Shoot Every Week Term

I can't really describe this term in one word or two. There were so many things that happened all at the same time. But I just remembered that this term was full of film shoots almost every week, it was fun lalo na I’m classmates with most of my friends that also made some subjects bearable knowing some of it has its own demands that we have to meet. I’m also glad that I was able to meet new people and attend different kinds of workshops throughout the term, it’s crazy how a term can change you and how it teaches you a lot things, may it be inside the classroom or life in general.

Now that I’ve thought of it, I just realized that I can’t keep on helping and helping others and try to fix mistakes that aren’t really mine. Because in the end it will also cost me - mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting. I can’t do all the effort because you also have to help yourself. Eventually, little by little I’m starting to lose myself trying to save something I shouldn’t have to in the first place. Sometimes you just had enough and you just wanna say “f**k off, because everything feels sort of too much, but you can’t, instead you pause, breathe and think of other ways to deal with the situation you’re in. It was also one of the terms that I still haven’t removed the part of me wherein I always say yes to other people asking for favors, then by the end I just realized that “make sure that when you say yes to someone, you’re not saying no to yourself”. 
I also wouldn’t forget all the shared breakfast, lunch and dinner with friends because this is it, all the people that I know wouldn’t be the way they used to be in the future but we just simply have to cherish every moment. I remembered one of my friends, messaged me how he fears that time is slowly going after him and in a matter of time graduation will be right there in his own very eyes and finding work that can sustain your lifestyle or even your family will be your next priority, not submitting that film project that is due in 3 days or not that pitch that is due tomorrow.

Most of them will be taking their thesis next term and next term, in short slowly my friends are fading away, its sad but I just have to make sacrifices for something that I also want since this year is a very important year for me and my sport. All the shared laughs, matching outfits with friends, film shoots with them, problem solving things and by being there when I was having a tough time dealing with a situation that I thought I wouldn’t get over, but I’m glad they were there.
This is one of the most of the most crucial term for me as well, because I had to choose. They said education can wait but with my standing - curriculum changing, my friends are doing their thesis, following my flowchart because I have no choice but to take the subjects that I have to take already versus training abroad.

I chose to study, but then I promised myself “just give me 3 months, I will come back for you”. It cost me something, that’s really close to my heart and it is very important for me. Sports teaches us something, the school of life is never ending like what would it be like without direction? Could you live a day not knowing what you’re aiming next? There’s nothing wrong with routine and consistency but it is important to have a purpose. I stopped for probably 2 months for the reason that I just can’t, I can’t with my schedule and I lost my passion and I couldn’t expect myself to wake up at 5am in the morning every week and train just to show up and that I train but I want to go there and train because I have a purpose, that I have a goal.

But then I wasn’t able to get back on time… I guess it was too late, this was the time our term just ended, that was the day I learned that silence is really loud, surely… this is one of the things that hurts more than a heartbreak. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do to get back up, if given a choice - you choose to get back up, growth is not found in comfort and at some point you have to decide for yourself who you gonna be. 
When I was at the lowest of low and everything seems to be falling apart, I told myself “anong ginawa ko for me to deserve all this?” I just want to hide from all of it and try to suck it up hoping it will fade away soon but you know, you just have to face it,  that’s the way to get through it, you face it. We all get our hearts broken sometime, I can’t be crying (from one of Wong Kar Wai's films) the dream is over, I have to go back to reality, if I have to distract myself from the things that makes me weak I have to do it, I have to get back on track and stop being distracted that gets me farther away towards my goals.
I gambled lots of things this term, it is challenging - physically, mentally and most especially emotionally. But what I have discovered is to set things free, when they are out of my control. What I can control is how I react to certain situations that can make or break me, it is up for me to decide and chase it, may it be healing, acceptance or letting go. Things don’t really happen the way we plan it to be, such things will happen that we didn’t see coming that will test us and if necessary we may have to knock on the door, break the door and let ourselves in to tell ourselves that it’s okay, it’s not our fault, its life and it happens. 
One thing is for sure time does not heal all wounds, it merely softens the pain and blurs memories. This term was full of adventure and also disappointment, I’ve met people whom I’ve never thought I’d be close to and I’ve also cut ties to some. People change but it still doesn’t change what happened but as they say, the past can’t hurt you anymore, not unless you let it. I know I also got lost with my goals but anything lost can be found again, except for time wasted, for now we just have to be careful on who we offer our time because we can never get it back. But I'm thankful, because without having to experience all that I've mentioned above, I wouldn't be the person writing this post who's much stronger than yesterday.

