New Year's Eve Outfit

As you can see with My I <3 MOM AND DAD Shirt We have to wear it for some "Photo /Photography Reasons" ( I know wearing a T-shirt with a Skater Skirt is a No No but I can't do anything about it and besides it's really comfortable, though some of you won't agree I think it suits the skater skirt ) and we all got it for Christmas from one of our Aunts and its "customized" they say and they really intend this twinning shirts for a reason but I don't Know but they're really comfortable , So after the picture taking we already Changed into our Real New year's Eve Outfit But for some they just preferred or their parents just preferred that they'll just use the shirt for NYE , Like My Lil Cousins.

By the way , I weren't able to have good full body shots below VVVV because by the time I changed its already New Year and No one's gonna take a picture of me because everyone is already busy. Here's The Outfit :

Right Hand Nail Polish  
Left Hand Nail Polish

Top : Akita  
Skater Skirt : GreenHills
Shoes: Auztralian 
Accessories : From My Friends 
Nail Polish : Both from Elf

Corinne Molly


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