Halloween 2014 Look

Hello Everyone ! How did your guy's "Halloween Party" went ? Did you guys had a Blast ? did it went good or bad ? Share your Halloween 2014 experiences in the comments below and let me know !

This year's Halloween I dressed-up as Wednesday Addams , Though literally I don't even look like Wednesday because of my Hair and Makeup but at least I tried to look scary Haha , Kidding ! . These pictures are "Self-Taken" meaning I took all the pictures in this blog post myself haha because Its really awkward when you ask someone to take a picture for you when you look like this , So I put my camera on timer and after that I did my Best in my editing skills to make it look more scary ! . To be honest , I really had fun taking these pictures for my blog and editing it . I even got lots of funny pictures because I'm not used to taking pictures with a poker Face so i tend to laugh at myself while the camera's timer is on going ! . 

About the outfit , can't you believe the white long sleeve polo is just a part of my uniform ? Yes ! you can do that ! Be creative when it comes to these things so you can save up money for more important things that you want to buy ! and as for my dress its just from surplus , it doesn't have to be expensive and everything but the focus in here is how you style it . There are times that some surplus clothes have look a likes in some of the famous stores and boutiques (ya know what I mean) . I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy at those pricey store , It's not about the brand its about style. I'm just saying Be Practical and use your money wisely .

I took the picture at our storage room bc everybody's busy that day. + Trick or treating is not that popular in our country , but sometimes we have in Malls .


Some Random pictures I took with Photobooth :

See ? I tend to laugh at my poses from time to time haha ! 
 Back to the Poker Face me :

 "Oh this is awkward..."

All I wanna say is . . .

H A P P Y  H A L L O W E E N


  1. Nice look...happy halloween!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

    1. Thank You Bisma ! Sure I'll Check Out your Blog ! xx

  2. So fun! Happy Halloween!


  3. You're so cool ate molly! grrr.. (long time no see btw, I'm back to blogging! Haha!) well, I spent my Halloween in Boracay and I really didn't feel like dressing up that day. (No fun. I know right?) So we arrived at Boracay in 6 in the evening. My cousins and I decided to talk a walk in the beach and buy some starbucks (seriously, to be honest, the only thing I enjoyed back there is our hotel was near starbucks!) but going back, The stores near the shore (If you've been to Boracay you know what I'm talking about.) we're decorated in halloween decorations. (since it's halloween). We passed on a store and we noticed this decor hanging. It was a "manananggal" 's upper part tied into a rope. We started talking about it was we were passing underneath it. I was looking at it curiously, wondering what time would they bring it down. Out of nowhere, I started hearing sounds of rope chains moving. Then I realized, The decor was just above my head. I was scared out of hell and I started crying hysterically, grabbing my cousin's arm (actually digging my long fingernails into his skin while dragging him). It was embarassing because the people around us started laughing at me. Haha. Missed talking to you ate Molly! x

    -Xine || Let's Talk!


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