Bastille Live in Manila (1.5.15)

Hello Everybody ! As  you guys know , I just recently went to Bastille Live in Manila ! the much awaited concert for me !! If you're a Friend of mine you would know how much I Love this Band and I've never been so dedicated in My Life in supporting a Band or an Artist. 

You see , I'm a fan of Greyson Chance before but had never been to any of his concerts and well got tired waiting for the Planet X Album . I decided to transfer to the Stormers Fandom which I didn't regret.

Here's a Short Story of How it all Started , How I became a Dedicated Supporter for Bastille :

I saw a Blog post before , Entitled as Pompeii … and thought Wow… that's an Interesting blog post , As I Scroll through the post at the end of It I saw a video of Pompeii by Bastille and listened to it and fell in love . By April 2014 I heard of Things We lost in the Fire and got a Last Song Syndrome. After a few months like September I saw a post that Bastille will be having a concert in Manila ! I quickly fangirled and listen to all their songs and got myself amazed and Dan Smith voice is just pure raw talent ! and then One day in September I transferred to another fandom and changed my username to BastilleMolly on twitter and met a lot of Stormers around the world. Anyways , After that I decided to go to the Concert … That wasn't easy though. I saved my allowance just to be able to make it up to the Early Bird Tickets which are way cheaper than the regular , In 3 months I save a little of my allowance everyday and even stop myself from temptation of buying non-healthy foods . On the day that I was able to save the exact amount for the early bird ticket , When I got home I got surprised ! because the Early Bird Tickets got SOLD OUT ! Yes ! SOLD OUT ! I cried so much , because I thought I wouldn't be able to make it… and will ran out of Regular priced tickets while saving 1000 pesos more for the regular priced one. But good thing my Mom added 1000 to it and was able to bought the ticket. I've had to admit , its really pricey + its Standing. I was really happy when I got the ticket. and On December , Karpos Multimedia had a Creativity Contest , wherein you should create an Artwork related to Bastille Digital or not and Reason why you should be picked. Its Called the Soundcheck Party Contest. At First I was like , That's gotta be hard so after 3 Days , I looked at the mechanics and Grabbed the Opportunity. I edited 3 pictures and Every Night until the deadline I share those and tag Karpos on Instagram. and on December 23 Karpos announced the first 10 Soundcheck party Winners ! Silly me , Looking for @corinnemolly but then realized I used @pumpkintale then after 10 seconds I saw my username ! and got shocked !!! I was really feeling down that time. But good thing this boost my emotions and turned to ecstatic and Overjoyed.

On The Day of the Concert :

Karpos texted me to go there at 4:15 p.m. , Good thing I was able to make it up , Because its so Traffic. I Saw Ate Shen , Ate Irma, Micah , Ate Inah , Effy and Gian ! . then I lined up at the Soundcheck party people line , then we got transferred to the other side . After a few minutes of waiting we went inside WTC. then we heard some guitar strumming , Dan's Burp and etc. A Karpos staff explained some rules before we go inside, then I got to meet Naomi and Ate Leica. At the Soundcheck party they said Hi and more then sang 3-4 Songs ! with Only us ! After singing we lined up for picture taking . I hugged them all then when I saw Dan I stared at him for like 2 seconds then I said "Can I Hug ?" then he replied "Sure" What's your Name ? :)" I replied "Molly" ,"Great !!". then 2 pictures OMG then I handed him the Bracelet that I got for Him and handed it to him like a Drug because they said you can't give any gifts … so I have 3 more left for the bracelets and 4 necklaces. Then "Dan it's for you !" "Thank you !" then while I walk away I heard " Check this out ! this is cool !" saying to Woody , Will and Kyle. Then Me, Naomi and Ate Leica chat about it and took some pictures at the Photobooth. After that we played some games at SPINNR wherein there are emojis and you'll have to guess the song. Then you have to pick a paper that has a like a prize , I got a Sticker. LOL. Then We looked at the Pricey Merchandises , T-Shirts are 1300 and Signed Albums are 600+. Then we lined up , We stayed there for 1 hr. enjoying the things and everything then after 1 hr. they let the Fans inside it was 6:00p.m. then Naomi fetched her friend Bernadine and introduced her to us then Finally Elijah came in ,  by 8:00p.m. we went inside then the line got crazy ! The "Organizers" Weren't that Organize , sadly… I feel so bad for some of the fans who lined up for hours. Anyways Me and My Concert Buddies went Inside ! Luckily Ate Leica found a perfect spot for us ! FRONT ROW Baby !! right in front of the Stairs. Again we chatted for like an hour and 15minutes. Finally by 9:15 p.m. Bastille started rockin' Manila's World Trade Center . Before Dan sang Oblivion , he asked us to open our lights in our Phones !!! It was Amazing !!! Great Idea Dan !. Then when Dan is singing No Angels he got a Fan's Phone ! (Ate Krysten's Phone) and took a Crowd Selfie ! OMG !!!! Everybody went wild !!!. Then on Flaws Dan tried walking through the crowd but I guess its somewhat a fail because there are really a lot of people !! and Dan weren't able to walk properly due to yeah the crowd haha. Dan also asked to step back because front people were being squished he said " I hate to be the boring dad here, but you guys look all crammed in front . Would you please take one step back ? " -Dan Smith Awh !!! Dan also cut his finger while trying to fix the fan !!! so Woody ended up having a drum Solo ! They also wore Bunny Lighting Headbands from a Fan ! . Of The Night is so Amazing , Dan asked us to kneel though its really impossible for Front row people so we just squat haha then Jumped during Of the Night . The Pompeii Confetti is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME . THE BEST CONCERT EVER , THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE ! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!

Bastille in Manila Highlights

Dan burped during Soundcheck
-Also He asked for My Name (OH-M-G)
Dan asking fans to step back because front row fans are getting squished af and I was there haha
Dan Cut his finger resulting to
Woody having a Drum Solo that's really rad
Dan got Ate Mae's Lantern 
Flashlights (On) during Oblivion
The traditional Flaws Walk (Which only Stormers know)
Jumping during Of the Night
Dan , Kyle , Woody and Will wearing Bunny Ears
Kyle Threw a Drum stick (Am I right ? or is it woody ?)
Dan's Selfie with Ate Krysten's Phone
Dan eating Balut
Here's the Link to My Vlog Channel : 
I posted :
Flaws , Icarus, Overjoyed , These Streets , Poet , The Driver , The Silence , No Scrubs

 During the Soundcheck Party

 With My Awesome Concert Buddies (Bernadine and Elijah is not yet here though)
 Bastille Photobooth
Right - After the Soundcheck party , Only The Soundcheck party winners and Staffs are inside that moment for an hour

 HEYYA ! Naomi

 Ate Leica | Naomi | Bernadine | Molly

now with Elijah !

 T O M
 After-Concert Selfies !

 With Ate Shen !!!



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