I can feel it, by this term I have realized and known more about myself. It was confusing at first but throughout the term I am really glad that finally, I am now a third year college student and I am happy for myself that after so many years from being a freshman in 2015 and being a transferee in 2016, I actually progressed.

Photo above was the first shoot that I had with my trusted friends for our DGFILM 2 first film, It was quite challenging and the tension and the frustration of each one of us were all put together by the time the shoot was about to wrap up we were also really thankful for our friend, Alecx for staying with us and helping with our shoot.
We basically roamed around each and every street along our school building which were (AKIC and SDA) to look for a nice location that would fit our story.

Here are some of the photos from our shoot:
This was the time I got rejected by the office that allows students to rent lockers, why? well for the reason that I left some things from my locker last term... which I didn't but it was my friends' things which they didn't bother to get anyways, I was supposed to tell the office but I might get banned for 2 consecutive terms now for not complying with the locker rental rules, but well anyways....
I realized sooner that I did not really needed one so I'm glad that I didn't pushed through with renting a locker this term.
Some cookies, because I love cookies and it makes a lot of things better... even just a bit
Chris gave this to me from his Japan vacation
I just feel like using the mustache sticker on messenger on this one, since there aren't a lot of things that are happening this term yet.
I was early for this class, from what I remember it was script2 with Sir Wanggo and I arrived at 11am and our class starts around 11:20 am
I went to SM Southmall to buy a stationary that I can use for my PM duties (damn. again) and also bought an ice cream that was discounted because it was a wednesday that time, and if you present something that has a touch of pink, you get a discount.
Went on a KBBQ date with my cousin, though we were supposed to watch a movie.
I really thought this one is cute and brightened my day a little better
My two favorite J.CO Donuts!!!
Matchy with Jom
#LaSalle Pride lol
At that time, I feel like this was really relatable, I just don't think it is now, things change overtime and so as people, I really wished I wrote this blog post as soon as this term wrapped up (last week of April) (I am writing this now 6/27/19 at 9:55pm)

We were required to watch Born Beautiful for our CRITICI subject that time and I watched after my training at SM Megamall.
The Brocka, Bernal Exhibit at 12th flr.

I don't remember why I took this photo
Either I am waiting for someone or iniwan ako
Valentine's Day feels at Vista Mall
Yummerz at AKIC for Reco2
1st photo: wrote some notes from the brocka, bernal exhibit for a class 
2nd photo: lol what's your sotry? my first phone case that I bought for my new phone from an online shop
Some good-ass motivation magnet that I was supposed to put on my locker but then again I'm banned... so it shall stay on my vanity set
Advanced Sound Design Workshop with Sir Gerard 
Day 1

I love capturing the sunset and clouds sometimes because it makes me feel relaxed and calm

Some notes from our DGFILM2 exercise about empathy that Jom and I interviewed
We transcribed our interview for this activity, since we recorded the interview itself too
This was the 20 php expensive ass dirty ice cream near SDA, but I don't know I must've felt happy during that time since I ate an ice cream, or not.
Drew this for HARTDS2, but my prof just gave me a passing grade since I did not colored it.
This was one of my favorite lipstick, that was well umm.. died.
Christian's Thesis Film Shoot
Advanced Sound Design Workshop with Sir Gerard
Day 2
I also bought these skating shoes pendants at an online shop (talk about impulsive buying, this was the time I've been so crazy with online shopping its like there's a delivery every week and my dad is being annoyed already)
Some random photos that I took at the Brocka, Bernal Exhibit
Matchy with the line producer, Camillee
In this photo, I felt bad that time and cried so hard about defending my truth
I tried friends...Here's my vector art/ my midterm project for my COMGRAP subject with Sir James Delos Santos.
We hang out once in a blue moon
So here's a picture of Queenie and our food at Chomp- Chomp
Shanghai is life
it me 
It's such a blessing to go home before sunset
Some "DAHON" aHrt
Can't remember... but I was looking for a very important contract that time
I drew this, again.
HARTDS2 Midterm Project
Look at this cool bus that we have in our city though
This one's cute, probably if they're selling this 40% I'll buy it
Sippin some juice makes me refreshed
Very quick hang out again with my favorite floof

Some exhibit at the 11th floor

Strolled around the mall to buy necessary things for our DGFILM2 finals shoot
Fell in love with flowers
Film #2 Shoot in Bulacan
W/ Jom, Jin and Isa
I was so tired in this photo, cause I really don't want to go to HARTDS2 class anymore
I just want to drive home and sleep and rest
My logo that I designed and edited for an exercise for COMGRAP
Took some photos for my PD pitch for Luke's story for our final film for DGDILM2
Thankful for Kuya Ador for going with me through every place of the school

PHSU Ice Skating Day 
and being announced as part of the National Team

Feels so safe with my bear
MCAD Exhibit required for HARTDS2 again

Went to Pretty Huge Obstacles with my Teammates
Watched Ulan at Vista Mall
Helped with the FILMDIR shoot of Patrick as his PM
"Alay" a Short Film
COMGRAP is life
But sometimes destiny can be a biatch
Final Film at Luke's Place as Production Designer
First Time I rode Angkas
At one class with Sir Seymour, he lend us his books
Went to a talk at the Cinema 
Working for my finals for COMGRAP
This is well, again
for HARTDS2 (for extra grade purposes)
Together with Jom, Vea, Meg and another classmate
Favorite ramen near our house after a very tiring day
This is my favorite shirt 
Perfect for school/ shoot or pambahay
This was during Christian's footsal tournament for his PE4 Class

My brother face-timed me as usual and greeted me a Happy Birthday!
I miss you!
This was my Birthday
A quick getaway from Finals
Always my ramp whenever I go home with bby taylor
my cute bby taylor and a cute white bby taylor too
Thanks to my favorite floof for the gift
can't resist
love these donuts more than anything
This was Christian's thesis defense
Its my BFF and some KBBQ near FEU
It was that time that I trained then my dad and I went to our ancestral house in Bulacan to attend 'Pabasa'

Cozy af night with my new moon light that I got online

Easter Sunday at Hap Chan with my Dad

Almost last day of the term
Some not that important photos that I already uploaded a long time ago but still have to put captions that are well, necessary ...
Some good-ass mozzarella sticks to end this term and bago mag expire yung mga string cheese ko
I got a haircut, finally
Bye to my split ends
Hello to my full-on bangs
(though I told them to cut it nang side bangs)

Thank you for reading


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