Thank you for reading, I hope you read it until the end :) (best view, if you read it from your laptop)

And yes, it's long just some story behind my "IG Stories" and some BTS photos from film shoots

Listen to these songs while reading this post (hehe):
Fink - Looking too Closely
Post Malone - Goodbyes ft. (Young Thug)
This was the day I went to Megamall and got into a car accident. It was also my last day of freedom before I go back to school for third term.
Most of my classes were held in this classroom, except my editing class and film4tv class. I remembered when I was a frosh, I really wanted to have a class in here so bad because I think the green screen background is really cool. There were also a lot of memories in this room, a lot. Though was so hot inside, good thing I don't have a class here next term (lol)
My editing class, na sagad na sagad mag dismiss si Sir, but sometimes ang aga aga din, like there's no in between, but overall, I enjoyed this class.

Some Photos that I took for Cinematography class for composition
Here's just a pa-cute phase, waiting to get my ticket sa parking, because I just feel like watching alone and enjoying my "bangs phase" I still can't get over the fact that they cut it full, not half bangs. (Yes, up until now I am so frustrated)
It was also the time wherein most of my classes starts at 8am, so its also convenient to bring a car (bby Taylor- yes its "her" name) because the parking ticket at school is just cheap for whole day, it's 30 pesos. Though, you really have to be early for you to get a parking space or else you'll have to wait outside.
I don't quite remember why, But I bought an Ice cream, it must be a happy day that time.
This term also drained the hell out of me, there was a time around June or July that I just go home (I don't eat at home anymore) I just sleep like right after I get home then wake up really early to finish most of my tasks. 

I kept on promising myself during that time to finish it within the night. But sometimes even though you schedule everything, like everything... one way or another it won't be followed and then you have to adjust then adjust again.

Para bang okay may time ako today gawin na natin kailangang gawin, then the next day pagod ka, but you still have to go to class or attend to something then you go home, makakatulugan mo, magigising ka ng sobrang aga para gawin yun (as in automatic body clock -its like saying hey I'm saving your ass from the depths of failing) then pagod kang papasok, dahil ginawa mo ng madaling araw hanggang sikatan ka na ng araw.
Here I was editing a rush video that my friend asked me to do (or more like a favor), because their submission is the next day na and finding an editor for that project will be impossible for her considering its already late that time, so there I was online... and received a message, first I was hesitant since I have an 8am class but I was like, well might as well help a friend. 

I finished at 5:50 am (including - uploading it to GDRIVE) 
This was the time I watched Tayo sa Huling Buwan ng Taon
I was really waiting for that film, cause I really like really loved "Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa"

