I was learning from YouTube because I couldn't make it on our finals 
AND claps for me for finishing PE after 4 years 
2 years on my previous school and 2 years here

Day 2 Shoot of our Joseriz Video Role Play (Noli Me Tangere)
(Maria, Matthew, Patrick and Kristian)
Film 7
Perfect Project 2 with Patrick L.
It was a struggle at first and up until the time the film was being edited we were being stressed by some of the shots that we got but we made it!
Congrats to us!
Thank you to my friends as well!!
Dan and Jasmine!!
(2nd to the last film friends, malapit na ang finals)
(malapit na rin matapos tong blog na tooo)
we're crammin' on the day of the submission lol but as I've said we made it
Left: hu this? its tita queenie
kahit na classmates kami sa cathwor magkaiba naman kami ng course and schedule kaya minsan di na kami nakakapag lunch kasi its either ako or siya yung busy during our "same" breaks
Right : I bought props for my final film, ya the end is near I'm barely making it out alive but I'm smilin through that 1 zero LOL hahaha (all films included) (if you know what i mean)
Left: the swimming pool "re shoot" was shot on a different day, that makes the perfect project 1's Day 3 of shoot/ Day 1 for re shoot then for Day 2 I shot it at night so Night 2 lol All in all I spent  4 days for perfect project 1 including the re shoot. The night after we shoot the perfect project 2 I have to shoot again the next day the pool scene and the day after is the last day of shoot and the day after that is the submission. I hope you guys understood lol sorry for the long explanation because I tend to read my old blog posts and remember these kind of things from the future lol.

Right: props from last night's shoot of perfect project 2
The time I printed this 100+ pages for I don't know reason at first, we were only supposed to print 4 pages but I printed it all but still I made use of it after the term ended and read about it and realized that it was the result of the test, of the personality test, dang it was accurate. My personality is INFP, what's yours? 

Just tally your scores and look for the result in there :)
The time I got addicted with Goldilocks fresh lumpia
I was also hungry that time
I couldn't even remember but I was doing something on my break and it was almost time for my gepsych (our professor is serious about time) I finished this lumpia for only 5 mins. lol
re-shoot for perfect project 1 and the schedule as the finals period approaches, intensifies.
The time I already passed my perfect project 1
Dark Comedy
"Richard's Game"
I had a lot of fun shooting my final film together with my High School Friends, Ella and Renz!!
Special thanks to my Best Friend, Kyla for helping me conceptualize for this film
Ang laki ng nagastos ko sa film na to ah Hahahaha I'm glad, I survived and didn't give up.

Editing my final film (na kinabukasan pasahan)
Malapit na talaga matapos tong Blog and tong term na to
Dahil may 118 na next termmmm 
Some of the photos from the last 2 weeks of school na puro suspension
Left: Looking forward sa Cinemalaya
Right: Iniwan ko yung wallet ko na may band aid and may emergency na vertigo med lol kaya one day, biglang randomly yung matagal ko nang shoes biglang sumakit yung sa likod and turned into knives kaya bumili ako ng band aid.
Left: ay nako ang tagal ni Queenie HAHAHA basta ayoko talagang tumatambay sa main.
Right: wala kaming masyadong makainan sa food park kasi nakasarado iba and wala masyadong tao
Madami rin kaming time niyan, and mga 3 mins kami bago tumawid kasi hindi kami marunong tumawid, its so awkward. Pumunta rin kaming MCAD kasi nga madami kaming time, hoping na merong exhibit wala pala, sa September na daw ulit lol. 

