Last Day of Being 13 yrs. Old

March 30, 2013 woah Last day of Being 13 yrs. Old OHMYGOSH i didn't thought that time will be that fast i have experienced so much being as a 13 yrs. Old Girl so as my Sophomore Year
many things have change as the year progresses so yeah anyways let's talk abou the picture yeah ahaha , I spent my Last day of being a 13 yrs. Old  at SM North yep Haha and it's kind of awkward for me to go to SM North on a Saturday because usually i spent my weekend at MOA IKR addicted much? peace XD , so yeah we go to SM North uhm like 7:00 pm already then go to SM Annex and Park then after that i stroll with my mom and brother and look for gadgets and some gift for my birthday and after that we eat at Bon Chon well actually my suggestion because i just remembered someone told me that they have sweet spicy chicken in there so me the SPICY CHICKEN LOVER ate there and it was so yummy yeahh it tastes sweet and kind of spicy but before eating ofcourse i take a picture of it for what ? INSTAGRAM i just lovee instaaa so here's the picture ;).
Well Okay so  this is me while waiting for our Order , ohmygosh i must tell the game is so addicting try downloading it or just search it on your App store and download it the app is called 2Fuse ;) enjoy guys enjoy Hahaha


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