Things that I'm Grateful for The Year 2013

  • I'm grateful for My Friend who's always been there for me though sometimes she's not there but i can count on her if i have problems and if i have things that i'm really grateful 
  • And to all My Friends who's always been there for me throughout the year
  • My School Friends who gave me a Chance to be close to them after being absent for 2 weeks even though School just started that time.

  • Got  a 10 Year Multiple Visa !! 

  •  I Was able to compete abroad and also get to bond with My Family in there :)

  •  SERIOUSLY Be Able to Meet the Famous Filipino F1 Driver - Marlon Stockinger and be able to make him Sign My Skates (Like My Skates before :) here's the picture : (Yeah I Look like a potato ;) ) 

  •  My Supportive School gave me a Tarpaulin again , since i got there they've been so supportive to My Sports Activities though every time there's a Competition it's our Exam week so yeah yo Lil potato need to take the special test every year which is harder than the regular one.

  •  With My Crush :3 , Lol Just Kidding haha , First Picture with a hockey Player ! I mean its Tom of Pinoy Big Brother Like Hello? its so Cool and we're like HII TOM !! (its a long story tho.. , if you want an awkward blog about how i interact with celebrities in the rink you can ask about it on my ;) , )

  •  I was really Shocked when I got 3 Golds last Summerskates its really an Achievement for me to achieve 3 Golds cause every year whenever i join a Skate Manila / Summer Skate competition i always get 2 Golds and 1 Silver. And I'm really Thankful for the stuff toys that I've got and the rose.

  •  Have My Picture taken with Kuya Yexel Sebastian and Ate Mikee , for some of you guys who doesn't know them they are Youtube Vloggers Like "FAMOUS" well Kuya Yexel is related to the "JAMICH" so really its so complicated.. but yeah Kuya Yexel also owns an Awesome Toy Museum Located at Las PiƱas Here's the Link : Yexel's Toy Museum .
  • You may think why I'm really grateful meeting them than any other celebrities or other personalities (Even though throughout the year I've been taking pictures with other Celeb )and you might be like : " --- is more famous , why didn't she choose - " or something like that , it's just really like I Love their Videos and I really Love them .

  • Be able to Dive again after 2 Years and train with the La Salle Araneta Swimming Team Again !
Ohh My Mom Edited this okay.. She posted it on her Fb (Just so you know Like Lol)

 Hoho I'm such an Ugly Duckling :| ohmygod,,
I even sat on the floor because i was really shy to take a picture with Michael so It's really awkward because my Friends also carried me while yo duckling is sitting and then ..

I Look so Weird ohmy... 

  • The Last One : I'm so grateful that A Filipino Figure Skater qualified at the 2014 Winter Olympics , Good Luck Michael You Can do it ;)
Some of You guys are my friends on Facebook some aren't so as you can see some of the pictures here are already published on My Instagram and Facebook ( just to let ya know xx)

It was a Great year with Ups and Downs ! , Looking forward to a great year ahead !!
God Bless Everyone !

Corinne Molly


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