Nag aantay din kami ng e-jeep(papuntang main) tapos hinabol pa namin!! Dumaan kami sa gitna HAHAHAHA tapos dumiretso lang yung e jeep -_- and napagalitan pa kami lowkey nung guard lol and probably jinudge din siguro kami ng mga tao sa generator HAHA
Thank you Queenie (nagbakasyon siya nung finals week)
We Survived DGFILM and We Deserve this Samgyup #Yummerz (hindi mag tetrend sa blog ko though pero hashtag na din hehehehehehehe) Plus kami magiging actor mo Alecx!! di ka na mahihirapan mag cast
The time I was able to get out and breathe
First time in a while for the past two months na makalabas ako from school or skating rink and it felt really good.
May time rin dun sa last two weeks na kailangan ko mag train muna bago pumunta sa school kasi may training kami with a korean before so sayang yung chance kung ma mimissed ko, kaya I have to get up at around 4 to be able to atleast make it ng 6:08 am sa rink talagang fixed ih hindi kaya ng 5:30 am.
smh worlite .5 lang ih
perfect ko naman yung part ni shakespeare ihh
better luck next time
pero wala nang next time kasi I passed anyways (hindi nga lang sa quota hahahuhu) cries on the inside
AUGUST 6, 2018
Malapit na mag term break ang ibig sabihin
Left: i miss my bae, jollibee
Right : mga hindi nakikinig at naglalaro sa phone ni queenie (a.k.a kaming dalawa)
This was still during the week wherein I have to go to the rink ng 6:08 till 6:45 then head to my 8 am class.
There were also times like this na 3 hrs ang traffic pauwi, para kang pumunta ng ibang bansa.
Left: matatapos na talaga
Right: nakiki computer lang ako sa 10th floor and pinapanood ko that time yung Chinese movie about Lao Tzu for our Philosophy Class, gusto ko lang malaman ending haha kasi di na pinapanood samin and tapos ko na rin yun paper lol
Edit edit muna ng "My Philosophy in Life" bago mag training and habang traffic sa EDSA
Certified na ako na lang ata may pasok, and halos lahat naka bakasyon na
Hu this?
Yesss we're done with this term 
Shoutout to Queenie and Jom!! Thanks for being with me this term!
Excited ako maglinis siyempre :-))))
Sineparate ko na yung mga tatapon ko and bebenta ko sa junk shop (jk) and yung mga babasahin ko pa ulit and mga fillers na pwedeng maging sulatan ng ideas.
(Inayos ko pala yung top side nung cabinet ko)
Arranged from Benilde things and mga cinocollect ko na magazines or issues from the Benildean, next is Diary of a Wimpy Kid books na display ko lang kasi grade school ko pa sila nabasa plus yung History book ko from previous University and yung Psychology book ko na pinabili dati nung prof pero di naman pala siya prof namin LOL sa previous University din)

Schedule-wise, I think I did a great job na 3 days lang yung inayos kong subject knowing na i'll be needing some days off to shoot and/or conceptualize for DGFILM. Though hindi siya suggested kung gusto may breaks ka to eat, kapag kumain ka kailangan mabilis as in mabilis parang yung timer sa Zark's na kailangan mo ubusin. Halo halo yung feeling about this term, kinuha ko na rin halos lahat ng minor subjects and next term is my last term of taking design foundation subjects, next year full on majors na, I also made sure na puro sa main ako for minor para hindi sana sila masyado magbigay ng art related projects yun pala ganon din, tumatakbo pa ko from main to SDA dahil yung nag iisang SDA minor class is super extra in so many levels.

There were so many times na I questioned my decision kung tama ba na nag shift ako or not because of how stressful it gets and how expensive my course demands it to be, but for now I simply have to strive and work harder for me to graduate. 

I thought to myself kung mag shishift ako nang mag shishift every time na nahihirapan ako, hindi ako maka alis and hindi ako mag lelevel up, what I learned from this term is... accept your weakness and don't let other people know your weakness because they can use it against you anytime, may it be intentional or not and sometimes there'll be those low days wherein you'll overthink but you always have to remember why you started and how far you've reached and its definitely not the time to give up.

Wag magpapadala sa pressure
Budget your money (hehe)
Isipin kung doable ba yung story 
Ibagay yung actor/actress sa role nila kasi pwede siya magdala ng film mo or pwede rin mahila pababa

Pro tip from a friend whom I look up to (he already graduated film and he is a really great Kuya for me in school even though 2 terms ko lang siya naging classmate his words never fails to inspire me to pursue film)

"Grades won't define you"


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