Listen to the OST of the film here :
December Avenue - Huling Sandali
It never fails to bring back the memories and feelings from last term by listening to it, its really good plus the music video too, but I don't listen to it anymore haha.
If I could just put my name there "Molly's parking" I would, I don't know, I just love to park on that part in our school parking lot. It's just that my car is always alone whenever I go home, there was also a time that for weeks I've been going home at night - after dinner kind of night, it was so draining but fulfilling at the same time. I missed going home having to view the sunset.
I love this class so much
Both Cinematagraphy and FILM4TV
Not because most of my classmates are my friends (but that's also a plus) but the feeling that I get and the learning that I gained was on a different level, its not just a "basta-basta" class but the thirst to learn is there, kasi you know even though you really want to learn, sometimes you get into a section full of people who doesn't care = mawawalan ng gana magturo yung prof na well we're assuming he/she is really good but is being taken for granted, merong time din na pagawa ng pagawa lang yung prof - little did he know the students didn't really learned anything in the class but also you can tell yourself na "Oh I can learn this on YouTube or I can ask a friend who's really good at this and I'll be more knowledgeable than the class that I took and paid thousands for"
Just here at my favorite restroom 
But really, nakaka comfort talaga sa 3rd floor SDA (I'm just sayin)
Oh, This is a screenshot from the video that I created for When In Manila, when I was applying to be an intern - well they asked me to create a video on the spot and I'm like "gurlll? So in short Imma rush to download a video editing app (lol) and look for a good place to shoot in just 15 minutes?" Well I guess it's just for formalities' sake, but well I got in - Imma continue the story again a while.
First Photo: Yes, nasa Domino's Pizza lang ako (I ain't eating) but just to canvass how much yung mga size ng pizza nila for a pre prod meeting for a film I'm helping.

Second Photo: Nakakaiyak na lang sa pagod, like literal, it's so hard to find a location for a shoot (not for mine but again haha) also I'm not yet going home at that time, it was just me getting something probably important on my car and wanting to ask my "not-tesla" car to drive myself at home. I'm also waiting for replies sa email and it's just damn - nevermind haha.

My other self is saying to me "make sure that when you say yes to other people, you're not saying no to yourself"
Ep. 1 with Mira's Impulsive buying
Ft. Lou, Angel and Me
Item - Mannequin sa  may gilid ng SDA (na di naman talaga binebenta hahaha)
Shooting for DOCFILM

-Brigada Eskwela 2019-
On a different note - Grabe nakakapagod, tamang pintura lang ng gate with friends and talagang kailangan tapusin muna namin yung pintura, I mean pinturahan before we can interview other people who volunteered. Then I have a class right after painting a gate (lol) amoy boysen lang.
First Photo: again prolly doing ocular and just resting for 3 mins. at my car

Second Photo: I don't quite remember but this was the week I was going to school everyday (except Sunday lol- I'm prolly shooting something on Sundays or tamang pikit lang din) At least - still manages to go to my 8am class (ayee)
My favorite smol tumbler that I left at my editing class room, like literally right after I got home I realized I left it, then ako si kampante - assuming na may nagbalik sa lost and found ng tumbler ko the next day diba, pero wala. Grabe for three weeks lagi kong binabalikan yun sa lost and found hoping na may nakahanap sa kanya huhu ako na lang pala talaga naghahanap sa wala.
Casting Call for a Film
featuring Angel and Ate Ja
Imma be floating kapag inedit to lol
I got in!!
to the Production Design Workshop that I signed up for
Grabe guys - I submitted three letters

Cause I can't really find Miss Hayca to give my letter (she handles those kind of stuffs in our department) or when I do naman she's on her way home na...
So first, I submitted it to one of my profs (he's gonna give it to Miss Hayca), then asked another prof again where is Miss Hayca (different day) she said just make our Chairperson receive the letter, then they posted the list on our group (lol my name ain't there but there are still asking for more letters) and I'm like Oh no... na receive kaya nila yung letter of intent ko huhu, then haha one day sakto I saw Miss Hayca and finally submitted my letter. (that's the story of me being persistent to get in because I want to learn more about production design)

