How Figure Skating Changed My Life

I started Figure Skating a few years ago and seriously guys i can clearly see the changes that Figure Skating brought in My Life .

1. Met So Many Friends !

2. Get to Meet Celebrities and other Personalities

 Bugoy :)
 Ate Mikee and Kuya Yexel
Marlon Stockinger F1 Race car driver
Tom Doromal of PBB

LOL HAGGARD EWWNESS (With Ms. Matet De Leon)
 ohmygoshhhhh ewwwww I'm doing this for my blog like throwback photos ohmygosh :o XD
with Andi Eigenmann year 2010 shooting their mamarrazzi movie

 with Eugene Domingo xDDDD
With Derrick Monasterio
Allan Soriano (The Famous Prank Caller (LOL)), Isabel Granada ( Coach Nardie teaching her for their showtime performance), Kuya Steven , Dimples Romana, Kuya Tonipet and Jana :).

3. Be able to compete International 

                                          TECHNICALS                     RHYTHMIC RIBBON
                            RHYTHMIC BALL                             SOLO SURPRISE

4.  Meet International Friends !

Emily Gibson (Competitor in Solo Surprise)  Chloe Sluis ( i met her on Facebook !)

5. Meet Mr.Spteri and Buy SPTERI !!


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