30 Summer Boredom Busters

If you're reading this you're probably really bored and, at this moment, have no one to be with
or Just sitting all day with your Laptop,iPad or your Phone, Enjoy your Summer Dear it's just a 2 months Vacay and after that you'll be stuck in school again for 10 months and i know you hate that , so i'm giving you 30 ways to enjoy your summer or to handle being alone , and probably some of you are done with swimming so you'll just be stuck there waiting for a miracle or just playing with your gadgets  we don't want that to happen cause the first thing that your teachers will ask is "How's your summer" please write it on a piece of paper which doesn't get old , So if your parents are now busy with their works you could try these stuffs with your friends or you alone and some of this are just basically easy so let's get started. 

1. Balloon PingPong

Just a simple activity you can do with a pal , you'll just need:
Popsicle Sticks
Little Paper Plates
Masking tape
put masking tape on the popsicle stick and stick the paper plate together just like in the picture :) , and start playing the Balloon PingPong Game.

2.Learn a New Hobby

 Is there something you've always wanted to learn, but didn't think you could? Now's the time! , it's Summer and you have a lot of time, Here are some suggestions:

Learn to play a musical instrument Like Piano , Flute, Drums, Ukelele, and others.
Take up singing.
Learn to dance. Or, if you're already a dancer, learn different styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, or modern. You can on enroll on CCP :)
Develop your artistic skills. Practice drawing, painting, sculpting, or whatever else inspires you !

3.Own/Play with a Pet

If you don't have a pet to play with  why don't you own one ? , just think of the big responsibility okay, but if you don't have a money you can just adopt a dog and that is just more better :)

For those who have pets , Hang out with them while your not busy :) , teach them tricks watch with them cause they will truly miss you when you go again to school :).

4. D.I.Y. 

if you ran out of pots for your plants you can do this cool D.I.Y. project All you need is :
just do it like how it shown above and there you have it , your own Fancy D.I.Y.  Earth Friendly pot :).

5.Watch DVD 

Try watching your Childhood DVD it would be totally fun if you watch it with your friends or your family.

6.Play a Sport

Skating :)


Try riding a bike.
Learn to surf.
Play basketball, volleyball, tennis, football, or other team sports.
Start running every morning or evening, while it's cool enough outside.
Go wild swimming. ( just like what I'm doing :) , i let out all my bad mood by swimming , guys it works ;D)

7.Organize your Room

Make it Bright , and Fun , or organize it by what you want , remove all your used & old things and blessings will enter in your room and will give way to new things :).

8.Get in touch with your Friends

You can watch movie with them or go to star city or EK for some rides and have fun or some place you could hang out together .

9. Read

 You Could read Magazines Like Total girl , Candy, Seventeen, Vogue and others, btw That is My TG Magazines :)

Maybe you could be fast reader when school starts and you could be the Top 1 Library User in your batch/school.
Or just read some pocket books or some books you desire .

10.Take Pictures

 And make a slam book about your summer , or just search about photography and practice your photography skills.

11. Days of Summer (Collage)
 You can also do a collage about what you did this summer so that you'll not forgot your summer and it will remain as a beautiful memory :).

12.Learn a New Language
How about French? Or Spanish? , Download apps like these , in that way you can learn the language you want little by little :D and you can show it of to your classmates when school started.

13. Set a Goal

Turn Impossible to POSSIBLE  :) 

What do you want your grades to be like? Do you want to be more social? What do you want to achieve in your life? What classes do you want to take for this year and years to come? Make resolutions and write them down so you remember.

14.Go on a Mini Vacation

Grab a couple friends and turn your room into a palace, or the jungle, or a hotel, or whatever. Buy some cool food and wacky "souveniers", and have a vacation (i.e. sleepover) at your house. Ideas: complementary breakfast, set chocolates on people's pillows, fold towels, set everything up nicely

15.Play or Learn a New game

Try New Like Uno , Monopoly or Puzzle Games or Board Games to keep you busy :D.

16.Interact with People

Connect and Meet people Local and Internationally but be careful some are hackers and some are bad people .

17.Listen to Music

it's better if you listen to a soft music rather than a hard rock , this way you can reflect and relax.

18.Write a Novel

It can be about anything at all. You could start a project with a friend where you both write a story along the same theme. If you don't want to share it with people you know you can upload it onto the internet and share it with others, or you could just keep it to yourself.

19.Keep your Mind Active

Solve puzzles, organize and clean, and learn new things (summer is an excellent time to get a head start on the next term). Studies have shown that your I.Q. drops significantly during long sessions of limited use, such as summer.

20.FanGirl :D

Lol you can do this everyday even if it's not summer but just focus on studies just what i do :).


Start running every morning or evening, while it's cool enough outside. Or you can download this app on your phone => "workout".

22.Do Some crafts

Craft projects can take time and patience you don't have during the school year, but they're perfect for  summertime! Here are some ones to try:

You can try some Origamis or some paper stars or hearts :).

23.Photoshoot with Friends

 If they're away, make new ones. Ask your friends if they know anyone who's going to stick around for the summer, get their numbers, call them up and say "I'm a friend of ______. He/she told me you were going to be around this summer. Wanna hang out?" And if you're too shy, try calling people you've lost touch with over the years — these are people you already know you can get along with. Plus, you'll have a ton to talk about, either catching up on what you've both been up to or reminiscing.

And by that you can do photoshoot with your new friends <3

24.Learn Nail Art

Trying to learn nail art but always failing , no worries dear you can just do some simple nail arts you can check out youtube and instagram for that :D.

25.Learn how to Cook

even though it's hard for me to cook , i need to learn so that i will not look like a mountain girl in the future , btw i already know how to cook pandit canton LOL .

26.Make a Blog

so recently i created my blog which is this because i thought it will be fun , and i didn't regret it , it's like my new best friend which i can talk to and post what i want so if i were you, create your blog while it's still summer, cause i know we'll all be busy this upcoming school year.

27.Watch Koreanovelas

it's so fun to watch Koreanovelas and i just recently watch this novel called To the beautiful you and if you want to watch it also just go to drama crazy.net

28.Read Blogs :)

In order to see some people's point of view or some of their activities and i think that's interesting

29.Try Foods

Sorry i ran out of pictures , so try other culture's food , maybe you'll love it and never regret eating it or maybe the opposite xD , so you can try Mochi <3 its very delish its from a japan , and its circle and the inside is ice cream :D.

30.Enjoy The Summer

So Guys Enjoy your summer just be happy and have fun always , and please you can also get out sometime and exercise and follow this things that i said okay ? , just a reminder to keep you healthy and sick -free


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