Photos from Day 1 of the Workshop with Sir Aped Santos
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
Attended Cine-Sabi
A Film Directing Workshop with Nestor Abrogena
The Director of the film "Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa and Tayo sa Huling Buwan ng Taon"

and yes I was star-strucked - sayang didn't got the chance to take a photo with him
Just saw that another car is video calling someone which I think is cute, If I could just buy that thing wherein you can put your phone so that I can vid call my mom or brother or my fave bruh haha but I don't really have the time to buy and look for one at the moment.
Hindi ko alam at hindi ko makita kung ano ineedit ko dito but for sure #cramming
Remember Brigada Eskwela earlier?
Yes, may pa certificate sila hahahahehehe
Ganda lang, share ko lang these 2 photos that I took before I go to my 8am class
Uploading Brigada Eskwela Files from House vs. School
The time na muntik na ko mawalan ng bait
at 4:54 AM
I just realized that a lot of my friends love reading their horoscopes = its relatable if you put it sa film, that's why its also related to the one that I pitched for FILM4TV (na lol pinagpatch up patch up ko din ng madaling araw tapos pitch is at 8am)
Activity for Cinematography Class

Isa and Marvs

Yung bus na gusto kong sakyan hahaha I mean nasakyan ko na siya before pero kapag may chance HAHAHAHHA hinahabol ko talaga (lol) bus lang ang habulin natin friends
Meet up with my partner for our PD workshop

Look at these photos that I took, its cute (and also I don't really go to coffee shops)
Just look at that drop light (also looking for an inspiration for my FILMDESI Drop light project)

Day 2 of Production Design Workshop

Nga pala since legit nakakapagod pag weekends, on Mondays I ride Angkas going to school kapag malalate na ko since its coding and dumadaan na yung bus ko sa Macapagal and it takes 2x more slower than it actually is, so in short I have a tan line na kaka ANGKAS lol but still thankful that Angkas exists.
First Photo: My view all the time kapag pauwi na
Second Photo: grabe dati andyan lang yung tropical hut then one day magugulat ka na lang wala na
I mean I haven't really tried tropical hut, sayang
And so, here's the continuation of my When In Manila Internship

I went sa Second meeting na lol hindi ako makarelate kasi hindi ako naka punta ng first meeting cause I have a shoot so now we have an activity, tapos they're like "what's your angle?" and I'm like ha?? *wide shot ba ito, close up or medium close up?? anong angle??* So I'm just there thinking f***k di ako makarelate, tapos may time pa na sinabi ko bakit hindi natin iklian yung title masyado ata mahaba and damn they just ignored me lol and I'm like okay... kasi dude grabe yung title parang sentence na ata (ganun ata pag blog ba?? I can't really relate - even if I post blog on my own its different and I came from film na maiikli yung titles or atleast hindi naman parang sentence lol) and lahat ng pitch ko parang they just don't like it, they're aiming kasi to at least get a post viral that's why.. it has to be really interesting and magugustuhan ng masa, so I'm like okay...?

I didn't come back after that, cause I really felt out of place and I guess it's not for me.
It's just lou and his popcorn
Shoot for Midterm Project - Cinematography Class
My Drop Light for FILMDESI
Some photos before the shoot starts from the thesis film I'm helping
We have a training, then went to school for the last day of our workshop then shoot
Grabe nakaka drain

Laging tanong ko na lang sa sarili ko "Kaya pa ba?"
Pero parang hindi nag occur sakin na sabihin sa sarili ko na 
"kapag di na kaya, can you please decline"
Last Day of Production Design Workshop
Thesis Shoot 
I was just there... sitting near my locker telling myself  "so anong gagawin mo ngayon?" I was thinking of sino ba dapat subject ko for my midterm project for docfilm now that I'm doing it individual, but then I decided to go home and rest and think there instead.
Diorama of our Professor - FILMDESI

Just a photo of Gio, standing.
Tinatapos ko lang yung paper na pinapa-pass for NLEDITI subject - a reflection paper about a documentary film
Tamang cram lang ulit -  shoot and edit on the same day ng pasahan
grabe @self anong ginagawa mo?

Looking back and writing this ng August 2019
I'm like hindi ako ganun ka irresponsible na talagang hindi makakapag pasa na walang wala and hindi rin ako ganun ka responsable na weeks before tapos ko na yung project but really Molly, cram kung cram talaga tong term na to?

