Last Hurrah for Summer !

Did the summer flew by faster than you expected? Maybe you meant to get away, but long work weeks, weekend errands and competition season gobbled up the last few months.

Not ready to let go of the vacation ? Here are 10 more things to do before school starts !
  • Decide on your back-to-school hairstyle.
  • Put together a first-day-of-school playlist to get you out of bed.
  • Read one last just-for-fun book before the next 10 months of textbooks.
  • Schedule an all-day (or all-weekend) bonding session with the family member you'll miss the most.
  • Eat all the fruits summer has to offer --- the fresher (from the tree, not in the juice box), the better.
  • Paint your fingernails and toenails all different colors.
  • Plan a last-hurrah sleepover with your summer friends and invite your school friends so they can meet and mingle.
  • Personalize your school stuff with the crafting skills you learned over the summer. Didn't learn any ? it's not too late to start ! .
  • Put together a summer of '13 video. Interview summer friends , tell the stories behind your summer souvenirs... it's like a moving scrapbook !.
  • Grab a new School Planner :).


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