Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Not everyone loves "Valentine's Day" . But not everyone hates it either ! I , for one, love it!

Not for all the things that you can get but because of all the fun things and actvities  that you could truly do ! I think people get so caught up in the whole "love thing" anymore that they forget that that's not what's its all about.

If anything , I Hate how V-Day makes people be in such terrible moods! it's not the end of the world people ! It's just 24 hours of mushy blah-ness ! It will pass and the world will be back on its axis before you know it ! , Trust Me !

Just remember, There is always someone out here who love and cares for you , and if you don't feel that way, then its even more important that you LOVE YOURSELF as hard as possible.

-Says Carey of Little Free Closet

Anyways Here are some Valentine's Gift Ideas that I'll be sharing with you guys also known as "Last Minute Prepping for Valentine's Day"

All pictures Credits to its Owners and Pinterest

1. Chocolates / Candies
-Make it cool and unique as possible , must be catchy ! 
Here are some of the examples I got :

 *too lazy to crop it , really sorry about that*
 This is really Cool !

 These are just a Dollar or 5 at Walmart ! Very Affordable
 Be creative ! that simple lollipop can be a memorable lollipop because of its message even though its one of the simplest thing you could ever give to somebody.
 PRINT some printable valentine's card with some "cheesy" quote in it

 2. Lip Balm for your GIRL-FRIENDS !

 3. Make use of some Jars

 Anything that comes with a Jar is totally dope !

 3. DIY Love Memory
 4. Some DIY Valentine's Card your Friends
-All you need is a Cardboard , Glue , Paint and a Marker
 5. Sweet Little Hand-made things

 6. Sweet Message for your Girl or Boy who loves Playing Baseball
-These are for keeps
 7. Da Bomb Surprise

 8. DIY Kiss Marks + your Message
 9. Message on a Puzzle
 10. Scratch and Reveal
 12. The Famous Memory Card
 13. Edible Matches and Printable
 14. Cute DIY Teddy Bear with a Lil Message that'll melt your heart

 15. Arts and Printables

 16. For the One you'll Miss
-Perfect for friends who'll be parting because Graduation is just a few days this is a perfect gift for a close friend and a starbucks lover ! But don't settle for that coupon or design add a heartwarming message she'll never ever forget.


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  1. I love all these ideas!
    Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about moping because you're can just be about being happy and making others happy!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! I love you a latte is my favorite pun catchphrase out of all of these.

    xoxo Morning

    1. Happy Valentine's to you too !! Hahaha me too ! very catchy !!

  3. Hi Love! Sorry if it took some time for me to visit again. Went I got home from my trip to Brunei, school took most of my time. I'm reading the post I've missed here.
    Belated Happy Valentine's Day, hope you got a lot of chocolates and love!
    Mwuah mwuah!

    With lots of love for you,
    Ate Monique


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