But then now that it occurred to me, what I'm saying earlier about cancelled plans and adjusting, this is what its outcome, lalo na most of my subjects involves shooting.

Ito ata yung one of the risky things that I did this term - Shoot and Edit and Pasa at the same time.
Thank you so much for your time Shayne!!
This is me resting and eating and taking my time bago ko ipasa yung late ko na midterm 2:40 kasi yung pasahan.
Doing some FILMDESI stuffs with friends
and ofcourse sa dami ng ginagawa gabi nanaman tayo makakauwi, talagang hindi nasisikatan ng araw
Shoot for my Documentary Film (Midterm Project)

Thank you so much for this burger, I really appreciate it!!
Bought some popsicle sticks for FILMDESI cause I ran out of popsicle sticks and also waiting for my Dad to pick me up at Vista Mall after going to Alabang with Kuya Roger of Igan Bus Company :)

Thank you so much for bringing me with you! I'm grateful and thank you for sharing your story
Photos from my Midterm Project Shoot for Documentary Film
A photo of me smiling through the pagod
Can't remember when was this - but still trying to get an update on what's happening with my sports and requirements I have to fulfill.
FILMDESI Diorama Project
dikit dikit at pintu-pintura lang guys
Our cutie diorama for FILMDESI
Pitching for FILM4TV
and yes our resident PD - subtle na gumagawa ng ppt on the hour ng presentation haha
Yay for the certificate hehe
This also one of the most memorable day of this term.

Euphoric - because of the certificate
Shocking (sa parking Hahahaha I dont wanna share it HAHAHA - I'll just know when I go back and read this post) (di ko sinasadya hahahaha)
Heartbreaking - just because, you can't control things and people hahaha
Cram kung cram talaga
Nag eexport mismo on the day ng pasahan
8:30am na ko nakapasok that time HAHAHA
Hello DOCFILM Midterms
Hindi ko talaga alam kung baket may ganyang toppings yung school sa coffee jelly
like hello? lol
Once or twice a term na lang ata kami nagkikita ni Dreibear
NLEDITI Team ft. the master editor - JaZZper
Just eating some popcorn with Gio while Patrick present his Midterm project to Sir Danton
Day 2 of Cinematography Workshop with Direk Raymond Red
Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting and indoor
Image may contain: 4 people, people on stage
Image may contain: 10 people, including Raymond Red, Daniel Laxamana and Molly Martinez, people smiling, people standing
We gotta get up to @self
Mira and Marvin and some Donuts
Antique Shop - Ocular for FILM4TV

with Mira and Marvin
Just a random photo of me 
Naka upo sa bakanteng upuan 
just waiting for a phone call from insurance LOL
NLEDITI Team again ft. Camille, Jasper and Lou (insert Jom)
Shoot for Cinematography Class with Marvin and Luke!

Thank you for the promised Ice Cream Isa! I really appreciate it, it made me feel better.
Last Day of Cinematography Workshop with Direk Raymond Red with Patrick and Nico and CMB Films crew.
Image may contain: 5 people, including Molly Martinez

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

Image may contain: 12 people, including Raymond Red, Nico Colendrino, Molly Martinez and Daniel Laxamana, people smiling
Hahaha hindi naman sa Dream
Pero parang ganun na nga gusto ko tong bus na to kasi may pa stairs sa loob na kita mo yung mga sumasakay, staka siya yung hindi common na bus hahaha para kang nasa ibang bansa - parang lang naman.
Our resident PD - at an Ukay Ukay place looking for possible wardrobe ng antique shop owner for our shoot
Ocular - FILM4TV with Earl, Mira and Marvin!

