Concert Must-Haves + Upcoming Concerts in Manila this 2015

Photo : MAGIC Live in Manila with My fellow Wilbros Live Winners 

This 2015 Manila got bombarded with lots of Concerts ! Luckily I was able to earn some money in less than 4 months for Bastille Live in Manila and get a Chance to attend at least even 1 concert for 2015 , But who Knows if I get a to earn money again for a concert this year ? That would be awesome.  

With all this concerts hitting Manila, I decided to ask my Twitter and Facebook Friends the following question:
“What are your "Concert-Must Haves" since 2015 is full of different kinds of fun concerts to attend to ?"

Here is the @PhilippineConcerts 's Schedule for 2015

APRIL 2015 Concerts

April 17 - The Script Live in Manila at Mall of Asia Arena
April 25 - Wanderland Music and Arts Festival 2015 at Globe Circuit Event Grounds
April 30 - Demi Lovato Live in Manila at Mall of Asia Arena

MAY 2015 Concerts
May 2 - VIXX Live in Manila at Mall of Asia Arena
May 5 - Backstreet Live in Manila at Mall of Asia Arena
May 7 - Katy Perry Live in Manila at Philippine Arena
May 8 - Owl City Live in Manila at Bonifacio High Street Central Plaza
May 10 - Sam Smith Live in Manila at Mall of Asia Arena
May 16 - Closeup Forever Summer 2015 at Mall of Asia Concert Grounds
May 19 - Bob Marley Music Festival at Greenfield District
May 19 - Alt-J Live in Manila at The Theater at Solaire Resort
May 26 - Boyzone Live in Manila at Smart Araneta Coliseum
May 30 - Dream Fields Music Festival at Vista Concert Grounds

JUNE 2015 Concerts
June 7 - Idina Menzel Live in Manila at Mall of Asia Arena

AUGUST  2015 Concerts
August 12 - All Time Low and The Maine Live in Manila at Mall of Asia Arena
August 13 - Passion Pit Live in Manila at World Trade Center
August 13 - Echosmith Live in Manila Samsung Hall
August 14 - Planetshakers Live in Manila at Smart Araneta Coliseum
August 23 - Ariana Grande Live in Manila at Mall of Asia Arena
August 27 - Imagine Dragons at Mall of Asia Arena

SEPTEMBER 2015 Concerts
September 17 - Maroon 5 Live in Manila at Mall of Asia Arena

1. Ticket and Your Own Style.

-Ofcourse you need to bring your ticket !
Ticket is a must ! No ticket No Entry (Unless you won a Concert Ticket and have to claim it up on the Concert Day)

"Some of those must haves are of course your self and your ticket but beyond that you need to bring in your own style to the concert and props so they will know how legit of a stormer (Fans of Bastille) you are"
-Says Elijah Geronimo from Bastille Ph on Facebook

2. Cameras like (Digicam , DSLRS, Smartphone Camera) , Powerbanks and Extra Batteries (Just In Case).

-The Cameras are a really must-have , if you wanna keep a memory from a concert a picture will remind of how much fun it gave to you that night. Plus , you can post something for you social media accounts.
-Powerbanks - In case your smartphone got drained even before the concert starts because of taking too much pictures with your co-Fangirls and Fanboys Powerbanks can help you with that.
-Extra Batteries for your Camera - Oh-No it looks like your camera just randomly shot down while the concert  is on-going don't cha worry I got this ! Just gab your extra battery from your bag and change the drained battery from you camera quickly before you miss something amazing !.

"Thanks for the Idea @ColoredPencilMe on Twitter and Miguell Borela from Bastille Ph"

3. Money
-Merch , Merch , Merch ! so much with Band Merchandise better bring some extra money in case you drool over those merchandise that they displayed outside the venue.
-Also if you are starving to Death , you can buy foods if you forgot to bring extra snacks and drinks.

"Says @ColoredPencilMe on Twitter and Miguell Borela from Bastille Ph"


-If you haven't bought the album yet , its okay ! this is optional if you just bump in to them after the concert and that's it your album get the chance to be signed !

5. Drinks ( Water , Energy Drink , or Coffee) or Some Snacks (In case your Idol will be late, while you're in line)
Photo : at Healthy Options Trinoma
-Before you faint while waiting for your Idol , its good for you to munch some snacks if you're already in the line , don't forget the water to keep you hydrated !

© Google Images
-This is a Great Idea if you're meeting you're Idol ! the more unique the more that they would remember your gift ! Who knows ? they might tweet about your gift !

"Says Shen Macalino from Bastille Ph" 
© Google Images
-Banners ! You can out some We Love you _(Insert Artist)_ or some interesting phrases or short questions ! Sometimes they read some randomly if the question is really funny or something "kinky".

8.Markers and Papers

© Google Images
-Gold/Silver/Black Sharpies are totally awesome and greatly seen , So if you'll gonna be buying some sharpie , take note of these colors ! .
-Papers ofcourse ! An Autograph from your Idol is such an amazing souvenir and a Great Memory from the Concert.

"Says @PunkYouMichael on Twitter"

Some Extras and Optional : Perfume ,Extra Shirt , Lip Balm , Powder more of like some Hygiene Stuffs.

Plus : Make some Friends
 One of the easiest ways to make new friends at a music festival is to share an item your festival neighbor forgot to bring. (a lighter, handwipes etc.)Personally , I like to hand out candy or gum. There are certain pests where dust is everywhere. When your mouth is dry, your lungs are uncomfortable, and your breath is questionable, someone handing you a stick of gum is sort of your new hero.

Thanks to Everyone Who Contributed to this Blog Post ! I truly Appreciated it !

Love lots 
Molly Martinez
@BastilleMolly on Twitter


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