At First my Dream got ruined because my mom wake me up at 7 am , Seriously. First we went to our City Hall then ask the lady for the interview...
but she said we need to go to the main office of the DSWD so before that I'm so hungry because we keep on walking and walking... so we eat at KFC and i ordered a 1 pc. chicken and a coke :) cause I'm really hungry. then we go back home then go to DSWD my brother drive us there... , then this mean girl i call zeny cause she reminds me of someone ... she's the interviewer so i sit on the chair and she's looking at me badly and said "your not the one who will sit.., let your mom" and I'm like OKAY WTF... if i just don't need my traveling clearance i answer her back right away... , so wait btw a weird condo with other people xD I'm talking to someone who's going to korea (her daughter) cause I'm talking to an old lady and my mom is talking to an old man with his grandchild who's been traveling 12 times asdfghjkl ALONE yeah guys.. ALONE xD so anyways we need to go back to our house cause we lack out of requirements so i waited ... in the car for i think 20 mins. with our driver cause iim waiting for my mom and my brother is in the barangay hall enjoying the aircon wtf.. and me I just took some photos while waiting to get fried cause we can't use the aircon cause we'll be out of gas so yeah we head home then go again to DSWD then *fastforward* yay ! got my traveling clearance xD then after we go home again then we go to Tiendesittas and buy a new car :D then after that we stroll around tiendesittas then while were on our way home we stop on a Drive-Thru (Mc Donalds ) and The Cool thing is they Have a Wifi yay ! .. then atlast were Home.
here are the pictures to keep you updated :

Just got out of the Car, Going to City Hall :D 
 Breakfast with Mom and Dad :)
Lol were is this o.o nvm..

 While Zeny is interviewing my mom
 I'm waiting in the car with my sprite wow yeah

 ohh wait after Lunch We go to Our Hospital 
Here are the Pictures :) (Dad) 

 Going home from DSWD YAY ! Hashtag Haggard Look xD
 Tiendesittas ! <3
 SM Pasig Parking :)
 TOMS <3
 IDK WHY ... my mom just took some photos

 My Mom Likes this Table xD

 Were On our Way Home :d


So This is My Schedule:
Home (Car/Sprite thing)
Martinez Hospital
SM Pasig
Mc-Donalds (WIFI!!)

Home <3

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