Just waiting for Jomerz
While having a taste test with Lou's fancy chicharon
NLEDITI Team - Shoot for Suspense Sequence
Tamang takbuhan lang with Camille sa 4th floor
May mga 3x rin akong nandito sa 11th
1. Kasi peaceful kang makakagamit kasi wala kang kasama and usually walang class
2. May mga ginagawa ata akong papers and/or wala lang tamang tambay
3. may ka meeting
This was the time I treat myself some chicken wings but then when I got home, I realized I forgot my keys and my dad is on a meeting so I just went to my Tita's house instead (though tinry ko naman buksan katulad sa mg spy movies na nabubuksan mga pintuan gamit hair pin)
Gray Day with Friends and Sir Danton!
Day 1 - Laguna with Isa, Earl, Marvin, Angel and Jin!
For our Finals in Documentary Film
Nasiraan pa kami ng bus - though malapit naman na sa next na sakayan
I mean grabe hahaha out of all the buses out there, bakit yung nasakyan namin haha
From Taft - Bus, Tricycle, Jeep then PEPMACO na


YES, 1am na ko nakauwi that time
Day 2 - Laguna with Marvin!
We went there naman to attend a hearing

Maraming salamat po sa pag tanggap samin and sa mga pagkain, we're so grateful po for it
(Haha, sobrang hilo ko na sa gutom that time talaga, grabe guys ang sarap ng pancit nila)

Maaga ata tayo naka uwi this time, pero wala pa ring araw Hahaha
Lou, shamelessly watching the popcorn IG story that i just posted hahaha (na bawal kumain sa room na to and lagi ako napapagalitan kaya tamang tunaw lang ng popcorn HAHA)

Also KAYA NAWALA YUNG TUMBLER KO (HINDI KO NAMAN INIINUMAN, PINABABA AND SO NAIWAN KO SIYA HUHU) I mean fault ko din naman ahahhahahaha pero well I'm just saying
The editor ng bayan/ cook of the year - JAZZper
Inagahan ko ng sobra to meet up with a friend to borrow the wardrobe for a shoot pero nung malapit na ko sa school like literal malapit na, nire-sched hahahahahaahhuhuhu so I'm like okay idlip muna somewhere sa school or probably may kailangan akong gawin na nakakalimutan ko kasi nakakakonsiyensiya na wala akong ginagawa at feeling ko laging kailangan may ginagawa ako.

Also this was the time na nadiscover kung nasan ba talaga yang exhibit na yan, but then I can't go around and wander again because I have other things to do.
CINEMAT with friends
(Na-late us kasi nanghiram pa us ng equipment for our film4tv shoot ng Sunday)
So we're groupmates now for CINEMAT

Then went to Morayta for Guianne and Shariebells (using Angkas lol)  (thank you so much friends for your uniforms!!) then saw a very familiar face, talagang nagkasalubong kami pero di niya ko nakita and I'm like is this even real?? Anyways, they are now reviewing for their board exam this October, Goodluck guys!!

Then went back to SDA by riding a UV Hehe na hindi ko alam kung pano bababa nung nasa Taft na ko HAHAHAHA nakakahiya napaka time consuming, tinulungan pa ko nung kuyang kakasakay lang haha

Then drove to the location where we'll shoot to drop the equipment.

PD- ing this classroom to be an Antique shop the day before the shoot with Earl
All of us in our group really brought our own "antique things"

Shoot for FILM4TV
Image may contain: 5 people, including Molly Martinez and Earl Lagundino, people smiling, indoor
(c) Mira
Image may contain: indoor
(c) Mira
Image may contain: indoor
(c) Mira
Balik ng equipment, naiwan papala yung napaka "expensive" na tripod

Anyways nung una kala namin talagang nawawala and we're like panicking cause it's really expensive, then I called the hospital to ask them if they can find the tripod, like gosh goodness they did, thank you Kuya Ador

Cause I really want to get my ID back haha lol
I went there para di na maextend ng maextend at magbayad ako ng 10php per hour

then went back to SDA hoping to get my ID back pero its already 5++ pm

Shoot for NLEDITI Finals and Support Camille!!
Photos from NLEDITI Shoot
At last nakuha ko na siya after 2 days, kasi the day after nung mabali k ko yung tripod lol nung magbabayad na ko ng overdue balance, sarado accounting, so I have to wait again the next day
Plus twinning ng coin purse with Angel!!

