Junior High'


    This School Year was a "Total Blast" Ive had so much fun being with these group of very nice people for over 10 months and I still can't get over the fact that School Year 2013-2014 passed by so fast ! . Is it just me or I just feel like the time is so fast or we're just growing up , because as kids before we don't care about time but now we're busy growing up , doing things that we don't even know that time passes by so fast just like an another school year that has ended. Another batch will graduate and a new sets of freshmen.
   To be honest it has been a stressful year for me since the first month of school . Because our school started June and I had to leave for 2 weeks to compete abroad which was very hard for me because there's this adjusting with the teachers , having your computer at Computer lab (just things like that) and Also I had to take a special test which is very hard than the Regular exam which my classmates had taken. Like can you imagine after having fun there goes reality . Arriving to the Philippines then took 9 Special Exams learning a Little then when they check test papers your either gonna go the library Alone or stay outside cause you shouldn't hear the answers.
EventsSummary/School Year Highlights :  
 The First contest that our Section joined in is the "Sabayang Pagbasa" which was really fun because you get to hang out with them during practices. Though we didn't won 1st Place we're still winners ! . Our Outbound was Indeed Fun but the Places are somewhat near to our school but anyway the places are so nice at least we had fun . Christmas Party well i can't say anything about the party but its awesome just plain awesome not that super "bongacious" type . Field Demo General Rehearsals was amazing I get to use "katol" thing to like burn the hankie that the boys will use all of our batch mates are with us doing the same thing also for their section and everybody was doing teamwork while some are in the 4th floor doing an Investigatory Project Exhibit. Field Demonstration Day was definitely a blast and a super amazing one ! though everybody got tan for practicing everyday at the grounds with the super hot Mr. Sun its all worth it because we're the Champion like its always the seniors who wins but this time the juniors are the ones so Congratulations to us !! . Overnight Recollection Its my first time doing "overnights" because i haven't joined a recollection that has an "overnight" one at first i literally felt awkward but then they announced that your roommates will be by friends so i got comfortable anyways and we get to talk with each other individually its called "Affirmation Chain" which was so Fun because you don't really know what they think about you until you talk to them but its just for 1 minute so everybody was rushing . 
Had a Great time Hangin'-Out with these people for over 10 Whole Months , Hope that we'll be Classmates again Next year but Ofcourse All of us with be Separated with who and who , God Bless You All and I'll Miss Our Bonding Moments and Also GoodLuck with Taking College Entrance Exams Hope that We'll get to pick a Good School for Us.

 Outbound/Field Trip

 Project Making At Andrei's House YAY Fo PIZZZA
 Christmas Party
 Field Demo General Rehearsals
 Field Demonstration Performance
 Events Highlight 

 This School Year wouldn't be Amazing without My Friends 

Molly Martinez


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