So this is my first post and i really don't know how to start it even if im starting one right now , Haha sorry for being weird... , let's get stooorrteed.First of all i entitled my blog as Splashes of Fashion Adventure because it's like Fashion is being renewed like going back to the vintage going back to stripes and adventuring new things like that. I Feel so inspired by some Fashion Bloggers out there like Verniece and Vern Enciso and Kryz Uy btw they are so fabulous and i love them , because some of the skaters also in my rink (where i skate) created their own blogs like lifestyle blogs and many more so i decided also to have my own blog , i mean Fashion Blog because its fun and you'll be also known like when you go in the mall or some recreational places people will be like can we take a picture ? , and i prefer being a fashion blogger than being a celebrity , showbizness is so creepy there will be so many issues that will come against you and will ruin your reputation and you can live a normal life without issues like that...  , by the way I'm still not introducing myself I'm Corinne Molly Martinez and I'm 13 years old and turning 14 on March 31, 2013 which will be just a few days from now and also Easter Sunday . I'm a Swimmer , a Figure Skater and a Gymnast . I play Instruments like Flute, Lyre and Piano , And Lastly im a proud Enhancer/Greysonator or let's just say im Greyson Chance wife Haha lol jk. So that's all for now I'll be updating again soon :D or maybe Sooner or Later ;).


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