First Photo: Wala nang tropical hut, Chowking will be here anytime soon
Second Photo: yes, talagang naghahanap us ng actor for FILMDESI kasi kailangan bata
Day 1 of Thesis Defense
Goodluck to my Friends na mag dedefense next term :-)
Go Camille!!!
Me scheduling something...that I forgot what was it and also thinking of buying donuts
Day 2 of Thesis Defense
Got the last props that we need for FILMDESI Finals Shoot
FILMDESI - Finals Shoot

Photos from the shoot

Last shoot for Laguna (Documentary Film)
Talagang pikit na lang talaga, tapos kinabukasan may shoot

Ito yung time na pauwi na kami tapos nakasakay kami sa jeep then sabi ni Marvin dun na kami bababa sa may Jollibee kasi dun sakayan ng bus pa-Manila, tapos pagbaba namin lahat ng sakay ng jeep nakatingin samin HAHAHAHAHHA sabi hindi pa daw kami dun bababa HAHAHAHA
SO IN SHORT sumakay ulit kami sa jeep HAHAHAHA So Epic!

1am talaga nga ang typical time ng uwi pag galing Laguna
Hiram lang ng Equipment again for Day 2 shoot for FILM4TV
Day 2 Shoot for FILM4TV 
Day 3 shoot ng b-rolls for FILM4TV then post prod na us
me - crying on the inside while nasa traffic and its raining so hard but you know, gotta shoot some b-rolls para ma complete na yung edit for our pilot episode for film4tv
Just some photos from that day
Meanwhile, after that weekend, next weekend nag movie marathon ako ng Gone with the Wind (3hrs) Schindler's List (3 hrs) I, Tonya (1 and a half ata or 2hrs?) Flipped (1 and a half)

for extra grade purposes since I already feel na our finals will be going down for real so I'm gonna have to compensate it with submitting all these extra critique papers.

Don't tell me na I can search critiques about the said films, I also wanted to watch those and learn more about production design.
This is me acting for our NLEDITI Finals Film and also editing it on the day ng pasahan pero I also have to go to CCP as I have volunteered for Cinemalaya but then classes got suspended kaya inedit ko siya ng hating gabi then pinasa the next day lol

The same goes with Cinematography class, since suspended that time pinost-pone ko muna yung edit for NLEDITI then I shot my finals for cinematography then edited it as well then pinasa din kinabukasan through online hahaha

What is this life I'm living

Then after waiting for it to be processed sa google drive I went to CCP na rin
Last na cram talaga for FILM4TV (doing this ng madaling araw around 4:00 am) then presentation is at 8am) presentation of pitch deck and pilot episode and submission of the script.
First Photo: me saying goodbye to my 8am classes, since I won't be having those na

Second Photo: Finally, naka daan din ako sa famous exhibit na lahat ng frosh nakapag papicture na ata lol, it was really disturbing lol but its really good, I'm just glad that finally nahanap ko na rin siya and nadaanan, I was supposed to ask someone before to go with me there but you know haha I can go there myself naman so.
August 10 - Yes kunin ko muna mga gamit ko sa locker na hindi ko naman talaga nagamit yung locker ko, baka ma block lang ulit ako sa list ng mga nag rerent ng lockers but then hindi na rin naman na ko mag rerent next term hahaha baka lang mag ka offense na ko this time lol.
Just a still photo from my finals project for Cinematography
Special thanks to Joan for being my subject.
That’s it for Third Term 2018-2019, and we shall close this chapter though some pages were ripped out in the middle of the story.... it’s okay, I guess it was meant to happen in the first place. Thank you for reading!
Are you proud of who you have become?


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