BASTILLE Live in Manila Concert Ticket

I heard about Bastille for the First time last April and That song is Pompeii ! . Since that time I've been listening to Pompeii almost everyday then by May 2014 .

I got hooked by Things We Lost in The Fire , But then School got me so Busy, So I wasn't able to "concentrate on My Fan girl Skills"because I still have to focus first in my Studies . But every time I hear Pompeii and Things We Lost in The Fire I've always think about Bastille but never knew who are the band members until last September I saw a Tweet from Philippine Concerts that Bastille will be having their Concert in Manila on January 5 and so I was like : Hey why not try earning money for this Concert ? and Give it a Try ? After all the boys Seems totally Amazing  . So on September 21, 2014 I started saving up for the Concert to be able to make it up to the Early Bird tickets which is 1000 pesos lesser than the Regular price which is 4800 . But Sadly , Right after I counted my exact money for the concert which I am totally Excited about... BAM ! The Early bird tickets got SOLD OUT and got me like Crazy !! . I literally cried because I earned really really hard everyday and have to save money from My Allowance just to be able to make it up to the Early Bird Tickets and then just One Click the Tickets SOLD OUT talk about Sacrifice for Food and Temptation. Though , With the help of My Mom she just added 1000 pesos for me to be able to buy the Concert Ticket , So Last October 15 , 2014 My Mom bought the Ticket and I was so Happy and Speechless that time, After saving up for weeks and being down for receiving the news that EB Tickets SOLD OUT someone saved Me and gave me Hope which is My Mom ,Thank you so much for Helping me Mom ! .

And also I thought Bastille's gonna be my First Concert that I'm going to Attend to , but Surprisingly I won Tickets for Magic's Concert Last October 23 ! which is totally rad and unexpected !.

SHOUTOUT TO ALL THE STORMERS OUT THERE WHO VOTED FOR BASTILLE AT #AMAs ! The Voting just ended a few hours ago and We all know that The Boys Deserves that award and I am so Happy for Everyone ! :)

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Edited Pictures for Dan !


  1. That's why we love our mums :) Gosh, even I'm excited and I'm not attending the concert ;) Hope you have the most amazing time ever!! xx Maja

  2. good for you dear.
    how sweet of your mum.
    I haven't gone to any legit concerts yet
    but hope you enjoyed though.

    Ms. Kei


    i am now following your blog
    through GFC & Bloglovin'.

    1. Thank you !! I know I will !! They're my Favorite band ! I just hope I don't get squished !! haha

  3. nice post!
    I wish I got to see them

    I followed you on GFC, please follow back :) | Kandice

  4. Awesomee :))

    Would you like to follow eachother :) ?


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