How to Create your Own Personal Style

Following fashion slavishly can cost a small fortune. Be creative and thrifty and come up with a fabulous style of your very own , cause you don't need to spend that much  ; cause you can find a look a like of that expensive dress you want on a thrift store or at the department store , Save Money so if you really need it for an important emergency you can use it .

  • Look for inspiration in magazines and on TV, then elect the things you like most.

  • Pick and choose the things you like and imagine how you can combine them into a style of your own

Like the Picture shown above; On The first picture- I combined My Shorts and Stockings the same at the 3rd Picture ; While On the 2nd Picture I combined a Shirt and a Sleeveless top (That I've got Inspired by the koreanovelas that i watch) .

  • Lay all your clothes out in your room and sort them into piles of things that suit you and things you'd like to adapt.    

  • Try changing the length or adding extra trim to items that are old and dull .
Though.. I'm not saying that My jacket is Old (I just used it for the 1st time)LOL , but sometimes Old-Like things tend to add a spice up of your outfit.
Like My outfit shown above , I paired my jacket with a Human Top that looks stylish because of its design and also the fact that I've added my jacket.

  • Experiment with unusual combinations and try layering or adding accessories.

  • Scope out thrift stores for inexpensive items that suit your style. This is a great way to find cool vintage clothes. It's also the greenest way to shop because you'll be recycling and you'll earn more money that you can use if you wanna go to a concert , food trip , movie and etc.
(Try to buy Solemate Shoes at the SM Department Stores !! , it's very comfortable and it's Buy 1 Take 1 !)

O T H E R  O U T F I T S : 

= If you wanna be comfortable , you can dress up a Dress and pair it with accessories ! and add some belt that would match the design of your dress.
Dress : Surplus
Belt : Genevieve Gozum
Shoes : Osh Kosh
Skating Necklace : from a Friend
Bag : Parisian
Jacket : From Sm Ice Skating 
= A stroll at the park or some "Gimik" with your friends , you can wear a very comfy and also a nice outfit that would be a long sleeve (If it's cold in your country;(esp. those who are experiencing snow and some countries are experiencing snow storms #GodBlessAmerica) or if you're living in a tropical country you can pair it with a Shirt or a Crop top with Leggings and a doll shoes or an oxford shoes if you want.
Furry Long Sleeve Top : Landmark 
Leggings : SM Department Store
Shoes : Jazz
Bag : Parisian 
=If you're a Sporty Gal , you can wear a yoga pants , leggings , and a typical rubber shoes and an sports wear top.
Jacket : SM Ice Skating
Leggings : GreenHills
Shoes : Nike
Bag : Parisian 

=My typical Shopping Outifts <3 

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