Friday, November 21, 2014

A Day before ISI Worlds 2014 - at New England Sports Center

We're now off to the ISI Worlds 2014 Competition Blog posts !!! Don't worry it wouldn't be as long as my boston 2014 Travel Diary its just this Blog and the 2nd one which is the "ISI Worlds 2014 at Boston" Blog post which is next after this post ! .
On the 1st Day of our trip to Massachusetts we went from Framingham , MA to Marlborough , MA to visit the venue of the ISI Worlds 2014 ! I got so surprised because the sports center is really huge ! By means of HUGE it has 6 Skating Rinks ! Which is totally Rad ! because in the Philippines we only have Skating rinks at MOA , Megamall , Southmall , + 3 other skating rinks which are very small . My Skating Friend and I were supposed to have an Ice Time that day but there's a Ice Hockey Competition. I skated My Footworks , Surprised Event and My Artistic Event at Rink 2 then My Technicals and Rhythmic Ball Event at Rink 3. The experience of competing at ISI Worlds is really fun ! I would like to share it with you on My Next blog post ! So Stay Please Stay tuned for more updates ! .

SOME TRIVIA : (Find Philippines ;))


 Still Rink 1 but on the Other side , beside Rink 1 is Rink 5

 There's also a place wherein you can Play ! 
 Rink 3 ! Where I Performed My Technical and Rhythmic Ball Event ! 
Here's a video : 
Freestyle 4 (Technical Event) - A program performed to music with emphasis on the required test level maneuvers from the skater's current freestyle event. various skills are required , depending on the test level. All skaters must pass the freestyle test level to compete in this event.

Rhythmic Ball Freestyle 4 - the skater must maintain control of the prop at all times. It can be thrown , bounced or juggled but control should be maintained.

If you have any Questions, Just ask me here :

Some random pictures that I took , While we're on our way home

 Treats from Walmart ! and Below are Candies from the Party

Stay tuned on My Next post ! its the "ISI World 2014 Boston Experience"

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  1. I've always wanted to try ice skating or playing on it. I think you're really (REALLY) good at it hihi ~ x

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  5. I've always loved ice skating.. just that I suck at it hahaha!
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    1. Thank you Nana !! it is really amusing <3 I gotta agree with you ! Thank you !! sure !! xo

  9. Figure skating? That is so immensely awesome. I can do artistic quad skating but I've never competed like that.

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