Hey Guys , i was really bored yesterday which is March 28,2013, because i was supposed to attend Visita Iglesia with my Mom and Brother
but then again the head ache attacked me again and it hurts so bad but anyways after some minutes it was gone so while they where in different places i was there in our living room Playing keyboard. I was able to play the introduction of Sunshine and City Light by Greyson Chance and Also Boston By Augustana (check it out on YouTube , you'll be surprised how relaxing will it be when you hear it.) , I just love Greyson Chance since April 22, 2012 because he's such an inspiration and i love his music that's why i decided to learn how to play piano again after some years of stopping i was so motivated that i already learned 3 songs of him on piano which are  : Broken Hearts , Cheyenne and now Sunshine and City Lights and some are not GC related songs like Boston by Augustana , i just saw it when i was reading a Greyson Chance Fan fiction on Wattpad which looks/sounds interesting so i searched it on YouTube and find it amusing and ended up learning the piano cover of it. Btw I got so tired that's why i ate some Stick-O as you can see . And it was already about 11:00 maybe ..


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