Being Out of Place


   Do you ever feel like you don't belong ? Like you just can't fit in ? I think i call it Being Out of Place. Most people experience it ; some people care, some people don't . 

   Sometimes i also feel out of place in every place cause I'm quiet shy and tend to have my own world. In the rink i feel out of place when my friends leave me and sometimes i became sad cause i think they got used to be by my side like I'm the one watching them just standing on the ice and they will just ask me if its traveling or what... so the next time i skated i tried practicing with my friends for just a few minutes then i practiced alone at first it was really awkward but then i got used to it cause i realized things change , friends leave and life doesn't stop for anyone so whenever i practice i don't wait for them like i don't depend on them if they're gonna skate or not cause I'm here to train, to practice and i need to focus that's when i landed my jumps ! i just asked them how to do that element then i practiced and practiced and practiced then i got it right !
   While in School , i remembered when i was in second year me and my best friend fought it each other cause i think she's replacing me with another friend (funny right ?, i know) so i just took my break myself and its so depressing since its the first time in my high school life that I'm just the only one taking my recess so i headed to the library with my teary eyed face and when I'm about to cry Flagella is there ( Classmate/Close friend now not last year ) and my eyes just dried fast idk why haha but still i can still remember that painful day but then also that day i became independent to myself ; well when i was in grade school particularly in grade 6 I'm kind of a loner i just go to the rest room by myself and chat with my swim mate at the first floor in the other building every lunch buy lunch alone or eat lunch alone at the classroom but i have friends but not that close , so when i reached first year its like i have so many friends again whenever i go to the rest room i need to have a friend with me or what.. so its just a painful experience when i was in 2nd year but i think the old me/new me is here ! so no worries remember Things change, friends leave , and life doesn't stop for anyone .

  How to handle Being Out of Place :

Seriously I'm not sure about all of these tho.. you can try it !

1. Be yourself

 Accept yourself, if others may not like you why not be yourself and try not to copy anyone ; others copy just to fit in even if your living that way with a happy feeling you'll still feel sad in the end so never copy anyone and just be yourself, your friends will accept you the way you are

2. Change the - to +

 Sometimes you don't notice that you're changing... sometimes for the better some for the worst, so always be alert on what you do , what you say cause in just one word you can hurt someone else's feelings and that will make them avoid you. (OR UNFRIEND YOU (LOL JUST ADVERTISING GREYSON'S UNFRIEND YOU CHECK IT OUT ON YOUTUBE IT AMAA ZINGG))

3. Think Positve
 Always think that way even though you're alone you still have your family that will always support and love you sweetie and just think of this one blinking is like clapping for your eyes, just remember that your eyelids are always applauding you and cheering you on ten nobody else is.

Quotes :

"Once you are avoided by someone , don't disturb them again"
"Trust Nobody except yourself"

well its not being cheesy (lol) , its like sometimes you have to make someone feel the same way too in order for them to understand how you feel like being out of place.. but then i realized its wrong to hurt someone just let them realize :)

"The highest form of human intelligence , is to observe yourself without judgement"

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Corinne Molly <3


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